Last chance to win $100 Vudu credit

Enter the contest by tomorrow


You still have time to enter our Hidden V contest and maybe score yourself a cool $100 in Vudu Credit. Just watch the video on our brand new site, or below, and count all the “V” icons we’ve hidden throughout. Simple enough…or is it?


You might need to watch it once or twice – some are easy, but some are a little harder. Some even appear twice. So, keep your eyes peeled because there’s $100 in Vudu credit on the line for ten lucky Vudu fans.


And if you haven’t already, head over to the site and check out all the new features we added to make your experience better than ever.


You’ll find a more intuitive layout, an easier to navigate menu, and an enhanced search that offers dynamic search results, suggestions, and results sorted by movies, TV, and people.


Enter the contest here, and find the complete rules and a sample “V” here.


Say hello to our new website

Newer, bluer, and better than ever


We came into 2018 like a wrecking ball, and are happy to announce we’ve already knocked out one of our first resolutions – to give you a brand new web experience.


We’re excited to introduce the redesigned, and we think you’re going to like what you see.


We’ve redesigned our site with you in mind – giving you new functionality, an improved user experience, and a smarter search so you can find your favorite movies & TV faster and easier.


Take a close look, you might see $100


Visit our new site; take it for a test spin. Maybe check out our 50¢ rental sale. With over 150 movies you can rent for just 50¢ each, it’s a pretty amazing sale. It’s, like, only the most amazing party favor ever.


Then, look for our new video on the homepage (also below). We hid a bunch of Vudu “V” icons throughout the video, and if you can spot them, you can enter for a chance to win one of ten $100 Vudu credits. Enter here. Complete rules and example, here. And be sure to look closely, there are a few that repeat and a few that are pretty hard to find. Take your best guess and have fun!



Do you see? This is Vudu changing, do you see?


We made a  good number of improvements so it may take some exploring to discover them all. Here are the bigger ones:



It’s not a Red Dragon-level change (thankfully), but our new look is the result of a lot of sweating the details and a dedication to ensuring everything you need is where you’d expect it to be. Our new site is designed to deliver an online experience that’s clean, stylish, and intuitive – and more representative of our commitment to giving you our best.


Tab? I can’t give you a tab unless you order something


For Marty McFly, Tab is refreshing. We feel they get in the way of getting you to what you are looking for, so, we, uh, we fixed the “glitch.” (I believe you have my stapler.…)



When you choose a title, you’ll now see renting and buying options, the trailer, and even digital copy redemption front and center. But more importantly, we have eliminated the tabs so information like cast and crew, reviews, and movie details are just a scroll away.



And our redesigned navigation rolls as smooth as Leo DiCaprio. We already mentioned we cut the tabs on movie pages, but we’ve also eliminated the secondary menu tabs that just stacked on top of each other. So, now you can find pretty much everything under Movies, TV, My Vudu, Movies On Us, and Redeem.


Our new search has a very particular set of skills


But unlike Liam Neeson, our smarter search won’t kill anyone. However, it will find what you’re looking for – and give you search suggestions along the way. It even organizes the suggestions by Movies, TV, and People.


Yup, you read that right. Now, you can even search people. Meaning you can search for that one movie that you know Jake Gyllenhaal is in, without having to think, “wait, is it spelled with two a’s, or one?”


There’s a lot of other little changes that you may not even notice off the bat except to think, “hey, this looks pretty sweet.” But as you explore, you’ll find that it’s easier to move around, and everything just looks and works better. Which is our ultimate goal – to give you the best experience possible. After all, you’re why we’re here.




Mix & Match Yourself Merry This Holiday

Choose any 2 films from Our End of Year collection for $9.99


It’s Mix & Match madness! We’ve got a Mix & Match: End of Year collection of 114 titles that lets you choose two movies for $9.99. That’s right, two movies for a total of $9.99. So, make that list and check it twice, because the holidays just got twice as nice.


If you’ve used Mix & Match before, you know you can find it our website in the scrolling carousel and under the Collections tab.




Congratulations! You PlayStation and Roku users can also get Mix & Match in your living room. Or your bedroom. Or whichever room the device is in. Find it by navigating to Spotlight and clicking on the Mix & Match banner.



Once you’re on the Mix & Match collection page, you’ll see the number of titles you can add to your Mix & Match, and below that, the movie choices. Just click on a movie to add it to your Mix & Match and then click Buy Now to purchase.



If you’re on a Roku device and something looks different, don’t freak out. You’re getting a little bit of an experience upgrade with a new layout.


And if you’re on another device, don’t worry, we’ll be expanding Mix & Match in the coming months. In the meantime, you can always get it on


Be a Mix (& Match) Master


But wait, there’s more. Once you’ve chosen your two movies, you can choose another two. And then another. And another. Get as many Mix & Match sets as your inner DJ Khaled tells you because you deserve it. You a star.


Mix & Match collection themes are different every time and can consist of movies, or TV seasons, or bundles, and more. They do come and go, so when you see one, be sure to check it out to get an amazing deal and add to your collection.




Vudu launches HDR10 support


Vudu launches HDR10 support


We’re expanding HDR movies to millions more devices


At Vudu, our goal has always been to bring you the highest quality movie & TV experience across as many devices and platforms as possible. One measure of our commitment to quality is our support of the enhanced dynamic range, brightness, and vibrancy of HDR technology, beginning two years ago with Dolby Vision HDR.


We’re excited to announce the addition of HDR10 support, which brings the color depth and richness of HDR to more devices than ever before. Our support of HDR10, which is quickly becoming a common feature on more and more 4K TVs and streaming devices, means more people can enjoy HDR and the best possible cinematic experience at home.


Enjoy HDR across more devices


Now, you can watch in 4K + HDR10 on compatible Samsung and LG TVs, Xbox One S and X, and Roku 4K and Nvidia Shield devices. So, if you bought a new 4K TV or streaming device within the past year, you very likely have HDR-ready equipment. (See a complete list here.)


With complete HDR support across both HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, Vudu customers have more device choices from which to enjoy the latest in digital video technology. Users will automatically get the format that is compatible with their 4K + HDR TV or streaming device for the best possible picture.


How do I get started?


Once you confirm that you have a Vudu-certified 4K + HDR enabled TV or device, and are using the latest Vudu app, you’re ready to go.


HDR is available on a growing list of 4K UHD titles. At launch, we have over 36 movies to which we have added HDR10 support, and you can check out the current collection of 4K UHD titles here.


We’re working toward bringing HDR to as many of our 4K UHD movies as possible, and we will continue to roll them out as we receive them.


Learn more about Vudu 4K UHD.

See our 4K UHD collection.

See a complete list of HDR10-compatible devices.



Vudu now plays on Apple TV!

The Vudu Player for Apple TV! Watch your movies + free movies + your Ultraviolet collection!

Play thousands of free movies on us titles, your movies & TV, and your UltraViolet collection




Starting today, you can download our new Vudu Player for Apple TV from the Apple TV App Store. That’s right, you heard it here – second. Ha!


The Vudu Player for Apple TV lets you play over 4,000 free Movies On Us titles, as well as your existing Vudu collection, natively on 4th generation Apple TVs with tvOS 10. And the Vudu Player is the first (and only – just want to reiterate that) player that gives you access to your UltraViolet digital locker on Apple TV (#humblebrag).




You want more, more, more? Ok


Apple TV now joins the ever-growing list of Vudu-enabled devices that give you anytime, anywhere access to your movies & TV. Whether you’re an all Apple household or a mixed device one, now you can access Vudu from more of your favorite devices – including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android and iOS mobile devices, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming devices like Roku, and the web.


We’ve gone native


The Vudu Player lets you play without AirPlay, swipe and tap your way though over 4,000 free Movies On Us titles with the Apple TV remote, and even ask Siri to search Vudu and your collection for the movie or TV show you want to watch. You’ll also be able to Wishlist any titles you want to save for later – an experience that parallels the Vudu iOS app.


New to Vudu?


New users will want to head over to to set up your free Vudu account online. App Store guidelines prevent us from offering a sign up option from the Vudu Player.


While you’re on the web signing up, you can also buy or rent any of our over 100,000 titles and link your existing UltraViolet and Disney Movies Anywhere accounts for instant access to your collection. Or just hop on Apple TV right away and take one of the over 4,000 free Movies On Us titles for a spin.


For more info, head over to our Vudu Player FAQ.