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Vudu Makes Advertising More Relevant and Brings New Original Content to Viewers

Everybody wants free stuff. At Vudu, we’re working to make more content free for more people, with fewer barriers to viewing what they want. When it comes to video, most people will watch ads to be able to watch for free—but they rarely get ads that are meaningful to them.

Over the last decade, the digital landscape has been defined by an attempt to put the most relevant and useful ads in front of customers, to varying degrees of success.

And while brands find new ways to reach their customers online, their ability to target in a TV environment is challenging even today.

This week, we’re debuting a new technology to make targeting and reporting based on TV advertising smart, scalable, and retail-connected.

Vudu offers brands the opportunity to target users in a Premium TV environment based on their secure Walmart shopping data. Brands advertise to sell products, as well as to create desire and demand for their products. The best way to measure the success of these objectives is through interest, intent, and purchase. On Vudu, we’ve created the only advertising ecosystem that allows brands to target all of those things while closing the loop on advertising, which will make it possible for them to answer those critical questions: Did this ad work? Did it make a difference?

But at Walmart, we are always looking for ways to scale our impact to help more customers “Save Money. Live Better.” That’s why we’ve announced Vudu Audience Extension, our instant-scale, retail-connected audience extension media network.

We’re partnering with other OTT services to be able to identify, target, and measure sales performance with regard to our Walmart customers wherever they’re watching, not just on Vudu. This means that our customers get relevant ads wherever they are and that our advertisers will get the benefits of first-party, deterministic data, from the living room through to the purchase point—not just on Vudu, but on many other OTT services as well. It’s retail-connected advertising at the scale of Walmart. We’re rolling this out with select OTT partners, and we’re excited to announce those partners in the coming months

We also announced the first wave of our forthcoming slate of original content.

Our original content will help to further broaden Vudu’s reach, with incredible unscripted shows from Queen Latifah (Friends in Strange Places, a travel show with her celebrity friends, finding amazing experiences in unique places) and Randy Jackson (Turning Point with Randy Jackson, an exploration of the artistic journey of some of the most creative minds in America), alongside other scripted programming.

We’ve got a new show starring Evangeline Lilly, returning to television years after Lost, in Albedo, a genre-bending crime thriller, set 150 years in the future.

We’re also making a new kid-friendly movie, Adventure Force 5, from the visual effects team behind Game of Thrones.

And speaking of kids, Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues is coming back to screens as Blue’s Clues and You!, and we’re excited to be debuting this new incarnation on Vudu before its premiere on Nickelodeon in November.

And in case all that content, along with everything else coming out in the entertainment world, is too much to parse, we’ve got a new partnership with the authority on entertainment, Variety, a new show called First Look, coming this Fall, which will spotlight all things happening in entertainment and across the Walmart enterprise.

We look forward to sharing more about these shows in the coming weeks and months.

Vudu Audience Extension is where the power of the Walmart audience is really unleashed. This is premium, targetable, and attributable national TV at a Walmart-appropriate scale.

Not only can we now help our advertisers answer the question of whether their ad dollars were well spent—we can do it across more platforms while reaching more consumers. Best of all, advertisements are appropriately targeted so that potential consumers are seeing only the most relevant advertisements.

We believe that the future of TV looks a lot like the TV of the past: ad-supported, premium content that brings people together. But now it will be a lot better, for viewers and advertisers alike. Less frequent and more relevant ads wherever consumers watch, seamlessly integrated with the rest of their lives, create a better advertising experience for everyone.



Thieves, mutants, forgers, and scoundrels of all sorts populate the twisty new tales available this week.

This isn’t your granddad’s Robin Hood. Taron Egerton’s mouthy marauder is ready to let fly from his quiver of quips, arrows, and schemes on the road to giving the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham what for.

What happens when the enemy you know becomes something unknowable? When American paratroopers discover a Nazi encampment that’s more than meets the eye, a routine mission becomes the stuff of cinematic nightmares in Overlord.


It’s not easy being green. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch is in a foul yuletide mood, and he’s taking out on the residents of Whoville in a whimsical romp for the whole family.

The Widows are skilled, savvy, and ready to pull off the ultimate heist in the wake of their late husbands’ demise, but two mobster brothers aren’t going to make it easy. Watch the clip above to see how Daniel Kaluuya brought the intimidating enforcer Jatemme to life.

They may not be the best in the hitman business, but The Sisters Brothers always have each others’ back. Watch this exclusive clip to see how John C. Reilly brought multitudes to Eli the contemplative killer.



Can’t decide what to watch but don’t have time to read full reviews from professional critics?


The experts* here at Vudu HQ have got you covered with Five Word Movie Reviews: our quickest, quirkiest, and most quotable explanations for why you should check out the latest new releases, all stuffed into a bite-sized word count that we (mostly) always strictly adhere to.



Considering returning to the enchanting isle of Kalokairi with Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again? From Cher to Streep to spanikopita, here’s all the reasons you should take a chance on the sequel.


*We really love movies.






We’re freshening up your iOS experience with version 6.1 – here’s what you’re getting, and why you’ll want it.


Bye Bye Burger (Menu)



New look. New nav. And fewer taps between you and your movies & TV. Version 6.1 removes the hamburger menu in favor of putting your most commonly used menu items across the top and bottom of your screen.


So, rather than a long scrolling list down the left side, you now have access to Spotlight, Search, Watch, potential Offers, and your Settings across the bottom of your screen – all within thumb reach.


Across the top of your screen, you’ll find navigation that lets you access Spotlight, Disc purchases, Showcases (curated collections), and Trailers.


Get Down With Downloads


This new version of our app also brings back rental downloads! Users will have to be on iOS 12 or above to ensure the ability to download and playback purchased titles and rentals.


Downloads are easy and allow you to watch without using data or wifi. Once you’ve purchased or rented a title tap the Download button, select a quality, and go. You’re only limited by the storage on your iOS phone or tablet.


Navigating The New Nav



Watch, the most important and most used item is right in the middle. This is where you’ll access your Vudu collection, over 6,000 Free movies & TV shows, and any Downloads you have on your device.


To the left of that, Search will let you search across movies and TV no matter which sub-tab you’re in, so no need to get specific, we’ll take care of it.


And tapping on Offers will take you to your My Offers, where you can redeem any offers you earn from purchasing select movies. This replaces the My Offer and bell menu items of the previous app version.


Disc To Digital


Don’t worry converters, you can still use Disc to Digital by pointing your iPhone browser to vudu.com/disc. From there just hit the Convert Disc link and boom goes the dynamite.


Find more detailed instructions on how to convert, here.


You can get iOS app 6.1 now from the App Store.



Free movie Friday + An easier way to explore them

Search and filter Free Movies


In the mood for a free movie, but having trouble finding/deciding on what free title to watch? (#firstworldproblems) Well, stress no more because now you now have more ways to find free movies & TV shows.


We’ve added the ability to use the search filters to get you to what you want to watch faster. After all, if Instagram and Snap have filters, why shouldn’t we?


To use the filters, start on the Movies page and use the green Filters drop-down menu.


Filter by Free with Ads (under Features), and then add as many additional filters as you want.


And voilà, free movies narrowed down however you want.


Now with great power comes great responsibility, but since this isn’t that kind of power, feel free to use it with reckless abandon.


Free Movies for Your Friday

If you’re looking for some curated collections, be sure to check out Home of the Brave, home to acclaimed movies like Rescue Dawn, Dances with Wolves, Seven Years in Tibet, Valkyrie, and A Fistful of Dynamite.


Not to mention Memorial Day-worthy documentaries like Searching for Home: Coming Back from War, The Real Inglorious Bastards, Hell and Back Again, America in WWII, and more.


And be sure to check out these movies, and others, in our Last Chance to Watch Collection:


When you thought Dumb and Dumber was as dumb as they could get, best friends Harry and Lloyd prove us wrongerer in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.



Little Giants, the classic sports underdog story with some classic Rick Moranis (whatever happened to him?). Why not reminisce about the simpler times of 1994 and watch with the fam this weekend?