You’ve seen Ethan Hunt dismantle terror cells, capture renegade agents, and risk life and limb in stunt after death-defying stunt, but you’ve never seen him like this.


This Friday at 6PM (PT), you can join Vudu fans everywhere and learn behind-the-scenes facts while competing for mission-critical Mission: Impossible – Fallout prizes during our #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY. And now that you can rent it (in up to 4K UHD), joining the viewing party is easier than ever!


To get even more hyped up (and tide yourself over until Friday), check out our exclusive interview with the stunt team that ushered Tom Cruise through some of his most wild and reckless scenes yet in the video below.





What’s a mission without a few high-value assets?


As a #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY participant, you’ve got the chance to win 1 of 10 prize packs that include an M:I – Fallout T-shirt, sunglasses, hat, duffel bag, anti-theft device, wireless charging pad, and hooded sweatshirt.



If you’ve got your eyes on bigger targets, you won’t want to miss your chance at one of the 2 grand prizes: a movie poster signed by the cast or two props (one uranium core and one foam detonator) used in the making of the film.



Your shot at taking home a piece of Mission: Impossible history is here, and all you have to do is:


– Get the critically acclaimed movie in up to 4K + UHD here (Add it to your collection or rent it)

– RSVP to the big event here

– Follow @VuduFans on Twitter here

– Sit back, enjoy, and tweet along with other superfans using #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY Friday at 6PM (PT)


It’s time to take your shot at legendary movie fan status. We’ll see you, mission-ready, at the #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY.




JOIN Our IMF TEAM on 12/7 AT 6PM (PT)



Make some room on your prize shelf and stretch out your tweeting fingers, because  #VuduViewingParty is back with bigger stunts, awesomer prizes, and double – nay, triple – the impossibility courtesy of Mission: Impossible – Fallout.


Sync up with our worldwide network of sleeper agents (AKA Vudu fans) for a globe-trotting, terrorist-punching, motorcycle-exploding good time.





We’ve got some truly spy-worthy prizes up for grabs this time around, from M:I branded merch to a signed poster and even actual movie props from the set, and getting access couldn’t be easier:


1. Get Mission: Impossible – Fallout on Vudu

2. Follow @VuduFans on Twitter

3. Watch and tweet along on Friday 12/7 at 6PM (PT) for fun facts, behind the scenes secrets, and the chance to win the exclusive prizes


Don’t miss out on the pulse-pounding party of the season. Report for duty by RSVPing on our Facebook event page, and we’ll see you there!



It’s a Deadpool party, who could ask for more?

… Everybody’s coming; leave your katanas at the door.


That’s right, we’re back – and your Friday is about to get filled with D. And prizes, lots of prizes. And, if you’ve seen our email promotions, maybe, just maybe, a special co-host. We think.


We’re hosting another #VuduViewingParty tomorrow at 7 PM (PT) for Deadpool 2 – the sequel to the first movie. We’ll start promptly at 7 PM (PT!), so get your superhero landings ready and RSVP now.



If you joined us last Friday for our Avengers: Infinity War #VuduViewingParty, you know you’re in for a good time filled with witty banter, trivia, and of course, a copious amount of prizes. Every winner will get a prize pack that includes all this goodness:



And one lucky winner will be lucky enough to take home this Juggernaut of a Grand Prize – and yes, that’s the actual painting used in the Deadpool Bob Ross trailer:

















The best part? You can party with us from the comfort of your own home. So dress up (as your favorite X-Force-er – Vanisher anyone?), or dress down (full Winnie the Pooh?). We even got you a kinky, semi-naked, fully-wrinkly Wade Wilson paper doll you can also dress up – or down. We recommend down.
















We know, right? It’s some of the most hilarious low-tech fun we’ve had in a while. So grab it while you can. Just be gentle. Because it’s paper. (Click either image for the full 7-page PDF)


Achieve maximum effort And join in 3 easy steps:



First, you need the movie. You can get it here however you like it – even in up to 4K UHD (Dolby Vision & HDR10). Don’t forget, 4K UHD comes with the ability to watch in HDX and SD for the same price! So, even if you don’t have a 4K TV yet, you can futureproof your collection by getting it in 4K now and still watch it in HDX.


Second, you should be a polite guest and RSVP here.


Third, you’ll need a Twitter account so you can follow us, @VuduFans, and join the conversation using #VuduViewingParty


Make it plus plus


And when you get HDX or 4K quality, you’ll also get the Super Duper Cut included! It’s got 15 extra minutes of fun jokes, gags, and inappropriateness. Oh my.


Or, if you’re feeling extra Michelangelo-y, you can even get an exclusive and arty Digital Movie Card at your local Walmart.




In Wolverine’s eyes, we are complete



Say anything about you want about their relationship, but you can’t talk about Deadpool without mentioning Wolverine. And it just so happens that you can cuddle up to Wade’s favorite clawed-companion – and his genetically-gifted friends – in X-Men: Days of Future Past (HDX), on us, when you link your Vudu account and Movies Anywhere.


So, if you haven’t linked already, you can get Deadpool 2, get the Super Duper Cut (requires purchase of HDX or 4K), and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Other terms and conditions apply, learn more here.