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The bubbly little characters you fell in love with are back. And we’re rolling out the red carpet for them – and you too! You’re invited to our Trolls World Tour Red Carpet event and #WalmartWatchParty on April 10th at 5:30PM ET/2:30PM PT!

Join the party as we get a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and have a whole lot of fun with activities, trivia, and BIG surprises!

Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Event

Bring the whole family to our Trolls World Tour Virtual Carpet event on Twitter! Join Walmart, Vudu, and a few of our friends as we start the colorful show at 5:30PM ET on Friday, April 10th.

Throughout the event we’ll check in with some family influencers to see the way they rock out to the Trolls World Tour Premiere. We’ll have movie trivia galore, favorite character talk of course, and much more. A full family afternoon of fun awaits, so don’t be late!

Trolls World Tour Viewing Party

Viewing parties let you interact with other people in real-time while everyone watches the movie.

You can join the watch party right after the red carpet event on Twitter. Get Trolls World Tour and be sure to press play on the movie at exactly 6:00PM ET so you’re synced and following along with the conversation, the trivia, and surprises!

To take part in the conversation at the party, simply use the hashtag #WalmartWatchParty. Rock out with Walmart, Vudu, and other special guests. Share your reactions, favorite scenes, and have a blast!

How do I join?

1. Rent Trolls World Tour. Pre-order your rental now, and get a $5 Vudu credit in your email within 48 hours.

2. Follow @Walmart and @VuduFans on Twitter.

3. Visit Walmart’s Twitter page on 4/10 at 5:30PM ET for our virtual Red Carpet event, and then watch Trolls World Tour with us at 6:00PM ET afterwards.

4. Join the live conversation with #WalmartWatchParty

Come for the Message, Stay for the Music

Trolls World Tour takes us to a ton of fun, different places without ever having to step outside of our living rooms. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return as Poppy and Branch, and they’re finding out that the world isn’t as small as they thought. The little trolls suddenly discover that they are just a single part of six different troll tribes, and everything changes.

Each of these tribes embodies a different music genre: Rock, Pop, Classical, Techno, Country and Funk. And the Queen of Rock, played by Rachel Bloom, wants there to be only Rock music, so she’s determined to do everything to make that happen. It’s up to Poppy, Branch and their friends to stop her and make sure all the trolls are unified and harmonized.

Diverse trolls on stage

The movie has some good positive messages for little ones too. The trolls representing each music genre might look and sound very different, but they are all represented equally. And throughout the movie, we find out that they are all important in their own delightfully unique ways. Plus, this means that whether you’re a country lover, a hard rock fan, or anything in between – there’s something here for you and everybody else in the family too.

The star-studded cast behind this diverse group sure helps amp up the music too. The film stars the musically accomplished Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Gwen Stefani and more. So grab some popcorn, get the family together, and good luck not dancing in your seats. Trolls World Tour might be just the Lisa Frank glitter explosion of fun you need in your life right now.


Star Wars Rise of Starwalker Banner

Staying in to watch a movie has never been more appealing. You get an unlimited number of snacks, you don’t have to step on anyone’s toes to get to the bathroom, and your adorable pets are just an arms’ length away.

But there’s something to be said about the experience of watching a movie at home with a big group of people: sharing a fun experience with friends, chatting it up as much as you want, and sharing the franchise with the new generation. When mom and dad were growing up Peter Mayhew played the role of Chewbacca in Star Wars, but now Joonas Suotamo continues his legacy. And that’s a cool thing to share. Thankfully you can do all of that from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or wherever by joining our online Vudu Viewing Party on Vudu and Twitter this Friday 3/20 at 6PM PST.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably stoked that you’ve been able to watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker since Friday. Not to mention the exclusive behind-the-scenes collector’s content you get when you purchase on Vudu that isn’t available anywhere else. Check out some of the goodies you get with this Vudu exclusive extra content:

What is a Vudu Viewing Party?

Vudu Viewing Parties are a fun, real-time, interactive movie-watching experience you can join with just your Vudu account and Twitter. While you watch, you can interact with other fans, learn fun trivia, and win some cool prizes. And we’re stoked to have Joonas Suotamo, who voices Chewbacca in the film, actually as our host for our Vudu Viewing Party!

How do I join the Viewing Party?

Joining the Star Wars Viewing Party is simple. All you have to do is get the movie on Vudu (exclusive collector’s content included), start playing it at exactly 6PM PST this Friday 3/20, and join us on Twitter after you follow @VuduFans. To join the conversation, simply use and follow the hashtag #VuduViewingParty, and see what all the other Vudu fans are buzzing about.

  1. Buy Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Vudu
  2. Start playing the movie at 6PM PST this Friday 3/20
  3. Follow @VuduFans on Twitter
  4. Use the hashtag #VuduViewingParty to interact with everyone

Everyone at the virtual party presses play all at the same time, and then they start chatting. Reactions, observations, jokes, you name it. It’s a viewing party at your fingertips, and you never even have to step outside your door. There are also cool prizes you can win in our giveaway when you join us, ranging from movie swag to cool tech.

Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing here!

Fun, Trivia, Prizes!

Philips 65” Ultra HD TV
Disney prize pack star wars
Disney Movie Insiders Family Movie Night Boxes
Star wars headphones t shirt
And much, much more!

We’ve got a ton of amazing prizes you can win when you join the party. If you love tech, you can score a brand new 65” Philips TV to enjoy every Star Wars episode in its full, immersive glory. If music is more your thing, you can win a rockin’ pair of Star Wars branded Bose headphones too. You can also win some sweet Disney Movie Insiders Family Movie Night boxes full of Star Wars goodies, as well as gold Funko Pops, plushies, and more. So which Star Wars prizes are you eyeing the most? We can’t wait to see you at the party!

Level up Family Movie Night with Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji Next Level Poster

Get ready to up your Family Movie Night game because Jumanji: The Next Level is finally here. The characters you know and love are back for immersive adventures in all new open-world environments that range from hot deserts to snowy mountains. We also have the addition of some brand new Non-player characters and players to the game. They all create some serious on-screen magic and chemistry, especially when they swap bodies in the game. You don’t want to miss these antics.

A Dynamic Cast Brings the Laughs

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have starred together in numerous movies now, and with good reason. Their hilarious banter gave Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle a refreshing new flavor, making it a worthy successor to the original Jumanji. And these two bring the same energy to Jumanji: The Next Level yet again. Jack Black and Karen Gillan are back in the game too. They amplify the group’s energy with their lighthearted humor and maintain a bouncy harmony. The characters swap avatars/bodies a few times in the game. This really highlights their talents when we see how well they can imitate each other’s movements and tone. Their antics show exactly how well this cast is suited to be together on screen and it’s a blast to witness. No matter what challenge or wild animal they’re facing, the actors all have undeniable and fantastic chemistry on screen.

Check out these clips for a behind-the-scenes look into the cast’s shenanigans:  

Among the cast we already know and love are a group of never-before-seen characters. New additions include the legendary Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, and they play off of each other much like Hart and Johnson. DeVito and Glover also bring some more grown-up themes and an air of nostalgia to the film that older viewers are sure to appreciate. When you combine that with the ebb and flow of the humor throughout the film, you really get a well-rounded movie that both adults and kids can enjoy. Some of the humor and violence in this PG-13 title can be a bit grown up though. There are references to body parts, a fair bit of swearing, and potentially scary moments for younger viewers when characters “die” in the game. Family Play lets you skip the content you choose, so your little ones don’t miss out on the fun.

Check out how DeVito fits right in with the cast in this exclusive clip:

Embracing Differences While Overcoming Challenges

The movie promotes some essential positive messages for younger viewers. The importance of teamwork is one theme that permeates the story, and everyone brings their own unique strengths. The characters face lots of dangerous situations and challenges – this is the essence of Jumanji after all. But it’s never up to just a single player to overcome them. Player stats come into play here, which are cards that pop up to show the characters’ strengths and weaknesses in the film. Whenever a player has a weakness, their awesome teammates help them overcome it. And each player has different strengths that come in handy when they come across different problems. Some use their persuasive power of communication, while others just use their power to punch hard. They’re different approaches but they work for various situations, and that is a-okay. The film promotes the importance of diversity by showing that no matter how dissimilar teammates are, they can still put their heads together to overcome anything. Whether surviving a harsh desert environment or a wild ostrich attack, they find a way to get through it – and have a fantastic time doing it.

Family Movie Night Activities

Want to find out what type of team player you are? Take our quiz and find out!

Solve these fun Jumanji puzzles with the whole family.

Enter to win our awesome Jumanji giveaway! Just post a picture of your family during Family Movie Night with the hashtag #VuduFamNight on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win! View the full rules here.

Jumanji Next Level Giveaway

From the cast’s amazing chemistry to the positive messages throughout the film, Jumanji: The Next Level truly levels up this fun franchise and is a must-see for the whole family.