Everyone loves movies and TV, and nothing gets kids excited like watching their favorite characters embark on a new adventure. Whether you’re watching together as a family or letting the kids watch on their own, Kids Mode lets you browse and enjoy all the family-friendly titles in your collection while keeping any age-inappropriate content out.


As you learned in our earlier post here, we’re working with Common Sense Media to provide accurate, in-depth movie reviews to help inform your decisions on what your kids watch. Common Sense Media also provides minimum age recommendations, so you know which movies are right based on your kid’(s) age(s).

Kids Mode is a feature powered by these CSM age recommendations that lets you curate your collection to browse only the titles in your library that fit the age range you set. In Kids Mode, you can browse together for a family movie night title or let the kids watch on their favorite devices and only the age-appropriate titles will be viewable and watchable. Everything else will be invisible until you exit Kids Mode.

You also have the option to include free titles that fit your designated age range, and the ads that play during free titles are also screened to ensure age appropriateness. Your kids can search our thousands of free titles for fun new movies and TV without you worrying about any age-inappropriate content sneaking through.


To make sure your kids are browsing and watching only the age-appropriate content in your library, set an optional 4-digit PIN to restrict anyone from exiting Kids Mode. Kids Mode settings are separate on each device you use, so you can enable the PIN protection only on the devices where you need it.

With PIN protection, you can rest easy knowing your kids have the freedom to browse and play their favorite titles without accessing anything outside the designated age range or outside of your collection, even when they’re navigating without your help. If you forget your PIN while using Kids Mode on a mobile device, simply entering your Vudu password will allow you to exit Kids Mode.


Kids Mode is currently available on iOS/Android devices, Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Roku, and Xbox One. Because Kids Mode is set-up separately on each device, you can use it where you need it and ignore it where you don’t. Once Kids Mode is set up, you can easily toggle back and forth between Kids Mode and normal Vudu browsing by using the Kids and User buttons when you first enter settings.

Watching together, letting the kids make their own choices, and discovering free family entertainment just got safer and easier thanks to Kids Mode. Find answers to all of your Kids Mode related questions here, and get more info on all our helpful new family features here.



We know you want to share the magic of movies with your kids, but you’ve also let us know that you want to protect them from seeing age-inappropriate content. That’s why we’re working with Common Sense Media, the most trusted name in family entertainment recommendations, to provide reliable, in-depth ratings and reviews for the movies your family wants to see.


Since 2003, Common Sense Media has been the go-to resource for millions of parents seeking appropriate entertainment for young viewers. CSM is independent, nonprofit, and maintains the world’s largest library of age-based movie ratings and reviews. Their goal is to provide all the necessary information so families can make informed decisions about the movies their kids watch and enjoy.

Common Sense Media’s ratings are the result of unbiased, detailed analysis of each movie by experienced expert reviewers, paying special attention to age-appropriateness and potential for learning. The reviews are based in national childhood development criteria and research focused on how kids learn and develop based on the media they consume.


Unlike other ratings systems, Common Sense Media provides far more than a simple general rating and content warnings. Each movie is assigned a minimum appropriate age based on its overall content and set developmental guidelines, letting you know at a glance if the film is appropriate for your child’s age. These rating can be easily found right on the movie title page of thousands of CSM reviewed movies under Parental Guide, so there’s no need to open new tabs or go searching to find out what you need to know.

In addition to overall age recommendations, our Common Sense Media reviews include specific content categories that alert you to the presence of adult themes and content like violence, language, and sexual situations, plus other parent-minded themes like positive messages or role models, and consumerism.  Each category contains a 0-5 rating to let you know what (and approximately how much) to expect from your viewing experience.

To give you even more specific details, each review includes a detailed What Parents Need to Know section that candidly presents the movie’s pros and cons in subject areas that matter to you. This section is written with a parent’s perspective in mind, with nuanced descriptions and tips to help you make the final call.

Common Sense Media age-appropriateness ratings even allow you to restrict which of the movies in your collection your kids can browse and watch with Kids Mode. Look out for our full Kids Mode blog post later this week for the full scoop on this exciting feature that protects your kids even when you’re not around.

Whether you’re looking for an animated adventure suitable for toddlers, an action-thriller that’s safe for tweens, or a hilarious comedy for the whole family, Vudu and Common Sense Media are here to help you pick a winner. Get more info on all our helpful new family features here.


We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Common Sense Media rated titles with themed collections to help you kick off the perfect family movie night. This month we’re commemorating the start of football season and hitting the gridiron with new and classic football movies.

Just scout out the collection here, click on a title that catches your interest, and scroll to the bottom of the page for a full review and recommendations. From kid-friendly picks like The Game Plan and Gus to more mature fare like Friday Night Lights and Jerry Maguire, Common Sense Media will help you make the right play and score big with your family.



With so much amazing content available to rent, purchase, and watch for free on Vudu, there’s never been a better time to be a Vudu customer. We know you love being able to watch the latest movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, but understand you also want to make sure that every member of your family is having a safe, appropriate viewing experience every time they open up Vudu.

In a Variety article highlighting exciting developments at Vudu, our VP and general manager Jeremy Verba noted that “families are increasingly viewing together, and they need tools to help them make sure the content is appropriate.” So many of our loyal Vudu fans have asked for more and better family viewing options to help screen for objectionable content, and in response we are proud to unveil our new suite of customizable family features that you can adjust to your family’s needs and preferences.


While some movies may simply be too adult for kids to watch, others may contain a few instances of objectionable content that if skipped over, can be enjoyed by everyone. That’s where Family Play comes in by letting you skip or mute objectionable content like substance abuse, language, violence, and sex and nudity. It is currently available on over 500 eligible titles, with new titles added each week.

We know every family is different, so we’ve made sure you can select the content you’d like to avoid while leaving in everything else.

If nudity and drug use are deal breakers for your family viewing but violence is ok, simply turn on Family Play, select those options, and hit play. If the kids go to bed and you want to watch the rest without skipping, just turn off Family Play without leaving the movie and keep on enjoying the show. You can also create a four-digit pin to prevent kids from turning off Family Play.

For even more flexibility, set up Family Play only on the devices you want. Looking to use it on the family TV, but not on your tablet? No problem.  Family Play is currently available on web, iOS and Android devices, and select Samsung TVs (excluding 2017), newer LG TVs (2017 models and up), and Xbox One. Get complete details here.


We know it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which titles are appropriate for different members of your family, which is why we’re working with Common Sense Media to make finding the perfect content for any age easier than ever before.

Common Sense Media is an independent, research-backed nonprofit trusted by millions of parents and educators to give the best, most in-depth recommendations for family entertainment. As the number one source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools, Common Sense media’s age-based ratings and reviews provide dependable guidance on what you can expect from movies and shows before you rent, buy, or press play.

Going well beyond MPAA ratings you can now get details on adult themes and content like violence, language, and sexual situations, as well as parent-minded themes like positive messages or role models, and consumerism.  

Simply scroll to the “Parental Guide” on a title you’re interested in to get an easy-to understand breakdown of a movie or show’s content, as well as a recommended age range for younger viewers. Click here for a list of rated titles.


Want to rest easy knowing your kids are watching only age-appropriate content, even if you’re not there? Activate Kids Mode on your mobile devices, smart TVs, and other devices to restrict your kids’ viewing to only Common Sense Media rated titles within your collection and the specific age limit you set.

Whether the kids are using Vudu with the babysitter while you enjoy a night out, or you’re letting them take control of your device, you can rely on Kids Mode to create an appropriate entertainment experience. You can also require a four-digit PIN to exit Kids Mode to ensure their curiosity doesn’t take them out of Kids Mode. And you can choose whether you want to show any of our free titles that meet your age-appropriateness setting.

Kids Mode is currently available on iOS/Android devices, Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Roku, and Xbox One. Like Family Play you can use Kids Mode on the devices just on the devices you choose. Details and frequently asked questions here.


Our curated Kids Store lets you and your family browse through thousands of family-friendly titles to purchase or rent, and even includes ones you can stream for free. Let the kids take control and browse for old favorites or new discoveries without worrying about adult or inappropriate content coming up in their search.

While Kids Mode restricts browsing to age-appropriate titles already in your collection, Kids Store lets you and your kids browse and discover all our age-appropriate titles in a safe, family-friendly section of the Vudu store. While free titles may contain ads, those ads are also screened for age-appropriate content only, so you don’t have to worry about adult content slipping through.

Click here to find the perfect kid and parent approved movie or show for your next family movie night.


We hope that these customizable features provide all the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to family entertainment with Vudu. These features are totally optional: easily available when you want them and completely out of the way when you don’t.

With skippable content, expert recommendations, password-protected parental controls, and more, it’s never been easier to enjoy the best of movies and TV with your family. Try out the family features today and see how they make Vudu the safe, family-friendly choice for entertainment.



We all love our pets and think we know everything about them, but when we’re not around they can get into some hilarious hi-jinks. Luckily The Secret Life of Pets 2 is here to uncover the truth our furry friends have been hiding, with all the laughs, animal adventures, and warm fuzzies of the original family favorite movie.

You can purchase The Secret Life of Pets 2 on Vudu in up to 4K UHD right now to share with your family, and with our patented Pet Party Planner you can throw the ultimate family movie night complete with games, activities, and movie snacks for people and pets alike. Click the links below to print out the full kit:

Want a helping paw putting together some of the crafts and recipes? Watch the videos below and let the pets of The Secret life of Pets 2 show you how to party prep in style.

Duke’s Doggie Donuts

Gidget’s Goodybags

Daisy’s Happy Hats

Pops’ Pupsicles

Want to really pupgrade your collection? Get your paws on our exclusive The Secret Life of Pets 2 Disc + Digital Set to get a digital copy of the movie to watch right now, DVD and Blu-ray copies to add to your collection, plus two adorable The Secret Life of Pets 2 Funko Pocket Pop! keychains (discs and keychains shipped from

Gather your whole family (pets included!) for a night of fun, fluff, and feathers with The Secret Life of Pets 2.



It’s official – Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing film of all time, and it’s available now for purchase on Vudu in up to 4K +UHD quality.

When a release this epic comes around, we go all-out to bring our fans the ultimate community viewing experience: the Vudu Viewing Party! It’s an online cinematic event filled with prizes, movie trivia and facts, and plenty of opportunities to showcase your fandom with awesome movie-lovers just like you.

Join us tomorrow 8/2 at 6pm PT for an infinitely powerful Vudu Viewing Party befitting the ultimate superhero team-up, hosted by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and executive producer Trinh Tran. Get started, here.

Kevin and Trinh will be answering your questions and giving unique insights into the world of Avengers: Endgame, so start tweeting your questions using #VuduViewingParty.

The guest list doesn’t stop there. Our friends and Nerdist hosts Dan CaseyMarkeia McCarty, and Hector Navarro will also be watching and tweeting along to share their love of all things Avengers with you and the rest of the Vudu faithful.


Did we mention prizes? Forget about collecting the Infinity Stones, you’re going to want to stake your claim to some of the amazing Avengers swag we’ll be giving away during the Vudu Viewing Party, including:

Hot Toys Life-Size Masterpiece Series Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers apparel and pins

LEGO Avengers: Endgame sets

Avengers Funko Pop! figures

The Road to Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe books signed by Kevin Feige and Trinh Tran

Hisense 4K UHD TVs

Plus posters signed by cast members and more! If you’re looking to upgrade your fan collection and get infinite bragging rights and nerd cred, tomorrow is your lucky day.

We’ll be giving away some prize packs before the party starts too, so check social media leading up to the festivities.


If you’re ready to watch along with the Earth’s mightiest community of fans, get the inside scoop on all your favorite heroes, and compete for epic prizes, here’s how you do it:

1. Purchase Avengers: Endgame on Vudu in up to 4K +UHD

2. Follow @VuduFans on Twitter

3. RSVP on our FB event page

4. Watch and tweet along with #VuduViewingParty on Friday 8/2 at 6pm PT for all the fun facts, behind the scenes secrets, and prize giveaways

No matter the galaxy, dimension, time, or place, there’s only one party this humongously heroic, and you definitely don’t want to be left in the dust.

Tell your friends, grab your favorite movie snack, and we’ll see you there at the ultimate Avengers: Endgame Vudu Viewing Party.