For exactly decade and a half now, Christmas cheer has been parcelled, wrapped, and delivered not only by old St. Nick, but by a 6′ 3″ man in tights and a feathered cap.


Buddy the Elf, as portrayed by Will Ferrell, has caroled his way into the heart of Yuletide movie-lovers nationwide with his heart, humor, and haplessness in Elf. Like fine syrup, the film only grows better with age, so let’s ring in the holiday season with a look at all the reasons we love Elf.



First and foremost on the nice list is obviously comedy. For all its other gifts, at its heart Elf is the story of WIll Ferrell wandering around New York in elf clothes spreading the good word about Santa, and its every bit as hilarious as it sounds.


From the candy-coated spaghetti, to the mail room dance-off, to the ever-cordial Mr. Narwhal, Elf is a far-fetched fantasy that never takes itself too seriously.



“SANTAAAAAAAAA!” “You sit on a throne of lies!” “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because like most Ferrell movies, Elf is as endlessly quotable as it is overstuffed with goofs.


The movie’s many roasted chestnuts of Christmas wisdom have become hallmarks of the holiday, uniting fans from the Candy Cane Forest to the Lincoln Tunnel.



Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, Elf is a feel-good family film with a message that melts heart like marshmallows in a mug of hot cocoa.


As Buddy never fails to remind us, “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear,” and Elf packs in more singing, hugging, and sincerity than just about any other Christmas movie, while still sneaking some adult humor onto the sleigh.


No matter the season or the reason, Elf is the sugar-filled confection sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Happy birthday, Buddy!






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Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. You know the chant, now buckle up for a reanimated roller coaster back to where it all began. Micheal Keaton thrills and chills as the ghost with the most, who’s scaring away pesky humans one grim gag at a time.



Hight-strung high-rollers carefully comparing business cards. A chainsaw chase through a penthouse apartment. Gallons and gallons of hair product. The sights and sounds of American Psycho are burned into our nation’s film history, and it’s time for a refresher course.



From the madcap manhunt of The Heat to the feel-good fun of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, comedy cops are always an audience favorite. Salute the recruits who helped make police work into funny business, with the original Police Academy.



We’ve all experienced a night of regrettable decisions, but no hangover or kitchen mess compares to having the entire Vegas mob beating down your door. For this Wild Card, leaving Las Vegas is going to be easier said than done.




What happens when a house is sold, friends fight, or a game goes too far? These films follow the aftermath of fateful days.



Artists work with and within space, and when that space is disrupted the whole house of cards can come crashing down. Exhibition tells the tale of a wife and husband whose art and relationship are put to the test by one such disruption.



Johnny Cash mesmerized multiple generations, and his manager Saul Holiff was there for it all. In My Father and the Man in Black, Holiff’s son Josh lifts the veil on the two men’s working relationship, ultimate falling out, and the impact it all had on those they knew.



Red rover. Cops and robbers. Tag. Our childhood games are often rough, physical, and rambunctious, and without adult supervision things can get a little out of hand. Or very, very out of hand, like in I Declare War.


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Want to hear something really scary? A lot of our favorite Halloween movies are old enough to be celebrating their 25th and even 30th anniversaries this year! Aah! Luckily these creepy crawly classics never go out of style, and celebrating their big milestones is a great excuse to revisit the frightening fun.



Terrifying townsfolk assembling sinister stocking stuffers. Eight tiny skeletons pulling a festive coffin across the sky. A boogying beanbag stuffed with evil bugs.


The sights and sounds of The Nightmare Before Christmas have captured our imaginations for 25 Halloweens (and Christmases) and the spookiest season isn’t complete without a holiday visit to Jack Skellington, Sally, and company.



From the fabulously freaky fashion to the wickedly weird musical number, Hocus Pocus put a spell on an entire generation of Halloween-loving 90s kids.


As the Sanderson sisters rise a 25th time to wreak havoc (and shock rock covers) in the cursed town of Salem, we too can experience a mystical blast from the past by watching this cult classic Disney adventure  as we approach Hallows Eve.



30 years. 7 films. Countless red-headed Good Guy dolls. No matter how many times he’s electrocuted, tossed off a building, or hacked to pieces, Chucky the murderous moppet comes crawling back to terrorize a new generation of doll-fearing horror fans.


If it’s been years since you’ve experienced the original unboxing, you can watch Child’s Play for free on Vudu and remind yourself that true terror comes in small packages.






A little spooky fun, a little high school drama, and a little bit of rock and roll. This week’s new free movies have everything you need for the perfect movie marathon.





We’ve all flaked on our family from time to time, but abandoning them to pursue rock stardom means leaving on a pretty sour note. It’s going to take flair, forgiveness, and a whole lot of hair product for Ricki and the Flash to make things right.



Ever wonder what skeletons are hiding in someone’s closet? For businessman, philanthropist, and serial killer Mr. Brooks, there’s some real flesh and bone next to his designer loafers.



Zombies, vampires, and humans… unite? Forget everything you know about horror movies, because these small-town Freaks of Nature are teaming up to kick some alien butt.



As teens we all thought we had all the answers, and for Charlie Bartlett it just might be true. He’s playing therapist to a school-full of anxious, depressed, and ignored classmates, and maybe even becoming popular along the way.




Sometimes finding yourself means looking where you least expect. These stories of self-discovery take their protagonists off the beaten path.



Scripted lines, real angst. 20,000 Days on Earth follows enigmatic rocker Nick Cave on a semi-autobiographical, semi-documentary roller coaster of inspiration and creative kismet.



There’s the home you make, and the home that makes you. Four American teenagers adopted from China will head back to their ancestral homeland to link their two worlds from Somewhere Between.



Life on the reservation is hard for Virgil First Raise, even before he wakes up in a ditch to find his wife and his rifle long gone. Finding them will be harder still, but find them he will, in Winter in the Blood.


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Everyone imagines what it’s like to be a spy: karate chopping terrorists, infiltrating secret organizations, and jumping out of expensive foreign cars as they crash into helicopters. But what if you and your best friend had to be spies right now, with no training, no gadgets, and no idea what’s going on?


In The Spy Who Dumped Me, Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) are two average gals on a daring (and possibly deadly) Eurotrip to clean up after Audrey’s CIA agent ex. They may be underqualified and under attack, but you can watch them fight, drive, and disguise their way to mission accomplished in up to 4K + UHD quality.





There’s more to shrinking than swimming in cereal bowls. Justice is a dish best served hors d’oeuvre size, and Ant-Man and the Wasp are at your service.



As kids we’re told not to talk to strangers, and forgetting the lesson as adults can have deadly consequences. Unfriended: Dark Web dives deep into the dark side of the internet, with hauntingly real results.



Some adventures are too big to come back from. Coyote: The Mike Plant Story chronicles the zigs, zags, and final frontiers of a man who took American sailing where it had never been before.





Casper is a harmless apparition. The ghosts of The Grudge are deadly demons. The fading phantasms of I Still See You seem to fall in the first category… until they don’t.


 Practically perfect even after 20 years



Magic never ages, and neither does this cult classic as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. It’s been two decades since the Owens sisters (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) outfoxed fate, curses, and killers with a little Practical Magic. If you’ve ever wished to spirit away a parking ticket or turn their ex into a frog, it’s time to revisit this cult classic and have a bewitching time.