With so much amazing content available to rent, purchase, and watch for free on Vudu, there’s never been a better time to be a Vudu customer. We know you love being able to watch the latest movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, but understand you also want to make sure that every member of your family is having a safe, appropriate viewing experience every time they open up Vudu.

In a Variety article highlighting exciting developments at Vudu, our VP and general manager Jeremy Verba noted that “families are increasingly viewing together, and they need tools to help them make sure the content is appropriate.” So many of our loyal Vudu fans have asked for more and better family viewing options to help screen for objectionable content, and in response we are proud to unveil our new suite of customizable family features that you can adjust to your family’s needs and preferences.


While some movies may simply be too adult for kids to watch, others may contain a few instances of objectionable content that if skipped over, can be enjoyed by everyone. That’s where Family Play comes in by letting you skip or mute objectionable content like substance abuse, language, violence, and sex and nudity. It is currently available on over 500 eligible titles, with new titles added each week.

We know every family is different, so we’ve made sure you can select the content you’d like to avoid while leaving in everything else.

If nudity and drug use are deal breakers for your family viewing but violence is ok, simply turn on Family Play, select those options, and hit play. If the kids go to bed and you want to watch the rest without skipping, just turn off Family Play without leaving the movie and keep on enjoying the show. You can also create a four-digit pin to prevent kids from turning off Family Play.

For even more flexibility, set up Family Play only on the devices you want. Looking to use it on the family TV, but not on your tablet? No problem.  Family Play is currently available on web, iOS and Android devices, and select Samsung TVs (excluding 2017), newer LG TVs (2017 models and up), and Xbox One. Get complete details here.


We know it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which titles are appropriate for different members of your family, which is why we’re working with Common Sense Media to make finding the perfect content for any age easier than ever before.

Common Sense Media is an independent, research-backed nonprofit trusted by millions of parents and educators to give the best, most in-depth recommendations for family entertainment. As the number one source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools, Common Sense media’s age-based ratings and reviews provide dependable guidance on what you can expect from movies and shows before you rent, buy, or press play.

Going well beyond MPAA ratings you can now get details on adult themes and content like violence, language, and sexual situations, as well as parent-minded themes like positive messages or role models, and consumerism.  

Simply scroll to the “Parental Guide” on a title you’re interested in to get an easy-to understand breakdown of a movie or show’s content, as well as a recommended age range for younger viewers. Click here for a list of rated titles.


Want to rest easy knowing your kids are watching only age-appropriate content, even if you’re not there? Activate Kids Mode on your mobile devices, smart TVs, and other devices to restrict your kids’ viewing to only Common Sense Media rated titles within your collection and the specific age limit you set.

Whether the kids are using Vudu with the babysitter while you enjoy a night out, or you’re letting them take control of your device, you can rely on Kids Mode to create an appropriate entertainment experience. You can also require a four-digit PIN to exit Kids Mode to ensure their curiosity doesn’t take them out of Kids Mode. And you can choose whether you want to show any of our free titles that meet your age-appropriateness setting.

Kids Mode is currently available on iOS/Android devices, Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Roku, and Xbox One. Like Family Play you can use Kids Mode on the devices just on the devices you choose. Details and frequently asked questions here.


Our curated Kids Store lets you and your family browse through thousands of family-friendly titles to purchase or rent, and even includes ones you can stream for free. Let the kids take control and browse for old favorites or new discoveries without worrying about adult or inappropriate content coming up in their search.

While Kids Mode restricts browsing to age-appropriate titles already in your collection, Kids Store lets you and your kids browse and discover all our age-appropriate titles in a safe, family-friendly section of the Vudu store. While free titles may contain ads, those ads are also screened for age-appropriate content only, so you don’t have to worry about adult content slipping through.

Click here to find the perfect kid and parent approved movie or show for your next family movie night.


We hope that these customizable features provide all the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to family entertainment with Vudu. These features are totally optional: easily available when you want them and completely out of the way when you don’t.

With skippable content, expert recommendations, password-protected parental controls, and more, it’s never been easier to enjoy the best of movies and TV with your family. Try out the family features today and see how they make Vudu the safe, family-friendly choice for entertainment.

Vudu Launches New Features and Content for Family-Friendly Entertainment

Vudu has been the home for tens of millions of customers to watch a broad library of movies and TV shows – 10,000+ of which are free – with no commitment and no subscription fees. Today, we are giving our customers more to love. With so much content available and more people watching, what if we could also be a streaming service that provides a great, safe viewing environment for families? What if we could provide our customers the flexibility to ensure that content and the Vudu experience are appropriate for everyone in the family to watch, including the youngest of viewers – kids?

Well, that’s what we’ve been hearing our customers want. They’ve told us they’re concerned about what their families can browse, purchase and watch. That’s why we’re launching a suite of new features to offer customers the ability to control and customize their entertainment viewing experience to better meet the needs of their family and their values.

New Features to Enable an Ideal Entertainment Experience for Anyone in Your Household

Starting today, Vudu users can access several new features to help them make informed decisions about movie and TV show appropriateness, as well as control and customize the content they want to watch, including: 

  • Family Play: Family Play lets customers tailor their viewing experience so everyone can enjoy films together – no matter the MPAA rating. That’s because, through Family Play, customers can choose to skip or mute objectionable content, including substance abuse, language, violence, sex, and nudity, based on their own preferences. The feature is available on over 500 eligible major studio titles (both free and paid content). Additional titles will be made available each week.
  • Ratings and Reviews from a Parent’s Perspective: Through our partnership with Common Sense Media, the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families, customers will now be able to gauge if a film or TV show is appropriate for the little ones in their homes. When browsing our library, customers will find detailed information on thousands of titles, including a parental review and the minimum age recommended by Common Sense Media as appropriate to watch the content, providing a trusted guide for families.
  • Kids Mode: Now, through Kids Mode, customers have the ability to provide a safe watching experience for their kids. This feature, incorporating data from Common Sense Media, lets viewers limit what kids can browse or view to only content appropriate to the child’s age. Kids Mode is available on both free titles and rented or purchased titles in a customer’s library.

These features are now available across iOS and Android, web, and living room devices, making Vudu the one and only streaming service to offer a comprehensive solution to safeguard content for viewers. And, these features are fully under the control of our viewers, to ensure that each customer can make their own choices about what is appropriate for their family. That’s something we’re really proud of.

Original and Exclusive Content Available Only On Vudu – Mr. Mom and Blue’s Clues & You!

What makes this launch even better?  Exclusive and Original content for co-viewing with families – for free.

We’re starting with our first Vudu Original, Mr. Mom, which premieres today and is perfect entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together. This 11-episode series is a modern continuation of the classic ‘80s film and stars Hayes MacArthur (Super Troopers 2, Angie Tribeca) as a dad who decides it’s his turn to stay at home with the kids when his wife, played by Andrea Anders (Instant FamilyJoey), re-enters the workforce. Viewers can tune in for new episodes every Thursday through October 10 to see how the Anderson family proves that family is a full-time job.

And, later this month, on September 27, we’ll exclusively debut three episodes of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues & You!, a remake of the ground-breaking preschool series, ahead of its premiere on Nickelodeon in November.

Mr. Mom and Blue’s Clues & You! are the first of many original and exclusive entertainment programs that Vudu viewers will be able to enjoy. They are both excellent additions to our already broad library of movies and TV shows – including 10,000+ free titles – that bring everyone in the family together. 

So at Vudu, we’re committed to creating a great destination for movies and TV – all for you. We’ve got over 180,000 of your favorite movies and TV shows to buy or rent, more than 10,000 titles you can watch for free, and now, we also do family. Come watch what we do!



To commemorate next week’s digital release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we sat down with legendary comic scribe Chris Claremont, writer of the original Dark Phoenix Saga. Read on to hear Chris’s thoughts on comic book adaptations, good and evil, the future of X-Men movies, and more.

V = Vudu

CC = Chris Claremont

V: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. You’ve created some of the most iconic characters in the [X-Men] franchise. We’re really happy we get to ask you some questions.

CC: Well, thank you.

V: As a comic writer and creator, what has this huge boom in superhero movies and TV been like for you? Did you see this coming at all?

CC: I  suppose in a way yes, because from the moment I started at Marvel as an associate editor we’ve always been trying to interest movie and TV companies in the characters and the stories.

Stan [Lee] and I talked with Jim Cameron in 1988 about an X-Men project that [he] would produce. You know, it’s partly a matter of being in the right place at the right time both for the creators and the material, and that’s what happened in 1998. We got a 20 year run out of it, which is not too bad.

V: One of the longest running movie franchises, period, I would say.

CC: Well, I have a suspicion The Avengers might catch up.

V: It’s looking that way, although there looks to be some synergy coming.

So the Dark Phoenix Saga, in particular, has been adapted multiple times in movies and TV. It’s a story that fans love to revisit and Hollywood loves to retell. Why do you think this story holds such a particular fascination to movie fans and comic fans?

CC: Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a cracking good story. It’s a story about love, and horror, and courage, and sacrifice. It’s a story of moral choice.

It’s essentially: What do you do if you have the power to one day save creation from its own destruction, but a week later you commit planetary genocide? Where is there a balance? When you have that level of ability tied to a physical reality that is mortal. You know, it’s essentially growing up.

V: [The Phoenix] ends up being something that harms [Jean] as much as it helps her in so many ways. Does that symbolize anything to you? Is there any sort of real world inspiration for what she has going on there?

CC: Well we all have the potential within us for awesome good and awesome evil. We’d like to think we all have the capacity to grow and to learn and to mature. The trick is, can we do so in time to prevent the commitment of any unforgivable act?

V: One more quick question: It’s been teased by Kevin Feige that we’re going to see some mutant content in the MCU going forward.

Do you have any advice for the people who might be putting their fingerprints on these characters you worked with going forward?

CC: I have 10 fingers. If you want to make a movie about the X-Men, give me a call. And the one thing that I think we can all take for granted is that Marvel Studios will find an interesting and exciting and engrossing way of figuring out what to do next.



We here at Vudu love a good con, and we’re proud to be the official presenting sponsor of this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, CA.

From Friday 8/15 to Sunday 8/18, SVCC will be bringing fans the very best of all things movies, TV, comics, tech, and nerd culture, and we’ll be at the heart of the festivities with some unforgettable activities and prizes.

If you’re heading to SVCC, stop by the Vudu booths to capture some photo booth action shots, star in your own professional movie scene directed by cosplay legend Stella Chuu (@StellaChuuuuu), and take part in our epic SVCC scavenger hunt for the chance to take home exclusive SVCC swag and Vudu credits. See you there!

If you won’t be in attendance and want to get in on the fun, Vudu will be bringing you access to all of the coolest stuff. Check out our @vudufans social handles for updates like Facebook recaps of key moments and a live Instagram story takeover by Stella Chuu. You might even see a celeb or two!



As you may or may not have heard, the digital movie locker service UltraViolet™ is shutting down on July 31. UltraViolet is a separate service from Vudu that allowed users to keep movie purchases from multiple online retailers in one place.

We want to do the right thing and help ensure the titles that were linked to your Vudu library from your UltraViolet account stay safe in your Vudu library. Read on to find out what steps (if any) you need to take:


If you’re a Vudu user who has only purchased titles on Vudu, you’ll be unaffected by the shutdown and can continue using Vudu as normal.


If you do have an UltraViolet account linked to your Vudu account, your library is also completely safe. The titles in your Vudu library that were linked from UltraViolet will stay where they are and you can continue to watch and enjoy them anytime.

The one important thing to remember is this: if your Vudu and UltraViolet accounts are linked, do NOT unlink them. Doing so could result in the loss of your imported UltraViolet titles. Just continue to use Vudu the way you normally would and the UltraViolet shutdown will take care of itself.


Unsure whether you have an UltraViolet account? To check whether your Vudu account is currently connected to an UltraViolet account, simply open up Vudu and navigate to Account Settings. If the button next to UltraViolet Library reads “Setup,” your Vudu account is not currently connected to UltraViolet. If the button reads “Manage,” you have an UltraViolet account that is connected to your Vudu library.

You can also go to before July 31 to check if you have an existing UltraViolet login.


If you have an unconnected UltraViolet account and would like to connect it to your Vudu account to transfer titles into your Vudu library, there is still time to do so (until July 31, 2019). Just click the “Setup” button next to UltraViolet Library in your account settings to link your account.


In conclusion: as long as you take the proper steps, your linked titles will remain available on Vudu. We’re committed to keeping your titles exactly where you left them, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your Vudu library as usual.

For more details check out our FAQ here.