The Invisible Man

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How do you fight for your life when the danger is invisible? See the lengths Elizabeth Moss’s character will go to save herself in her powerful performance as Cecilia in The Invisible Man. Curious about how this buzzworthy film compares to the original? Check out how the Invisible Man has evolved from the classic monster to the modern nightmare in our blog.


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Inheritance tells the story of a family patriarch who passes away, leaving nothing but questions in his wake. His daughter and wife are left to uncover all of his secrets in this powerful thriller.

The Roads Not Taken

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The Roads Not Taken is a tragic, star-studded film that showcases the talents of Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, and Salma Hayek. The story follows Leo, played by Bardem, whose mind goes back and forth between reality and the imagined alternate lives he could have lived. This touching drama will have you questioning what’s real and what’s ultimately at the core of being human.

New to Own TV

DC’s Stargirl: Season 1

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DC Comics brings their latest addition to the screen in DC’s Stargirl. Follow Courtney Whitmore’s journey as she inspires the revival of The Justice Society of America and they all fight for what’s right. Watch and own every episode as it becomes available.

In the mood for more superhero excitement? Revisit the action-packed Marvel’s The Avenger’s or experience the intense origins of The Joker. And while you’re at it, check out all of our awesome summer blockbuster deals.

Movies that Show us Evil Comes in the Most Surprising Packages

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There are certain movies that show evil has a way of sneaking in without you even realizing it. This type of horror is sinister in the most unexpected ways, invading the most sacred and safest of spaces – whether your home, or even worse, your mind. Whether it enters through a stranger you’ve never met, a person from your past, or something as innocent as a child – evil always manages to find a way in. And it doesn’t ask for an invite. So here are some movies that invade in the most unexpected ways and haunt our imaginations long after they’re over.

The Gift

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Sometimes evil finds a way in through a person from your past. The Gift centers around a couple, played by Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, who have just moved to a new city to start a new life. All is going well when a man from the past tries to reconnect with them persistently, despite the fact that the ship has sailed. The stranger’s mysterious intentions slowly begin to unravel as secrets of the past come to the surface, making us question who’s to blame for everything that goes horribly wrong. This is one dark thriller you don’t want to miss.

The Strangers

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There are few things more terrifying than a home invasion. The Strangers made a splash with this intense film, amping up the suspense like never before as an unsuspecting couple gets terrorized in their home by a group of masked strangers. The film doesn’t just keep us at the edge of our seats, but raises questions few of us are willing to ask ourselves – how far are we willing to go to survive? Get The Strangers and two more horror flicks to keep you up at night as part of our mix and match.

Unfriended: Dark Web

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Unfriended: Dark Web shows us how the darkest corners of the Internet can reach much further than just a screen. The movie centers on a group of friends whose regular video chat meetings get hijacked by a group of dark web hackers. They take a path down the dark web that they never wanted to and see unspeakable acts they never could’ve imagined. And unfortunately, there is a high price to pay. This is one dark journey that’ll keep you up for days to come and make you think twice about what you search for online.


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No one expects evil to come through something as innocent as a child, which is what makes Mama so unnerving. When two girls are discovered abandoned in the woods, their uncle and his girlfriend take them in to help them them overcome their past trauma and try to live a normal life. But it isn’t long before they realize that when they brought the sweet girls into their homes, they also brought in a sinister spirit too. What’ll it take to save the girls and save themselves?

These movies have shown us that home invasions come in in the most unexpected ways. So what happens when evil is invisible? See what it takes to survive in The Invisible Man.

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Get Into Show Biz

Get Shorty

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Experience the glitz and glamor of Hollywood in Get Shorty. This star-studded comedy follows the story of mobster-turned-movie-business-man, Chili Palmer, played by John Travolta. But just because he’s taken up a new line of work doesn’t mean he has any plans to change his violent mafia ways.

Be Cool

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The music business is calling in Be Cool. Years after the events of Get Shorty, mobster Chili Palmer is done with the movie biz and looking to branch out to the music industry instead. This time it’s rock stars, divas, and rappers that add all the drama and excitement, with an even more star-studded cast to boot.


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Take a trip to your local TV station in UHF. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic stars in this comedy about an eccentric guy tasked with saving Channel 62, which is losing viewers faster than ever. So what’s he to do but replace the boring reruns with the most bizarre programming he can think of?

Waiting for Guffman

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Go back to some old school community theater in Waiting for Guffman. This mockumentary-style comedy takes you all the way to middle-of-nowhere Missouri, where a sassy, inspiring director puts together the show of everyone’s lifetime with the best talent a small town can buy. This is a unique gem that’ll have you begging for an encore.