Looking to beat the heat this weekend? Why not cool off indoors and kick back with a marathon of fan-favorite free movies and TV? With gripping documentaries, kids’ classics, and high-octane action flicks to choose from, your weekend watch-fest is made in the shade.





What do Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, and Rage Against the Machine all have in common? As director Dave Grohl will tell you in hard-rocking detail, they recorded some of their most iconic work at Sound City.



Kids say the darndest things, and (as any parent can attest) they eat some pretty messed-up stuff too. Billy’s putting them all to shame in How to Eat Fried Worms, a spectacle that will make kids cheer and grown-ups ill.



No, not the one from Deadpool 2. This Domino is a badass bounty hunter based on a (mostly) true story, and if she can outwit and outgun the mob, the casinos, and the DMV she just might be in for a major payday.



A man arrested and tortured without evidence. A wife left behind to pick up the pieces. A federal agent with a choice to make. Justice itself is put on trial as the rippling effects of Rendition unfold.





Expand your mind with some stranger than fiction true stories and adventures in the unexplainable.



No power = no power. Power Trip’s documentary footage explores the political corruption and public backlash orbiting an American electric company’s play for control in post-Soviet Georgia.



Having something to say is one thing, getting people to listen is another. Speak follows the real-life finalists for the title of “World Champion of Public Speaking” as they tell their stories on their own terms.



What if the scientists from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind made house calls? Explore the possibilities as the two memory-erasing everymen of Skeletons travel the land rubbing out people’s problems, and causing some of their own.






Sometimes good guys operate outside the law, and even when they don’t these hotshots and hired guns are serving up their own brand of righteousness. Take a trip out of bounds with Drive, The Quick and the Dead, Seeking Justice, Mercenaries and more in our Vigilante Action collection.




Keeping up with good TV is hard, unless someone rounds up free seasons of awesome shows and presents them to you in a blog post. Ta-da! Stream away with Top TV Picks like Pan Am, Sonic X, Drop Dead Diva, and Last Resort.



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It’s Friday the 13th, but luck is on your side because we’ve got a slew of free movies to fill your weekend.



Do you feel lucky? Hopefully luckier than these characters at the mercy of stalkers, home invaders, and some truly terrifying townies. Get your fill of Friday the 13th Scares with cult classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer, You’re Next, Silent Hill, and Secret Window.



Who says growing up is mandatory? Treat your inner child (plus any actual children) with family favorites like Dennis the Menace, Free Willy, The NeverEnding Story, and The Secret Garden in our Classic Family Films collection.




The week is over and you’re running on empty, and nothing boosts a mood like a blast from the cinematic past. Time to bask in the nostalgia of some old forgotten faves or discover some gems you missed the first time around, all for free!





The high-flying horror that launched a million Sharknadoes, Snakes on a Plane is more than meets the eye. Well, it’s exactly what meets the eye, but what meets the eye has two fangs and is awesome.



Before he was the Merc with a Mouth, he went to college. Kinda. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder may not be the smartest, most athletic, or most motivated student at Coolidge College, but he throws one hell of a party – and he’s not going out without a bang of a bash.



The best friends are united by common interests, shared experiences, and personal compatibility. Also, in the case of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, magically stretchy denim and one unbelievable summer. Hey, sometimes you just want to wear stretchy pants in your room.



A high-stakes heist that goes a little too smoothly? A smooth criminal and a boatload of money gone without a trace? A mob boss who just happens to be played by Bruce Willis? Sounds like a Setup.




Dig in to these moving tales of outcasts and trailblazers doing things their own way.



Her life became her songs, and her songs became the voice of a nation. Gather round and listen to the amazing story of Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra in Violeta Went to Heaven.



Who knew finding nations’ capitals could help you find yourself? Every kid needs a place to call their own, and for this group of LGBTQ teens that place is the high school Geography Club.



Santa may not be real (the jury’s still out), but nothing gets realer than the day-to-day life of Finland’s real-life reindeer herders. Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys chronicles all the windswept beauty and tough-as-hooves work.


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Kick Off Your Weekend For Free


Whether you’re avoiding crowds at the box office or avoiding spending money there, we’ve got you covered with tons of top titles you can watch at home – and for free. Expand your film IQ with crowd-pleasing classics you might have missed or feel like revisiting.



Here for a good time, not a long time. Watch these must-see movies before they’re gone.


Can one person really make a difference? Don Cheadle gives life to Hotel Rwanda, the true story of a hotel manager called to action in the face of the Rwandan genocide.



Building your personal brand is important, especially when you’re an American digging up dirt for a foreign presidential candidate. Our Brand Is Crisis lives up to its name.



Before The Boss Baby showed us what babies are really up to, Bruce Willis gave us a glimpse inside one talkative toddler’s head. You won’t believe your ears when you Look Who’s Talking.



The con is on. This mother-daughter team is out for thrills, laughs, and a major payday, even if it means being Heartbreakers.




From the Outback to the Big Apple, these cross-cultural, feel-good films come with good vibes everyone can enjoy.



Life doesn’t always go Any Way You Want It, but when Journey needed a new frontman they found a far-away superfan to welcome with Open Arms. Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey tells the stranger-than-fiction story, Faithfully.



Culture, law, family, and fate can’t keep Amira and Sam from finding friendship and love in the unlikeliest of places. East meets West in this charming update to the New York romcom.



Australia is a big place for a little dog, but Napoleon won’t rest until he finds his way home. With high-flying adventure and lots of local critters, this is one air bud the kids will want to watch again and again.




What’s summer without great stories to tell at the end? The fun-filled thrills of movies like Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania, My Girl, Sea Level, and Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London will get you in the mood for your own Summer Adventures.



Supernatural stunts. Unworldly action. Incredible creatures. Get all the Fantastic Fantasy your imagination can handle with Big Fish, Black Mask, Jonah Hex, Bulletproof Monk, and more.

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Whether you’re finally getting back to a show you missed or bingeing an old fav for the 20th time, we’ve got free full seasons of your favorite TV to keep you going from pilot to cliffhanger.



If having fun is a crime, these guys plead the fifth. For better or worse, the distinguished attorneys of Franklin and Bash are on the case.



Haute couture meets habeas corpus when an aspiring fashion model dies and comes back in a trial lawyer’s body. This Drop Dead Diva better hit the books.



Can ex-fiancées be friends? Can their friends be friends? Can those friends buy food trucks, date hipsters, speak drunk Italian, and win Nerf wars? Happy Endings has the answers.



Saying no to your boss isn’t easy. When the “no” is to launching nuclear missiles and the boss is the President, you’d better have a plan B. Watch Last Resort for all the fallout.




Puberty, unemployment, and deadbeat dads can’t keep these indie heroes from scoring small victories and learning big lessons.



The accommodations are neither Grand, nor the Best, but 13-year-old Ernest won’t let the sleazy patrons and neighborhood bully stop him from finding romance within walking distance of The Motel.



Say hello to his little friend. Adrien Brody (The Darjeeling Limited, Peaky Blinders) lets his hands do the talking as a misunderstood misfit with a shot at stardom, or at least love, in Dummy.



You’ve heard of Hellboy, Oldboy, and Astro Boy. Now meet…Boy. While looking for buried treasure (and his inner Michael Jackson), Boy just might find a connection to the dad he never really knew.



Will the spine-tingling scares of movies like Hostel: Part III, Child’s Play, and Ghoulies make you wake up in the middle of the night screaming? Possibly. Is watching them for free Worth the Nightmares? Only one way to find out…



When the weather heats up, so does the romance. Beat the heat with an indoor (and free) movie date night, and feel the Summer Love with Going the Distance, Return to Me, Yentl, Moonstruck and more.






After a week of PowerPoint and power lunches, it’s time to power down with some free movies!




Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when you’re being framed for murder, arson, and stealing $450,000 in drug money. Talk about being Out of Time.



His name may be a tongue-twister, but Nicholas Nickleby always walks the straight and narrow. Watch Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur, Sons of Anarchy) sport a different kind of horsepower in this Charles Dickens classic.



When the going gets tough, the decisions get tougher. The Allied POWs of Hart’s War will risk it all for a chance at a brighter tomorrow.




From the famously fabulous to the wonderfully weird, these films let us experience some of humanity’s most fascinating people firsthand (and for free).



Meryl Streep had us believing The Devil Wears Prada, but her real-life inspiration is as devilishly smart as she is fashionable. The September Issue has all the juicy details.



Long before Captain America was punching out Nazis on-screen, this real world-famous Nazi hunter was putting them behind bars. Watch I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal for the unforgettable true story.



Same as it ever was? Not this documentary. Alien dance moves + a who’s who of funk legend guest stars + one REALLY big suit = the greatest concert film ever made. The Talking Heads cordially invite you to Stop Making Sense.




Dust off your leg warmers and wake up your Tamagotchi; it’s time for Throwbacks: The 80s & 90s. Pump up the nostalgia for free with classic titles like My Girl, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and Child’s Play.



Put the novelty tie back on the rack and give dad what he really wants this Father’s Day: free movies and TV! Watch with Dad has Jonah Hex, Big Fish, Last Resort, and more for all the fatherly bonding you can handle.