A pre-order fit for a king, new releases, new to rent, and free movies to watch with mom

A great big wall, a beautiful wall; hypnotized by terror; and a dog who learns new tricks


Watch The Great Wall, available now on Vudu

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way…to keep out mythical beasts and save the world. Watch Matt Damon and Pedrooooooo (“The Red Viper”) Pascal get medieval in The Great Wall, exclusively on Vudu starting today.


You can also be mesmerized (dare we say hypnotized?) by Get Out, a smart horror movie that’s both terrifying and thought-provoking. Bet you didn’t see that coming. This guy didn’t. Watch tonight – you won’t look at horror movies (or teacups) the same again.


Watch family favorite Rock Dog on Vudu tonight!


Don’t worry, kids aren’t left out of fun. Starting today, Rock Dog makes his stage presence known and delivers licks that tickle your ears as much as your funny-bone in this family-friendly animated musical. (Wail out with your tail out!)


Stones hold swords and tables get round



This Friday, battles get waged, legends become a real, and a man becomes king (I thought we were an anarcho-syndicalist commune). King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is hitting theaters, and that means you can pre-order it on Vudu. Once the digital movie is released, it’ll appear magically (delivered by a lady in a lake) in My Vudu so you can watch with a click.


Word to your mother!


Alright kids, don’t lie, did you forget to get your mother something? Well, it’s ok. We’ve got you covered for Mother’s Day with FREE movies you can Watch with Mom – because all she wants from you is your time (hits you right in the feels doesn’t it…talk amongst yourselves, I’m getting verklempt).



We’ve got Unfinished Song, which follows a curmudgeon old soul who finds new life with singing (don’t worry, the movie is finished); At First Sight, the story of a blind man who learns to see what’s in front of him (in almost every iteration of the metaphor); as well as the classic Throw Mama From the Train (trust us, your mom does have a sense of humor, and will love it); and Beauty Shop (because life advice doesn’t always come from a life coach).


This, that, and a few other things


Orange you glad you cut the cord – Own Season 4 of Orange is the New Black starting today!

The South rises again – With Southern Charm: Savannah: Season 1, watch the first episode free!

Have a good time with a rental – Fifty Shades Darker is now available to rent. (No one will ever know.)



New releases, new to rent, free horror – served fresh daily, and a pre-order of galactic magnitude

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy save the Galaxy again, take me down to the Raccoon City (oh won’t you please take me home), and so much xtreme it needs three X’s




Since all you probably care about is the Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (in theaters Friday), let’s start there. Starting this Friday, you can pre-order it on Vudu, and when it drops, Groot and crew will automatically be waiting for you in My Vudu. It’s like set it and forget it, but better.



It’s a big week for repeat appearances with one of our favorite Alices also re-appearing. This time in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (or is it?). And Xander Cage is back in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, with an xtreme team that is xtremely xtreme (cue echo effect).


Or you can get real extreme with Danger Close, a powerful documentary that follows a war reporter as she journeys to the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan to honor our soldiers. And animation fans can relive the wonder of Wonder Woman with the DC Universe’s Commemorative Edition.


Watch them all, starting today.


New to rent



If you like it, then you should put Rings on and rent it today. (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.) Get 30 days to start (if our math is right, that’s way more than seven days) and 24 hours to finish. Nothing to return, no trips to a box, and definitely no creepy girl crawling out of your TV. (Ok, we can’t guarantee the last one.)



You can also now rent A Dog’s Purpose for family movie night (or just because dogs), Gold (it’s solid), and Burden, an unprecedented look into the life of artist Chris Burden – whose creations include the often Instagrammed Urban Light and Metropolis II in Los Angeles.


Free Horror that’s good enough to eat



For lovers of flesh eating monsters, check out our Good Enough to Eat collection on Movies On Us. Grab a nice Chianti and enjoy the quintessential The Silence of the Lambs (watch or get the hose again), Texas Chainsaw (2013), the campy classic C.H.U.D 2 (this Chud’s for you), and the cheeky and fun Cockneys vs Zombies (it’s “yet to be,” with limited commercials).



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 © 2017 MARVEL



New Releases, Now Available to Rent, and Free Adventure Awaits

This week, new movies get a bit Darker

Get tied up with a movie, head to a land down under(world), and movies that steal the show


Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Vudu Tonight!


Trust us, you’ll find this…strangely enjoyable. This week, make movie night a little darker and more exciting when you own the unrated edition of Fifty Shades Darker in up to 4K UHD. (Unrated? 4K? Brown chicken brown cow…) Get more Christian and Anastasia, with less crowded-theater-awkwardness, exclusively on Vudu.



Or you can slip into something a little more sub…terranean and rent Underworld: Blood Wars, available now. Selene is back and she’s making it rain pain. So spend the night with the leather-clad vampire who has been painting rooms red (with blood) since before it was cool.


Watch La La Land. Or Moonlight. Both available on Vudu now.


But the real winner this week, is La La Land (see what we did there?), now available to rent. This magical musical steals the show (wink wink…) with some great performances and singing by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. (On a completely unrelated topic, you can watch Moonlight too.)

Enjoy some unlucky charms


If none of this is dark enough for you (seriously?), you can also watch A Dark Song on Vudu – while it’s still in theaters (what is this sorcery?). A chilling psychological thriller about a mother trying to contact her murdered child, this movie haunts way above its weight class. Watch starting Friday.

Adventure Awaits when you watch free movies



Flash (ah-ah) Gordon is back! Watch this sci-fi cult classic free, with Movies On Us. While you’re there, you can also check out cult classics Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Stardust. Kids can enjoy free too because we’ve got Napoleon (awws with four paws) and the Bluth classic All Dogs go to Heaven. (Careful, they may ask you for a puppy.)

Spring flings and TV makes you smarter


Spring is here, and you can tell love is in the air because Married at First Sight: Second Chances Season 1 becomes available on Vudu this Friday. (Who says romance is dead?) Or get a little TMZ meets Nobel Prize when you watch Genius Season 1, starting tomorrow, and dive into the brilliance and sordidness of Albert Einstein’s life.(Theory of Special Relativity indeed.)