New Releases, Now Available to Rent, and Free Adventure Awaits

This week, new movies get a bit Darker

Get tied up with a movie, head to a land down under(world), and movies that steal the show


Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Vudu Tonight!


Trust us, you’ll find this…strangely enjoyable. This week, make movie night a little darker and more exciting when you own the unrated edition of Fifty Shades Darker in up to 4K UHD. (Unrated? 4K? Brown chicken brown cow…) Get more Christian and Anastasia, with less crowded-theater-awkwardness, exclusively on Vudu.



Or you can slip into something a little more sub…terranean and rent Underworld: Blood Wars, available now. Selene is back and she’s making it rain pain. So spend the night with the leather-clad vampire who has been painting rooms red (with blood) since before it was cool.


Watch La La Land. Or Moonlight. Both available on Vudu now.


But the real winner this week, is La La Land (see what we did there?), now available to rent. This magical musical steals the show (wink wink…) with some great performances and singing by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. (On a completely unrelated topic, you can watch Moonlight too.)

Enjoy some unlucky charms


If none of this is dark enough for you (seriously?), you can also watch A Dark Song on Vudu – while it’s still in theaters (what is this sorcery?). A chilling psychological thriller about a mother trying to contact her murdered child, this movie haunts way above its weight class. Watch starting Friday.

Adventure Awaits when you watch free movies



Flash (ah-ah) Gordon is back! Watch this sci-fi cult classic free, with Movies On Us. While you’re there, you can also check out cult classics Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Stardust. Kids can enjoy free too because we’ve got Napoleon (awws with four paws) and the Bluth classic All Dogs go to Heaven. (Careful, they may ask you for a puppy.)

Spring flings and TV makes you smarter


Spring is here, and you can tell love is in the air because Married at First Sight: Second Chances Season 1 becomes available on Vudu this Friday. (Who says romance is dead?) Or get a little TMZ meets Nobel Prize when you watch Genius Season 1, starting tomorrow, and dive into the brilliance and sordidness of Albert Einstein’s life.(Theory of Special Relativity indeed.)



New releases, now available to rent, and free Earth Day documentaries

scary good releases this week on Vudu:

Man’s best friend, gold diggers, and a girl who likes TVs

This month you can finally find out what your dog is thinking, and get some canine existentialism (watch because you’re supposed to watch), with A Dog’s Purpose. You can also find Matthew McConaughey, who once played a guy named Mud, digging through the mud of Indonesia for gold, in Gold (maybe he’s mailing it in for cash).

Or if you’re looking for something a little more bloody than muddy, we’ve got Wolves at the Door (based on the Manson Family murders) and Rings (you don’t even have to wait seven days).

Watch them, before Blu-ray and DVD, starting today. Pre-order Rings now for the release on April 21st.

Now available to rent

Hear voices in your head? (Who said that?) Well, the guy in Split hears 24 – deciding on dinner must take forever. Speaking of dinner, you can also rent The Founder (the road to the Happy Meal wasn’t so happy), and Sleepless (good cop, bad cop – all rolled into one). Rent them all starting today.

Free green for Earth Day

Saturday is Earth Day – hooray Earth, thanks for letting us hang out on your surface. We’re showing some love with some free documentaries. Watch An Inconvenient Truth (is it getting a little warm in here?), The Whale (look ma, an orca followed me home, can I keep it?), From the Kill Pen (a horse is a horse, of course of course, unless the horse ends up in your food), and more – free, with limited commercials.

Check out all these, and other great movies, on Vudu today.

April Showers Bring More Free Movies On Us


More free Movies On Us, just added for April

Movies on us is sprouting new free movies


Spring is here and you know what that means – yup, allergies. So avoid them and stay inside to watch some free movies. Just kidding. Go outside for some sunshine and fresh air! Then when you’re tired, come back and watch some Movies On Us. Trust us, it’s worth checking out.


We’ve added a bunch of great movies ranging from classic standouts to comedies to family-friendly features – all free, with limited commercials.


There’s the must watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers (remember our warning about allergies?), Thelma and Louise (what would you do for your BFF?), Delirious (we miss you, John), A Fish Called Wanda (avoid the green ones, they’re not ripe yet), and cult favorite Flash Gordon (Flash…ah-ahh).


Family movie night gets an extra boost too, with titles like Agent Cody Banks (he’s licensed to spy, but not to drive), All Dogs Go to Heaven 1 & 2 (we’re told ours went to a nice farm), Sleepover (slumber party!), and more.


And as we spin towards Earth Day (planetary puns!), check out An Inconvenient Truth (convenient, we know), and The Whale, a heart-warming documentary about a whale who somehow manages to befriend a town. (It’s a whale of a tale. Ok we’ll stop now.)


Finally, because ball is life, you’ll even find some new NBA Championship documentaries to get you playoff ready. We’ve also added new music documentaries, indie festival standouts (Miral and Oldboy – maybe put the kids to bed first…), horror (Carrie, Asylum, and more), and romance (like Benny and Joon, Griffin & Phoenix, and Nicholas Nickleby).


Sign in and watch all these movies, and more, on us. Or, if you haven’t already, sign up for a free a Vudu account to get in on the action.


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