Every curious kid knows where babies come from – the stork drops them off for happy expectant families to enjoy. At least they used to.

Storks, the feather-filled family adventure of a stork on a mission to deliver the last baby, will have kids of all ages clapping their wings and laughing their beaks off.

Zombie-killing is a gory, gross, ghoulish job, but someone definitely has to do it.

In a world overrun with the undead, four misfit misanthropes will have to join forces if they ever want to escape from Zombieland.

Once a a warrior, always a warrior.

With no home, no flag and no other choice, they’ll put blood and blade on the line to avoid becoming the Last Knights.

She’s brash, she’s boorish, and above all else she’s family.

Twin adult siblings Jack and Jill may not always see eye to eye, but if they spend enough time together they just might realize they make a decent (and hilarious) team.

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Sherlock Holmes always cracks the case, but he’s never met an analytical mind that could match wits with his own.

Faced with the awesome intellect of the ultimate adversary, Holmes and Watson will need all the help they can get unraveling the conspiracy in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

He’s got no license, no fashion sense, and no clue, but if your animal companion has gone missing he’s the only one to call.

Get a double feature of zany, fur-and-feather-filled fun with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

They brought their boy home from the clutches of evil, but the forces of darkness won’t let the Lambert family go without a fight.

Witness round two in the supernatural slugfest of good vs. evil with Insidious: Chapter 2.

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Now you see them, soon you won’t. These hit movies are pulling a disappearing act soon, so watch them for free before they’re gone.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life allows an evil god to take away your true love, team up with an even better god to mete out some righteous revenge.

The Gods of Egypt are here, and they’re ready to rumble.

He’s finally got a shot at taking his team to the pros, if only anyone on the team could sink a shot.

Basketball’s never seen anything like him, but this Semi-Pro is ready to full-court press his luck.

You know the name. You know the hat. Now get up close and personal with the world’s favorite bold bear adventurer.

Paddington is furry fun for the whole family, marmalade not included.

How many disastrous vacations can one hapless family possibly endure? At least one more, apparently.

The Griswolds are back, and they’re rolling the dice on what will either be the ultimate Vegas Vacation or an unforgettable bust.



Friday’s here and it’s time to kick back, but the weekend can’t officially start without some awesome free movies to stream. See what this week’s new additions have in store.

John Q is a decent man, a hard worker, and a good father who would do anything to protect his son, and that’s where the trouble starts.

See how far one man will go in the face of uncaring systems, and how far those systems will go to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

Being a dirty cop was all fun and games until the District Attorney started asking questions.

As paranoia, addiction, and investigators all start closing in around him in the midst of the infamous Rampart scandal, one man must reckon with the sins of his past.

Six-year-old Maisie knows that she’s supposed to be kind, caring, and considerate of others, but the adults in her life are anything but.

Set at the epicenter of a bitter divorce, What Maisie Knew exposes the ugly side of parenthood and who really suffers when grown-ups forget to play nice.

If twins are supposed to have an unbreakable bond, nobody told these two.

Reunited under the worst circumstances after 10 years apart, the Skeleton Twins find they may need each other more than either one would like to admit.

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The only thing better than free movies is newly added free movies. Check out the latest and greatest titles that you can watch totally free today.

The ocean is filled with amazing sights, some fun (colorful creatures and buried treasure) and some not so fun (killer sharks and scavenging drug lords).

Into the Blue has all of the above and more, plus a star-studded cast of intrepid adventurers.

20 years of unexplained imprisonment does things to a man, not least of all fills him with white hot rage and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

No longer a young man, this Oldboy is hitting the streets to show his captors why the caged bird really sings.

School’s out, camp’s in, and the campers and counselors of Camp North Star are out of control!

Get a whole summer’s worth of hijinks, hare-brained schemes, and happy campers with the original Meatballs.

No armor, no shields, no problem. This martial arts master is an undying, impervious force of nature with one goal: protect his ancient secret at all costs.

Watch a Bulletproof Monk and a streetwise hustler teach evildoers some hard truths.

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