John Dies At The End

Man holding a fork at table

Prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime. John Dies at The End centers on two college dropouts who travel through time, dimensions, and everything in between after taking a new drug. The only side effect? Not everyone makes it back as entirely “human,” and it’s up to these guys to fight the bizarre inter-dimensional battle to save humanity.


two men in white talking

Get to the bottom of this action-packed mystery. Traitor centers on an FBI agent, played by Don Cheadle, who is tasked with getting to the bottom of an international conspiracy. But the deeper he goes down the rabbit hole, the more clues start pointing to a U.S. Special Ops officer.


man in coat holding sword in parking lot

Time, space, and logic collide in Highlander. This cult-status gem tells the story of immortal Scottish clansman Connor MacLeod, played by Christopher Lambert, who time travels to New York City. Soon other immortals start to appear and set for battle, leading to an epic, over-the-top showdown of the ages.


woman hiding from house intruder

Intruders turns the tables on the home invasion genre. The film centers on a girl named Anna, played by Beth Riesgraf, who is terrified of going outside. But when a group of men break into her home, she’s left without a choice but to flip the script on them in horrifying ways they never expected.


From Dusk Till Dawn

four men standing in front of a bar

Criminals and vampires, oh my! From Dusk till Dawn is a star-studded 90’s classic featuring George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Salma Hayek and even Danny Trejo in one of his earliest roles. The film centers on two outlaws who take hostages in a seedy bar, only to find out that the clientele there is teeming with terrifying vampires. And boy are they hungry.

The Hunter

man standing in front of waterfall

The Hunter is a must-see adventure through the untamed wilderness. Willem Dafoe stars as a hunter out to find the last Tasmanian tiger on Earth at the ask of a mysterious tech company. But the deeper he goes searching, the more he realizes the shadowy corporation will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Gods and Monsters

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Gods and Monsters is a Hollywood drama for the ages. The film stars the talented Ian McKellen in the role of legendary director James Whale, whose movies include the horror classics Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and countless others. James spends most of his days alone and reminiscing about his past star-studded successes. But when he’s introduced to his new gardener, played by Brendan Fraser, both of their lives change as they form an unexpected friendship.


man in ghost mask holding knife

Scream is the epitome of 90s horror. The terrifying flick centers on a a group of friends who all start getting strange phone calls from a mysterious man. But when they realize the calls are coming from a deranged murderer out for bloody revenge, they have to fight for their lives before he gets there first. So… what’s your favorite scary movie?


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Falling Down

man sitting with no shoes in front of city buildings

Falling Down shows what happens when a day goes from bad to much worse. The movie stars the talented Michael Douglas in the role of a normally peaceful guy who’s lost his job and just wants to get to his daughter’s birthday party. But when all of his frustrations bubble to the surface in the middle of traffic, he explodes and goes on a violent rampage across LA, lashing out at every wrong – and annoying – thing he sees. This is one intense and surprisingly humorous journey you won’t want to miss.


man holding guns against bright light

Equilibrium tells a dire dystopian story with unique visionary style. The film takes place in a world where emotions are outlawed, which includes the ban of art, music, and literature. The talented Christian Bale stars as a police officer who enforces these harsh laws. But when he misses a dose of his emotion-blocking drug, his eyes open to see – and feel – things like never before. What will he do with his new-found reality?

The Prestige

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The Prestige may be one of the most magical movies of all time. The film stars the amazing Christian Bale yet again alongside Hugh Jackman. The two start out as magicians who work shows together until a trick goes terribly awry, driving a huge wedge between them. What was once a partnership leads to a serious rivalry as they go further and further to sabotage each other. But what is the true cost of the most convincing illusion? Be sure not to blink while you watch the trickery unfold.

The Arrival

man standing in desert

The truth is out there, and Charlie Sheen is out to find it in The Arrival. The film stars Charlie in the role of an astronomer who discovers an alien radio signal and gets fired as a result. He soon realizes there are many more hidden forces at work, so he sets to get to the bottom of the dark conspiracy before it’s too late. Do these aliens come in peace?