Fall is finally upon us, and as the leaves change so too does our ever-expanding library of free hit titles. Throw on a sweater, grab a hot drink, and settle in with some fan favorite films.





Neo may be The One and only, but this one movie spawned an entire franchise of superhuman showdowns and floor-length black dusters. The Matrix irreversibly changed the game, and the source code of sci-fi as we know it.



Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy roller coasters and McDonalds franchises. Richie Rich was born with a silver spoon and a heart of gold, and with help from his friends he’s out for a good time the whole family can enjoy.



A Panic Room is designed to keep trouble out, but what do you do when it’s keeping you in? Wit, cunning, and some dangerous decisions are the only way Meg (Jodie Foster) and Sarah (Kristen Stewart) are going to make it out alive.


Changing times


Whether it’s reaching out or reaching inwards, these stories of uncharted territory are bound to cause a stir.



Father Greg “G-Dog” Boyle may seem like a soft-spoken Santa Claus, but he looms large in the eyes of the former gang members he works alongside and the communities he serves. The true stories he’s gathered are bigger still.



How did one 1970s restaurant owner start a cult of personality that doubled as his own private rock band, army, and million-dollar business? The true answers will shock, scandalize, and electrify in The Source Family.



A woman discovering her own philosophy is torn between the conservative culture of home and the beguiling stranger she meets on her walks. Cultures, secrets, and choices collide in La Petite Jerusalem.





No need to choose between adult thrills and kids’ entertainment, we’ve got fun-filled adventures like Zookeeper, Escape from Planet Earth, and Stuart Little 2 that you’ll love to Watch with the Kids.



See what all the critical buzz is about with acclaimed Award Winners like Foxcatcher, Short Circuit, Magnolia, and more.


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Before The Snowman gave a whole new meaning to “cold case,” The Frozen Ground chronicled a real-life cold-blooded killer who nearly gave justice the slip. It will take one dedicated state trooper (played by a very grounded Nicolas Cage) to put him on ice.



“I’ll have what she’s having.” The line that defined New York romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s is just one of the bountiful zingers and quips that give When Harry Met Sally… it’s legendary charm.



Speaking of romantic comedies, Music and Lyrics is a pitch-perfect love story to the tune of two artists finding perfect harmony. Romcom veterans Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore hit all the right notes.




The heroes of these stories must reconcile their newfound liberty with the scars of their imprisonment, with stirring and surprising results.



When a boy with no past is sent to fetch a man with no future, he finds more than he bargained for. Not even the raging Civil War can interrupt The Retrieval.



Two men chained together by circumstance and divided by prejudice must stand together or fall apart as The Defiant Ones.



Wild Bill hasn’t been much of a dad, having spent the last eight years in prison, but his two sons come to realize he’s much better than nothing.





As the leaves start to fall and pumpkins pop up on every corner, it’s time to start the season of scares with Horror Thrillers like The Mothman Prophecies, Panic Room, Open Water, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.



Reminisce on The Emmys past with full seasons of past winners and nominees like Charlie’s Angels, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Grounded for Life, and Unsolved Mysteries.


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Way before millennials were being asked to unplug, one man in a sharp black ensemble was dodging bullets and taking names in an all-out war with the machines that controlled his reality. Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth can only be found by exiting The Matrix.



Move over, Swimfan. This wrestling superfan (and real-life billionaire) is taking dark obsession to the next level, and he’s got the facilities, connections, and funds to make his dreams a reality at any cost. The sports world will never forget the name Foxcatcher.



Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Stuart Little may be well… little but he’s ready for some big adventure with his newfound human family. If he can evade the neighborhood cats and get home to safety, he’ll have a giant-sized story the whole family can enjoy.



Moonshine is thicker than water. Three bootlegging brothers living outside the law are going to need grit, luck, and each other if they’re going to outwit and outgun the hard-nosed new county lawman. It’s not easy being Lawless.




These bittersweet slices of real-life will educate, engage, and charm from the very first frame.



Pelican Dreams may be exactly what it sounds like, but this story of a lost and injured California pelican’s long road home proves there’s more to these big birds than meets the eye.



Best Kept Secret is a film with no bells and whistles, except the ones found in the halls and yard of a Newark, NJ school. The students, who are working-class, non-white, and living with autism, are determined, along with their dedicated teacher, to prepare themselves for the life that waits outside the classroom.



Underneath the hit musical drama Once is the beating heart of a real-life story of love, friendship, and collaboration between the film’s two bandmate leads. Stark and stirring, The Swell Season is an essential companion piece for film and music lovers alike.





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Labor Day weekend is here at last, and whether you’re chilling at the airport, passing time on the open road, or just lounging at home, we’ve got the hit movies and shows to help maximize your mini-vacation.




Everything has an expiration date, but these movies are still certified fresh. Check them out before they’re gone.



You thought you had the roommate from hell? Try an unstable obsessive who isolates you from your loved ones so she can take over your identity. This Single White Female makes a sink full of dishes look pretty good.



A man with nothing to lose (plus an awesome scorpion jacket and a cool synth-pop soundtrack) is a powerful thing. When he finally finds something to care about, the mobsters and murderers are in big trouble. They don’t have his Drive.



Larry, Curly, and Moe have been poking eyes, slapping faces, and spreading laughs for as long as they can remember. But coming out of retirement? That’s going to take some soul-searching, even for The Three Stooges.



A shark whisperer who’s afraid of sharks can’t get much business, but the biggest job of her career is worth facing her fears for. Fame, fortune, and redemption await on the other side of the Dark Tide.




You’ll gasp. You’ll cheer. You’ll stay up past your bedtime finishing these dramatic tales of crime, love, and cannibals.



Remember when French gangs were funneling literal tons of heroin into the US with nothing to stop them? No? That’s because police magistrates like the ones in The Connection shut down the whole operation. Watch a man on a mission lay everything on the line to drive the bad guys out of business.



Self-improvement is a long, hard road, but if it means getting his children back then Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan) is ready to walk. He’ll have to change his ways, his thinking, and his entire country if he wants to see Evelyn again in this charming true story.



A world without meat might sound good to some, but to others it’s a real nightmare. In Delicatessen, a post-apocalyptic butcher shop turns wayward travelers into hearty snacks, and a lovestruck circus clown is the latest on the chopping block.





Need a laugh AND some thrills? Get some jokes on the run with our Criminally Good Comedies like Starsky & Hutch, Showtime, and Sugar & Spice.



Every parent knows their kids’ favorite shows, and we’ve got them free to watch whenever you need a hand. Plop the kids in front of some Top Kids’ TV like Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1, RoboRoach Season 1, Lego Nexo Knights Season 1, and Sonic X Season 1 for some peace and tranquility.


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