There’s a new Samantha in town, and she spells trouble. When the lead in a big-budget Bewitched remake turns out to be a real-life witch, the cast and crew are in for some high-flying movie magic.



Once a one-man war machine, always a one-man war machine. When his former commanding officer is taken captive, John Rambo springs back into action to teach the enemy some respect in Rambo 3.



Big players, big games, and even bigger egos. Helmets and pads aren’t the only thing clashing when a stubborn coach and a headstrong team owner go head-to-head on Any Given Sunday.




Hidden by time, conspiracy, or circumstance, the realities of these twisty films are about to come to the surface.



Two sisters, hot on the trail of a historical mystery, will discover horror, healing, and themselves as they delve into a Past Life.



How much harm can one little cover-up cause? A nuclear engineer and his wife are on the verge of finding out the hard way in Blue Sky.



An aggravated author and a (possibly) murdered model are at the center of Nobody Else But You, surrounded by a maze of deception, darkness, and fun.


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This isn’t your great-grandpappy’s wild west (not by a longshot). This is the Wild Wild West, where steam-powered tanks, giant mechanical spiders, and other futuristic wonders go toe-to-toe with Secret Service agent Will Smith. Saddle up!



When the going gets tough, the tough Get Smart. In a world of super spies, one lifetime desk jockey will need more than brains if he’s going to take down the ultimate evil.


When you gotta go, you gotta go. In Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the two titular besties have a late-night craving for their favorite burgers, and not even cops, cheetahs, and Neil Patrick Harris can keep from their meaty mission.




Time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, specifically the intrepid subjects of these clear-eyed documentaries.



The town of Rich Hill is anything but rich, but three of its most hard-knocked young citizens have an overflowing wealth of experience to share.



Everyone knows war is hell, but the flames don’t always die down at homecoming. Sergeant Nathan Harris has been to Hell and Back Again, and he’s got the battle scars (visible and not) to prove it.



Isolated for decades and subject to political upheaval, the nation of Myanmar has been an unfamiliar subject to much of the outside world. They Call It Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain seeks to remedy that.


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These full-throttle thriller are on the way out; catch them while you still can.



America’s most infamous killer may never have been caught, but his legacy was captured in Zodiac, a taught and puzzling chronicle of a murderer hidden from sight but desperate to be seen.



In a world of Sharknados, living dolls, and other imaginative terrors, sometimes the scariest creature of all is just a big ol’ crocodile. Lake Placid is anything but.



Under bizarre circumstances that not even he understands, one man’s thirst for vengeance is the only thing driving him forward. Watch and wonder as a young man becomes an Oldboy.



Family traditions are hard to shake, even the deadly ones. Texas Chainsaw picks up where the gory original left off, with more than a few skeletons in the Sawyer family closet.




Woe befalls the intrepid character in these tales of struggle, strife, and striving.



Imagine a world where you can buy, sell, and steal luck like any other commodity. Now stop imagining and watch Intacto.



Having your assistant pose as your wife to impress your visiting brother may seem like an obviously bad idea, but that never stopped the protagonist of Whisky before.



Real witches, real alchemists, and real conspiracies all factor in the devilish New York nightmare that is Inferno, a tale of terror that must be seen to be believed.


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When setting traps and concealing identities is your job, knowing who to trust can get more than a little complicated. A simple extraction goes every which way but right in the CIA thriller Body of Lies.



Sell out or cash out? A jaded country star takes the third option, going for a quick walk that turns into a prolonged absence. What he finds along the way is Pure Country.



Convincing yourself that you’ve turned over a new leaf is hard enough; getting your old crew to let you walk away may require some extreme measures. No one said escaping A History of Violence would be easy.




Whether about peace, love, or philosophy, the subjects of these documentaries all have something to tell us.



More than 13 million American children are bullied each year, and 5 of them are finally having their stories told. Shunned, assaulted, institutionalized, and deceased, the kids profiled in Bully are the faces of an epidemic



Before the legalization of interracial marriage, Mildred and Richard Loving took their relationship from the jailhouse to the courthouse to the highest authority in the land for the chance to be together. The Loving Story is their story.



There’s no other city like New York City, and there’s no NYC tour guide quite like Timothy “Speed” Levitch. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of his hometown and countless existential musings, Speed makes sure The Cruise is an unforgettable ride.


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She’s a mixed up, mic’d up, mess of an aunt, and the last thing she wants or needs is three kids showing up at her front door (with Madea no less). With a house full of strangers and nowhere to hide, April (Taraji P.Henson) will either change for the better or stick to her philosophy: I Can Do Bad All by Myself.



Which is more valuable: a chance to start over again, or revenge against the person that wronged you? A wife falsely convicted of murdering her husband is opting for the second choice, even if it means Double Jeopardy.



He’s got it all: money, power, respect, a loving family, and an unquenchable bloodlust that drives him to kill. One of these things is not like the others, and it’s taking the wheel for a wild ride Mr. Brooks will never forget.




These characters may seem to be living normal lives, but trouble is brewing beneath the surface.



Saving the earth, the whales, and the ozone layer can’t be bad right? What about if you blow up a damn to do it? What if something goes wrong? There will be a lot of questions when these Night Moves are done.



Three different women, three different relationships, none of them good. As they each struggle to break free from the things that hold them back, they’ll find that reaching their Personal Velocity is all about the journey.



Forming your identity at school can be a trying thing, especially when everyone starts developing mysterious fainting spells. Nothing is as it seems and everything is about to be turned upside down in The Falling.


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