Being a parent is hard enough by itself, but completely switching duties with your spouse is a whole nother ball pit.

Watch these two fun but frenzied adults tackle playdates, promotions, and everything in-between in the full free first season of Vudu’s original series Mr. Mom.

They may not be the toughest, smartest, or most conventional highway patrol officers, but these two won’t stop until they crack the case.

Suit up, gear up, and ride out for the ultimate crash-course in crime-solving with CHiPs.

Sometimes family can drive you up the wall, but when you fall down they’ll help you back up… in their own unique way.

Go for a wild ride filled with drama, laughs, and family values in the hilarious hit Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

She’s got one shot to make a name for herself in the knock-down, drag-out world of boxing, and she’s swinging for the fences.

Place your bets and grab a ringside seat for the spirited sports classic Million Dollar Baby.

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The world can be a cold place for a walking talking polar bear, but this friendly furball always keeps his cool.

Watch Norm of the North fight to defend his home in the hit animated crowd-pleaser full of frozen family fun.

One stunt can change a man’s life forever, if he’s only bold enough to take flight.

He may not be the toughest, most skilled, or most popular stuntman around, but Hot Rod has enough heart and hilarity to stick the landing.

No money, no land, and a few good friends who are no better off. What’s an aspiring champion to do?

See if skill, determination, and charm can take one lowly commoner to the heights of legend in A Knight’s Tale.

They’ve been wronged one too many times, and now it’s time for a little payback.

The women of The First Wives Club are done playing nice, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to have a good time.

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Finally, the love story that transformed a genre and transfixed a generation is here to binge to your bloodthirsty content.

Enjoy a macabre marathon of all 5 movies in the Twilight saga, available for free now on Vudu.

Some adventures are so earth-shaking they have to be witnessed to be believed.

Set a course for mysterious monsters and uncharted action with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

When absolutely everything goes wrong, sometimes it takes a whole lot of family to set it right again.

Enjoy the madcap mishaps, riveting romance, and maximum Madea-ness of Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

It’s never too late for a fresh start, even if you weren’t exactly looking for one.

Ride along with an angst-filled old-timer as he gets to know (and maybe even like) his neighbors in the gritty drama Gran Turino.

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Tis the season for tricks, treats, and Halloween movies, and our new Family Play feature makes having the perfect spooky family movie night easier than ever.

With Family Play you can skip and mute violence, strong language, sex/nudity, and substance abuse, selecting which content to skip based on you and your family’s preferences.

Family Play is available on over 500 PG and PG-13 rated movies so far (including movies from our free collection) that you can find in our Family Play collection here. Get the full scoop on Family Play here, and check out some of the spookiest and scariest Family Play eligible hits below.


If you’re looking for a proper scare fit for teens and adults, check out the critically-acclaimed modern classic A Quiet Place for intense suspense and shocking scares.

Watch it with Family Play for all the creepy atmosphere minus content you choose not to see, such as the somewhat substantial violence.


If you’re looking to revisit a time-honored throwback, you can’t do better than the comedy-horror cult classic Gremlins.

Those little monsters get up to all sorts of mischief after midnight, but with Family Play they won’t be doing any drinking or swearing unless it’s ok with you.


Want something festive and fall-themed without any scares? Coco is a wild and warm Day of the Dead celebration suitable for the whole family.

You can make this fun-filled film even more suitable for your family’s movie night by watching with Family Play and selecting content you may want to skip (such as depictions of alcohol or violence).


The Little Vampire is a charming family adventure featuring friendship, mild scares, and vampire cows, and it’s free to watch on Vudu right now!

You can save some money with this free Halloween tale and use Family Play to watch it without content you choose not to view like language or violence.

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After a dangerous tour of duty and a long trek back home, this combat specialist was ready for some rest. But someone kidnapped her son, so downtime is going to have to wait.

Grab your gear and head into the frigid wild on a quest for justice with Daughter of the Wolf.

They came, they’ve seen, and now these agitated extraterrestrial invaders are ready to conquer.

Join the fight for survival with this weird and witty team of alien exterminators, before Evolution leaves us all behind.

Enlist in the battle for humanity’s future with the bravest class of cadets this side of the Milky Way.

These Starship Troopers never say die, even in the face of all-out decimation by the alien arachnids.

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Make sure to check out the first seven original Gamera movies, featuring the cult classic Japanese monster taking on all manner of terrifying titanic foes.