Ralph and Vanellope are back in an all-new, extremely online adventure, and they’re leaving an epic upload of prizes on their digital trail.

In search of what lies beyond their humble arcade, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are logging on and letting loose in the wide open space of the world wide web, and you can pre-order Ralph Breaks the Internet now to get the cyberspace sequel in up to 4K+UHD this Tuesday 2/12.

In celebration of this momentous misadventure, we’ve compiled a click-worthy compendium of Ralph Breaks the Internet collectibles for Vudu fans of all ages.

Like the movie itself, this giveaway will take us all over the net, stopping off at various waypoints on Ralph and Vanellope’s cross-platform quest.

Our first stop is right here on the Vudu blog with Litwak’s Family Fun Center and Arcade, and what better way to commemorate Ralph’s home sweet home than with Funko! Pop figures of the big man himself, signed by the cast of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

To earn one of these top-notch trophies, we want you to let us know your all-time favorite video game (no bonus points for saying Wreck-It Ralph). Enter your response here and you could be one of four lucky winners to take home a Pop.

There’s more leveled-up loot where that came from. If you want the best chance at snagging some yourself, follow @Vudufans on all of our social media and check the following accounts on the corresponding days as we keep the pixelated party going:

Sunday 2/10: Twitter

Monday 2/11: Instagram

Pre-order Ralph Breaks the Internet today to stream some family fun on all your devices, and stay tuned for more schweet prizes!

Full rules here.



Part man, part alien symbiote, all-around anti-hero. Venom is the antidote to the common superhero movie, and he’s ready to ooze his way onto your wall.

To score one of the sweet, sold-out Venom Mondo posters pictured above, all you need to do is rate Venom on the movie page to let us know how much you enjoyed the freaky, fun-filled thrill ride. If you haven’t seen Venom in all its symbiotic glory, you can get it in 4K+UHD for just $14.99 this week on Vudu.

Once you’ve left a rating, you’ll be automatically entered to win 1 of 2 limited edition posters brought to slobbering, nightmare-fueling life by illustrator Matt Ryan Tobin. The contest runs from today through 2/11, so act now to secure your chance at some collectible carnage.

Full rules and details here.



Fantasy fans rejoice: the digital release of epic adventure Willow finally arrives on 1/29.

Relive the swords, sorcery, and suspense of George Lucas and Ron Howard‘s sprawling cinematic quest in updated visual quality befitting the battle for Tir Asleen.

We want to reward the most dedicated Willow superfans with a hero’s share of official Willow prizes (plus a little something from us at Vudu).

To be automatically entered to win one of these premium prize packs featuring a randomly selected Willow action figure, a Willow photo autographed by Madmartigan himself Val Kilmer, and a $20 Vudu credit, just preorder your digital copy of Willow before the 1/29 release here.

Want more of Willow star Warwick Davis? You can watch the first episode of Season 3 of An Idiot Abroad from 1/29-2/4, featuring the actor on an intrepid trek retracing the path of Marco Polo.

Life’s Too Short, Davis’s semi-biographical mockumentary series, will also be available for a special sale price from 1/29-2/4.

There’s more dungeons, dragons, and deeds of derring do where that came from. Check out our Kids Fantasy Sale, also from 1/29-2/4, for discounts on all your favorite family-friendly fantasy adventures.

Full rules and details here.



Christmas has come and gone, and for hardcore horror fans that means the countdown to the spookiest season is already back. To celebrate the digital release of the all-new Halloween, the chilling full-circle conclusion to the 1978 original, we want to reward some hardcore Halloween-heads with Michael Myers replica masks.

Michael Myers may still be on the hunt for his ultimate Halloween trophy, but this is your chance to claim yours in the form of his haunting headpiece (a unique injured version based on the climax of the new film). To claim the prize, we want to know who your ride-or-die (literally) monster-hunting partner is.

Just like Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer in the new film, everyone needs a partner in crime who’s willing to fight until the bitter end. Head to our FaceBook post here and tag your best horror cohort in the comments for a chance to win 1 of 2 pairs of terrifyingly life-like masks, and don’t forget to tag #HalloweenUnmasked.

Enter to win if you dare, and watch the all-new Halloween (and the original film, now on Vudu) for some twisty, terrifying fun in up to 4K UHD.





The Predator Prop Giveaway has drawn to a close, with 5 worthy champions rising up to claim certified props from the set of The Predator. Without further ado, here are the lucky winners for each prize:


– Quinn McKenna’s Tactical Backpack: Justin H.

– Will Traeger’s Tactical Backpack: Shedrick C.

– Quinn McKenna’s G-Shock Watch: Lawrence S.

– Baxley’s Watch: Richard F.

– Agent Church’s Watch: David H.



Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated and experienced the pulse-pounding mayhem of The Predator! If you want to see some action that wasn’t in the movie (featuring McKenna’s watch from the giveaway), check out this deleted scene depicting a not-so-friendly meeting between two of the predator-fighting heroes.