Bring the Magic Back to School at Hogwarts

Class is back in session – except this class involves magic. Today we’re looking back at some of our favorite moments from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone to celebrate our Back to Hogwarts sale. This film got many of us to fall in love with the magical world of Hogwarts and set the groundwork for one of the most imaginative and beloved franchises of all time. So here are our favorite magical moments from the film that started it all.

Harry Gets His Hogwarts Letter

This is one of the first moments in which we see Harry Potter experience true magic. After years of suffering at the Dursleys, Harry finally gets a piece of good news – with a little bit of payback too. Although his uncle tries taking away all the letters addressed to Harry, magic finds a way. And a flock of owls come to the house to make sure Harry (and the Dursleys) get the message loud and clear. Things are finally turning around, and a shower of letters inviting Harry to attend the most magical school of all is a wonderful way to show it.

A Train Ride Like No Other

If getting his Hogwarts letter is life-changing, the train ride to Hogwarts takes Harry to the next level. The train is where Harry first meets Ron and Hermoine – and their friendship from there on is history. Bonding over tons of magical candy sure doesn’t hurt either.

And who could forget those mischievous chocolate frogs too?

Welcome To Your House

Are you a brave Gryffindor, a loyal Hufflepuff, wise Ravenclaw, or shrewd Slytherin? The magical sorting hat gets to decide. And this is one of the most exciting scenes of the film, where Harry, Hermoine and Ron’s friendship becomes solidified as they’re all sat at the Gryffindor table, and the rivalry between them and Malfoy’s crew intensifies. All of these factions become the groundwork for the countless adventures to come.

Magic Gets Competitive

Once you’ve spent enough time at Hogwarts, you realize that being a wizard doesn’t come easy. Nothing shows that better than this super quotable scene in which super-studious Hermoine tries to teach Ron how to do a levitation spell. And his inability to grasp it shows us just how hard doing magic really is – with a healthy dose of humor and friendly rivalry too.

girl making feather float with magic with boy looking on

The First Quidditch Game

It’s not just magic that’s competitive though. Like any proper school experience, sports are a big part of the excitement. And there’s nothing more exhilarating than a game of Quidditch. So when Harry catches the snitch during his first game and scores the win for Gryffindor, it’s more than just a win. It’s the moment that helps him start to gain the confidence to become one of the most powerful wizards who have ever lived.

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The Top X-Men Movies You Need to See

4K, HD

Marvel has been all the buzz this summer. And with the latest release of the highly anticipated New Mutants movie (you can check out the trailer here), we’re looking back at the best X men films that have lead up to the final installment of the series.


two people standing in front of car

Logan is one of the highest rated X Men films, and with good reason. Hugh Jackman’s performance as Logan is unmatched and James Mangold’s directing helps tell an unique superhero story that stands out among the rest. The film centers on Logan as he cares for Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But when a young mutant arrives, everything changes for Logan and he’s forced to come out of hiding to get her to safety – no matter the cost.

X:Men Days of Future Past

group of people in black standing

Go on a fast-paced ride in X:Men Days of Future Past. The movie centers on the characters from the original X-Men trilogy as they join forces with their younger selves to save the future for both humans and mutants. Critics rave about the film’s ability to combine casts of two eras to make a fantastic, action-packed installment in the series that’s a blast for everyone.

The Wolverine

man with claws escaping

Go on an exciting adventure to Japan in The Wolverine. In this flick, Logan sets out to meet an old friend, but ends up getting involved in a twisting yakuza and mutant conspiracy he never expected. Watch as he faces his ultimate enemy in an epic battle like none other.


three people standing together

Is he a hero, an anti-hero, or somewhere in between? It’s up to you to decide. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are the perfect superhero films for both superhero lovers and non-superhero movie fans. Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of Wade as Deadpool with full force and even more foul-mouthed humor. Both films offer serious action with plenty of laugh-out-loud jokes, making them unique standouts among the films in our list.

Whoa Dude! Bill and Ted are back in Bill & Ted Face The Music!

bill and ted face muisc poster

Whoa! Get ready for a rockin’ weekend because Bill & Ted face the Music is finally here on Vudu!

two men in tuxedos on stage outside

This fun comedy flick centers on Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter starring in the roles of burnout besties, Bill and Ted. Except it’s been a couple of years since their last adventures in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – and now they’re not just dudes but dads too. The story of this long-awaited film centers on a song that can save the world as we know it – and Bill and Ted are the only ones who hold the key. Go along on their epic journey and see how they can help unite us all in this light hearted nostalgic comedy this weekend.

two men standing in garage across two kids

Rent or own Bill & Ted face the Music on Vudu today!