From The Wizard of Oz to A Star is Born, one woman rose to such international prominence and adoration that she redefined what it truly meant to be a star. But this is not that story. This is the story after that story.

Judy is a rousing and rigorous retelling of the later years of one of the all-time greatest stars of stage and screen: Judy Garland. Her highs, lows, struggles, and successes are all daringly displayed alongside powerhouse performances that will make you stand up and cheer. Witness the life and times of a true master performer in up to 4K UHD today.


The worst nightmares always come back to haunt you, and theirs is no figment of the imagination.

Return to Derry with the all grown-up losers club for on more, winner-takes all round against the ultimate evil in It: Chapter Two.

Anything can happen in tinsel town, including career comebacks, mysterious deaths, and strange cults moving into town.

Ride along with some of old Hollywood’s fading stars for a tale of twists, turns, and unforgettable intrigue in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.

They’re gonna make it one way or another, even if things get a little out of control along the way.

These Hustlers are going to grit and grind their way to the top, and they’ve got each others backs every step of the way.




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Adventuring into the unknown can be scary, but there’s nothing you can’t do with the help of some good friends. Abominable is the breathtaking tale of a stifled teen and her friends on an epic mission to reunite a young yeti with his family, with beautiful scenery, lots of laughs, and heartfelt lessons to be found along the way.

You can purchase Abominable in up to 4K UHD right now to share with your family, and you can use the Abominable Movie Night party planning kit filled with activities, recipes, and more to make your movie night even more special! Click the image above to print the kit.

Share the exclusive behind-the-scenes clip above with your family to hear about how actor Chloe Bennet connected with her character Yi based on their shared cultural heritage.

With a Yeti-sized helping of fun, strong messages about bravery and friendship, and positive representation in both characters and setting, Abominable is sure to make you family movie night an adventure to remember.