New For Tuesday Sept 21: Antebellum, Alone, Archer Season 11 and More


woman walking away from burning building

Past, present, and future come together in Antebellum. Janelle Monae stars in the role of Veronica, a successful author who finds herself in a horrifying reality she never thought she’d enter. Watch the disturbing thriller today with Theater at Home.


woman standing in front of river

Prepare for raw and gritty survival in Alone. This thriller follows a widow who takes a trip alone outside of her city and finds herself being followed by a strange man. What follows is a heart pounding cat and mouse chase like none other as she battles to save herself in the harsh wilderness.

Archer Season 11

guy lounging with man and woman talking

Your favorite zany spies are back in Archer Season 11! See all of the crazy shenanigans they get up to in the latest season.

fall sci fi tv sale vudu

Get your Sci-Fi favorites for a steal! Find the truth out there in The X-Files, go on epic adventures across space and time in Doctor Who, or travel across the galaxy in Firefly. Check out even more awesome titles in our Fall TV Sale.

Free Movies for Friday Sept 18

The Last Shift

scared woman standing in front of sign

Prepare for the worst first day at work ever in The Last Shift. This disturbing horror flick centers on a rookie police officer whose first task is closing the police station by herself at night. It isn’t long before things go from odd to terrifying as she realizes the building is haunted by the epitome of evil. Watch it this weekend, if you dare.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

three people sitting in red car

Date night gets dark in Wristcutters: A Love Story. This unique flick follows characters who’ve taken their lives in a strange version of the afterlife where they have to make amends – but at least they have a little laugh about it on the journey.


man pouring tea with two other standing on the side

Get ready for a long-term stay in Bronson. Tom Hardy stars as the charismatic Michael Peterson, a guy who robbed a post office to make a name for himself – and ended up spending thirty years in solitary confinement as a result. During his stay he finds some unique ways to cope, especially with his alter-ego, Charles Bronson. Watch this stylistic biographical drama today.

Blue Steel

woman pointing gun

Amp up the action in Blue Steel. The talented Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this crime flick in the role of a police officer who shoots an armed robber – but when his pistol isn’t found afterwards, she’s suspended. This forces her to go down the rabbit hole to find out what really happened that fateful day and how it’s all connected in this action-packed thriller.

New for Tuesday Sept 15: Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite, The Owners, American Woman and More

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite

cat and dog sitting at table

Ready for a paw-some movie night? Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite is finally here! See what happens to the longstanding peace treaty between the canines and feline when an evil parrot gets in the middle. Can’t get enough furball fun? Make it a family movie night with the Cats & Dogs franchise.

The Owners

girl looking back at dark figures

Bring the thrills in The Owners. This horror flick stars Maisie Williams in a story about a home invasion. What starts off as an easy-as-pie score quickly goes downhill when the owners get home early, and the criminals realize they messed with the wrong house as they spiral into a nightmare.

American Woman

two women standing on road next to car

Travel back in time in American Woman. This film is inspired by the true events of Patty Hearst’s kidnapping in the 70’s, and follows the political activist assigned to take care of her through it all.

Foodies Sale

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Turn the heat up with our Foodies Sale! Get inspired with culinary adventures in Chef, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Sausage Party. Or check out some delicious TV shows like Top Chef and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.