Cover your scent, stay with the group, and if anything chases you, run! Jurassic World may be shut down, but the leftover dinosaurs aren’t going extinct (again) without a fight in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Part monster movie, part rescue caper, and all heart-stopping adventure, this ride is now open to all ages in up to 4K UHD.



Need more reptile action? How about some dino-sized crocodiles running rampant in an abandoned government black site? They’re mean, they’re green, and in a franchise of marine monsters they’re the deadliest batch yet. These aren’t your grandma’s crocs; this is Lake Placid: Legacy.



It’s not that weird to have a new boyfriend your family doesn’t exactly approve of. However, when the family are dangerously controlling and the boyfriend is a suspect in several unsolved murders, awkward holiday dinners are the least of your worries. Moll must choose sides wisely or find herself face-to-face with the true nature of the Beast.



Blackmail is the name of the game. When a movie star’s private detective pins a scandalous threat on the wrong man, it starts a domino effect that implicates and upends everyone involved. Bullets and accusations fly in The Big Take, a comedy of errors, identities, and extortion.





If horror movies were spicy foods, Hereditary would be a big ol’ ghost pepper. Grab a friend, a flashlight, and a security blanket to watch the haunting family drama that made audiences cry, critics jump, and horror fans scream with joy.



Once upon a time a man in a cardigan sweater came along and, with the helps of some friendly puppets and a model trolley, taught kids of all ages lessons about caring, community, and compassion. That man was Mister Fred Rogers, and Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is the story of how he took over and changed television, one new neighbor at a time.





Accountability means that when something goes wrong on your watch, you make it right. For one dedicated bank manager, that means hunting down the master thief who stole from his bank and murdered one of the employees. For his ex-cop neighbor (Bruce Willis), it means lending a hand, even if it’s not a clean one, in Reprisal.







At this point in the Jurassic Park franchise, it’s safe to say that filling a theme park with genetically engineered dinosaurs may not be in the public’s best interest. But at the same time, it’s hard to argue with watching dinosaurs fill the screen – especially when you see the looks of wonder and amazement on kids’ faces.


And because everyone loves dinos, we want to make sure your up on yours before you and your family watch add them to your collection. Because we all know the – “which dinosaur is that one?” question is as sure to pop up as sure as movie candy sticks to your teeth. So after you pre-order Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (in up to 4K + HDR) to prepare to share the fossilized fun with your family, be sure to gather the hatchlings and check out the Mesozoic monsters and awesome facts about the dinosaurs featured in the new movie.


Don’t forget, order before release and you’ll even receive a $3 movie credit to use after release day for even more movie & TV magic.





In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Isla Nublar is home to gentle giants and powerful predators of every shape and size, and since the events of Jurassic World they are now free to roam as they please. The Brachiosaurus, an herbivore seen slowly sauntering through the plains, is famous for its long snake-like neck and is believed to have weighed between 30 and 45 metric tons when full grown. That’s a lot of salad.



The Ankylosaurus, despite it’s fearsome looking armor and clubbed tail, is also a leaf-eater that used these powerful adaptations to defend itself and its family from less vegan-friendly foes. It needs these protections because it is fairly slow, but can be seen hustling along to escape from danger in the new film.



Gallimimus, seen stampeding in multiple Jurassic Park films, is quite the opposite: what it lacks in external protection it make up for with its unbelievable running speed of up to 60 mph. This omnivore can make a snack out of you before you can say its unusual name, and predators that pursue it are in for some extremely fast food.



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, who could forget the Mosasaurus? The enormous sea lizard makes a triumphant return from the first Jurassic World, and with an omnivorous diet that includes anything it can get its expanding jaw on, it’s the last thing you want to see on a day at the beach (as seen in the trailer).



The jet-black, nightmare fueling Indoraptor that stars in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom….. doesn’t exist! And thank goodness for that. With night-vision eyes, hyper-intelligence, and razor sharp claws, it’s one piece of movie magic that we shouldn’t bring to life anytime soon.



Didn’t see your favorite? Well this is only the tip of the Pteranodon when it comes to the weird and wild creatures that populate Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Pre-order now to see them all and dino-size your family’s movie night.







What could have more bite than Shark Week, induce more heart palpitations than Lobster Fest, and grab the attention of more kids than the Puppy Bowl? Dinosaurs of course! And it’s time we started counting down to next week’s release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in up to 4K UHD on Vudu. Luckily, you don’t need to wait for the next extinction-level event to get the movie. You can pre-order it now and get a $3 movie credit to spend as you please after release day. Once you’re finished enjoying all the spine-tingling, human-munching thrills of course.


Bro, do you even science?



In the newest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, the “fallen kingdom” isn’t just the once beautiful Isla Nublar. As lava ravages the cloned-dinosaurs’ island home, the kingdom of humanity must reckon with the consequences of creating the genetically-engineered beasts. As one returning character warns (in a scene-stealing cameo), it may already be too late to close the Pandora’s Box of Velociraptors, Mosasauruses, and hybrid horrors leftover from Jurassic World.



Jurassic Park isn’t the first franchise to deal with experiments gone apocalyptically wrong. Just as John Hammond’s scientists ignored the warning signs in their pursuit of a new race of revived dinosaurs, the negligence of biotech firm Gen-Sys ignites a full-scale interspecies war in the Planet of the Apes series. The pros and cons of ape world vs. dinosaur world (take your stinking claws off me you damn dirty dinos!) are up for debate, but the message is clear: meddling in the gene pool can have unintended results.



But why should monkeys and lizards have all the fun? In the Resident Evil films, it’s humans that are subjected to the unregulated experiments of a shady genetic research corporation, and the resultant zombie army causes enough trouble for six films worth of gory genetically modified chaos.



And why have hundreds of medium-sized mistakes when you can have a handful of very, very big ones? The Godzilla franchise is home to countless skyscraper-sized monsters (or Kaiju) including moths, aliens, and-of course-dinosaurs. Not all are the direct result of human tampering (unless you count disturbing their centuries-long nap in the middle of the ocean), but when they’re not created by our nuclear warfare, genetic experimentation, or corporate greed they tend to be bailing us out from those same problems. The humanity-Kaiju relationship status is “It’s Complicated.”



And just because a scientific disaster isn’t Indominus Rex-sized doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Just ask the Szalinski family, who are consistently being shrunk, blown up, and otherwise inconvenience by dad Wayne’s ill-advised inventions in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movies. It’s all family fun until somebody ends up in the vacuum cleaner.





So, what have we learned? Probably nothing. But for now, just leave the super-science to the “professionals,” and pre-order Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to get your $3 movie credit before the offer (or the world) ends.








You’d better use the bathroom now, because you won’t want to look away from this week’s new releases. With murderous party games and winner-take-all drug wars on the agenda, anything goes and the stakes have never been higher.



When you’re the one that got away, how do you keep yourself from being pulled back in? When writer Sadie is visited by the ex who inspires her most dangerous work, his invitation to an unusual party is too alluring to resist. Will she escape to tell the tale, or fall victim to Compulsion?



Superfly may be a remake of the 70s Blaxploitation classic, but with the modern Atlanta backdrop, Future-curated soundtrack, and a cast of up-and-coming stars this remix is all 2018. Drug dealer Youngblood Priest wants out of the game for good, but getting there is going to be the fight of a lifetime.




With 30 days to start watching and 24-72 hours to finish once you’ve started, you can enjoy these fast-paced flicks at your own speed.




Everyone thinks they could pull of a heist, but in 2003 four twenty-somethings put their money where their mouths were. Cutting between documentary interviews and faithful reenactments, American Animals tells the fascinating story of what happens when regular people go all-in on a bad idea.



Tricks aren’t just for kids anymore. Five grown friends locked in a lifelong game of Tag will go through embarrassment, disgrace, great personal cost, and furniture to claim the title of champion, and they just may learn the value of friendship along the way.



Why ask Siri or Alexa to do your dirty work when you can do it yourself? With a powerful onboard AI implanted directly in his body, a man with nothing to lose and everything to avenge is going to do just that. Sometimes all you need is a little Upgrade.





I Am Vengeance is a moving portrait of love and longing between two lost souls bonded in their shared love of cats and ice cream. Just kidding. An ex-disappeared ex-soldier rains blood and hellfire on the people who killed his best friend, and has a bloody good time doing it.




High Crime Is In Fashion



The Ocean’s franchise strikes again, this time with a new criminal mastermind (Sandra Bullock) assembling an all-woman murderer’s row of felons, fences, cons, and counterfeiters for the attempted robbery of fashion’s biggest night: The Met Gala.


With Ocean’s 8 now available on Vudu, in up to 4K UHD (high definition haute couture), we’re wondering just how possible this high-fashion heist really is. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work researching what it might take for the average movie-buff to pull off such a caper (You know, for science. Please don’t try this at home).





Ocean’s 8 was filmed at the real-life Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute (there were even some actual high stakes happenings that occurred on the film’s set). The Met is home to the annual themed Gala that raises funds for the museum and is the social event of the year for the filthy rich, famous, and fabulous.


Unsurprisingly, even getting into the party is no small feat. The Ocean’s 8 team may be able to infiltrate the soirée with a little string-pulling and cyber-subterfuge, but in reality, the 500-800 annual invites are generally reserved for fashion tastemakers, Hollywood royalty, the museum’s largest private donors, and a who’s who of the trending-est names in pop culture. In other words, no fashionista shirt or shoes, no service.



That’s not to mention the $30,000+ price tag for a single ticket, but if money’s no object there could be an empty seat with your name on it. Ultra-wealthy fans of the event have been known to waitlist tickets in the event of a celebrity dropout (say, a last-minute shooting conflict or pregnancy). With deep pockets and a little bit of luck, you could be sashaying past confused red carpet photographers and onwards towards your big score.


If you’re stealing on a budget though, an alternate route may be through the kitchen doors. The waitstaff for the event are meticulously selected and trained by Vogue editor-in-chief and Met Gala organizer Anna Wintour’s private chef, but the only requirements are catering experience and (according to one anonymous server from this year’s event) model good looks. so, if you or a friend have the place-setting and eye-catching qualities to make the cut, this could be your in.




Of course, getting in is only the tip of the iceberg-sized diamond. The larcenous ladies of Ocean’s 8 have to get past magnetic locks, a round-the-clock security detail, and state-of-the-art surveillance to try and lift the $150 million Cartier Toussaint necklace from an A-list actress (Anne Hathaway).


If your target is a sparkly specimen as well, you’re in for the same types of challenges. In addition to each celeb’s personal security entourage, the jewelry brands that loan out such expensive bling provide their own highly-trained jewelry guards to boot. If that’s not bad enough, brands like Tecori utilize Radio Frequency ID tags to track the jewels’ location in the unlikely scenario that they’re not where they’re supposed to be.


You might think that at this point the museum’s art itself might make for an easier target, and you might be right—kind of. Famed street art provocateur Banksy notoriously smuggled one of his pieces into England’s Tate Britain Museum, where it hung amongst the official artwork for hours before falling down of its own accord. As if to double-down on the point, another artist reenacted the same stunt with their own painting at an exhibit of Banksy’s own work, so the idea of secretly adding or subtracting from the exhibits may not seem so far-fetched.



Times are a-changing, however. In response to rampant pilfering (French art thief Stéphane Breitwieser stole over 200 pieces of art from over 172 museums between 1995 and 2001, simply by picking them up or prying them off the wall), museum security professionals have upped their game. Individual pieces may be outfitted with the same RFID tags used to locate the previously mentioned jewels, and motion sensors are sometimes attached to the frames of valuable paintings.


In regards to the Met, metal detectors and bag/package searches are now in full effect. While these methods are by no means foolproof (a police detective has reported surprisingly lax security checks on multiple visits), you may find yourself agreeing with the pros of Ocean’s 8 that the designated exits don’t make for the best escape plan.





Slipping away from couture’s hottest night is—as you’ve probably guessed by now—easier said than done. Even a momentary regrouping or stealthy switcheroo in the restroom may prove difficult, as the event organizers are cracking down on bathroom loitering in response to excess selfies and unauthorized smoking.


There’s also the exhibit’s normal security staff to contend with. These are no mere rent-a-cops; a current LinkedIn job post for Met security calls for both a Bachelor’s degree and previous security experience.


However, the veteran guards may, in fact, represent one of the few possibilities for a clean getaway, at least according to designer Zac Posen. When Posen needed space to help Christina Ricci change outfits in 2011, Met guards that he knew personally from having interned at the museum allowed him to use a back room and even escorted the original ensemble out the back entrance. Seems like the perfect avenue for some stolen goods…if you’ve got those kinds of connections.





If you’re starting to feel like infiltrating and robbing the scenesters and socialites of a famed public institution is more trouble than it’s worth, you’re not alone. Even the badass burglars of Ocean’s 8 find themselves sweating, squabbling, and improvising in their pursuit of the biggest haul of their criminal careers. With a little luck, a few double-crosses, and one or two happy accidents they just might pull it off, and the rest of us are better off enjoying the movie.