Tessa Thompson is joining the Vudu Viewing Party

Make room on the couch, we’ve got a party crasher



It’s not exactly the apocalypse, but you can still ride along with the Valkyrie. That’s right, the amazing and talented Tessa Thompson will be joining us via Twitter (we WISH it was in person) and getting in on all the fun by answering some of your questions.


You can even start sending in your questions now by tweeting us using #VuduViewingParty.



So if you thought that the Viewing Party couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. But in a good way. So tell your friends that a guest is coming and that they should be sure to RSVP and join us tonight at 6:00 pm (PT).


Get ready, get excited, and get the movie! And don’t forget, if your setup is UHD ready, be sure to watch Thor: Ragnarok today in up to 4K + HDR.



Are you ready to (Ragna)rok?

Join us for the Thor: Ragnarok Viewing Party this Friday

We’re having the viewing party of the year and you’re invited


Never mind that it’s the first viewing party of the year, just know it’s a big one. Like Chris Hemsworth’s biceps big. Like Hulk big. We’re partying to Thor: Ragnarok and we want you and all your friends to join. Mark your calendars, it’s going down this Friday, February 23 at 6:00pm (PT).


Ain’t no party like a Vudu party


If you haven’t joined us for a #VuduViewingParty, you don’t know what you’re missing. Imagine if you could fit all of your friends, and your friends’ friends, in your living room so you can all geek out to a great movie – and win awesome prizes for proving your Odin-like trivia knowledge. Yeah, that’s what it’s like. Welcome to the Vudu Viewing Party.


Come for the movie, stay for the prizes


Joining the Vudu Viewing Party is easy. (You don’t even need to travel anywhere by wormhole.)


First, you’ll need to get Thor: Ragnarok. If you’ve pre-ordered it, great. If not, what are you waiting for? It’s only, like, an amazing movie. And when you get it on Vudu, you can watch it in up to 4K + HDR (Dolby Vision & HDR10) with Dolby Atmos sound. That’s right, Thor, Loki, Hulk, Hela – all in the incredible detail and color of 4K + HDR. (FInd out if your equipment is ready.)


Then you’ll need to RSVP for the party and follow us on “the Twitters” @vudufans. The next step is the hardest part – waiting until Friday at 6:00pm (PT).


That’s the time we’ll all start watching the movie (synchronize Swatches!). Then just watch and enjoy! We’ll be chatting it up on Twitter all the while with fun facts, trivia, and prizes!


Contest of Champions


In addition to interacting with other Vudu and Thor fans, the other great part of the Vudu Viewing Party is the prizes. And prizes there are plenty. We’ve got a Quinjet full of prizes so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win something, and you won’t need to square off against Hulk or Skurge to do so.


What are the prizes? Oh, just little things like collectibles, Ragnarok LEGO Sets, life-size movie standees, autographed art books, a vintage Stan Lee signed comic, a Roku, a PlayStation bundle with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, a 4K TV, and MORE. No big deal.


So get the movie, join the viewing party, and rock out with your Mjolnir out this Friday at 6:00pm (PT).


Breathe extra life into family night with Coco

Watch now on Vudu in up to 4K +HDR


Coco is a beautifully mesmerizing animated tale that follows a young boy as he discovers the stories of his ancestor’s and their traditions during his journey to becoming a great musician. It’s a story about music, adventure, and of course, family – making it the perfect choice to breathe life into family movie night.


It’s smart, vibrant, intelligent, and wonderfully warm. It’ll make you cry, it’ll make you laugh, and it’ll even make you do both at the same time. So be sure to add it to your collection and watch tonight!


But what kind of help would we be if we didn’t offer you some great ideas and fun activities to help you make your family movie night as fun and colorful as the movie itself!



First, you’ll want to get Coco on Vudu. (Can’t have a movie night without the movie!) It’s available in up to 4K with support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision so you know you’ll be watching it in the best quality possible on your device.


Watch Coco with cocoa


Now it’s time to get movie-ready with the help of the wonderful folks over at Brit + Co by building a hot “coco” bar!


Click to enlarge



Create a colorful Hot “Coco” Bar inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Coco!


1. Create your hot “Coco” bar using colorful hot beverage pitchers, sprinkle-covered mugs, DIY pom-pom stir sticks and toppings galore (and perhaps a few figurines and plush toys from the film!)


2. Make sprinkle-rimmed mugs by dipping mugs in melted white chocolate and adding sprinkles


3. Let the chocolate fully dry before serving.


4. Create the colorful cocoa by adding tiny drops of food coloring to white chocolate hot cocoa.


5. Deck out your cocoa using colorful marshmallows, whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup


6. Enjoy!


Toppings to include: whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, marshmallows, rock candy and pom-pom stir sticks.









Dia de los Decorations


Once everyone has some cocoa, it’s time to add some flair and ambiance to your movie theater. Print out the activity sheets and make your room as colorful as the movie. You’ll find over 20 pages of coloring sheets, games and activities, and even more crafts to create and decorate!


Click to download

Don’t lose your head


There are lots of fun activities, but don’t lose track of the big finale – the movie! So grab your special seat on the couch, sit back, and enjoy this magical movie.



Watch Coco, Justice League, and Best Picture nominees

4K, HD

Plus, new rentals and free movies


A magical world, “magical” powers, and magical performances


We see dead people. But that’s because we’re watching Coco, now available on Vudu. Set on Dia de Muertos, this animated adventure brings the dead to life (bring out your dead) in a whole new way. A gloriously bright and colorful way that’s as visually inspiring as it is magical – especially in 4K + HDR (really, it’s amazing). Visit the magical world of the dead and watch today.



While none of the members of the Justice League can see the dead, they sure can send a lot of bad guys that way. Watch Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and (spoiler alert) Superman save mankind from an out of this world threat (who was Born To Be Wild). Available now on Vudu in up to 4K + HDR.



For you collectors out there, you can also get the Disc + Digital + Walmart exclusive gift set that includes a set of Justice League character pins with the Blu-ray + HDX for $27.96. Watch the digital copy immediately and get the Blu-ray later (ships on or around 4/4/18, fulfillment by Walmart).



And since we’re on the subject, kids (or the kid in you) can get in on the DC superhero action with LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash. Hurry up, he’s going fast.


Oscar contenders – Lady Bird and Three Billboards



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, no it’s Lady Bird. A hero in her own right, Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan aka Hanna) is battling with everything that stands in a high school teenager’s way – society, a strong-willed mother, self-doubt, and a ton of adults who seem to lack imagination and understanding. It’s a poignant and warm drama/comedy that will have you laughing at all the wrong places (hey, we’ve been there so we’re allowed to laugh at it) and remembering how wonderfully terrible that time in your life was.



Another Oscar favorite, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is also available now on Vudu. This is an emotionally charged look at anger, grief, and ultimately, forgiveness. Fair warning, you have to be in the right mood to watch because it’s a helluva film and it is a bit heavy, but it truly is a profound and Oscar-worthy movie.


New rentals



Get Roman J. Esq on a 30-day retainer when you rent on Vudu. Every Vudu rental is good for up to 30 days because we know that life doesn’t always happen like we plan. Yup, that means you can get 30 days of Wonder too – also available to rent now. Once you start, get 24-72 hours to finish (title dependent). Renting has never been easier.


Free Bromances


Bromancing the stone. Pride and Brojudice. The Brobook. Brotanic. These are not real bromance movies – even though we kind of wish they were. But we do have some other bromance movies that are real and that you can watch for free. BECAUSE BROS DON’T CHARGE BROS, BRO.



Get your PLUR on (untz untz untz) for free with We Are Your Friends. Yeah, it’s got Zac Efron, but he’s a DJ, and he’s partying it up with his bros and Emily Ratajkowski (yeah, the model). So feel the beat, and the heat, for free, bro.



We’ve also got Flyboys because these boys fly and they look fly while doing it. Watch these WWI bros break hearts, boundaries, and the Germans in this high-flying freebie. Get historical action for free, bro.



Also, check out our bros from across the pond in the British comedy shows The Inbetweeners and Peep Show. Peep Show isn’t what you think – it’s about odd-couple style roommates, er, flatmates – but it’s British, so it is TV-MA. Same goes for The Inbetweeners, think the British equivalent of the American Pie gang (English pudding gang), but a TV series that’s also TV-MA. Bro out British style, govnah.


Check out our entire Bromance Collection here.



Watch Roman J. Isreal, ESQ, Wonder, Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween

Plus new rentals and free survival movies


All rise


To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you should probably watch Roman J. Israel, Esq. We won’t throw the book at you if you don’t, but you’ll be missing out on some brilliant acting by Denzel Washington as an idealistic defense attorney who is constantly battling a corrupt system, only to be corrupted by it himself. Retain his services starting tonight, on Vudu.


Don’t be scurrred


It’s just Madea. Tyler Perry’s lovable Madea is back in Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. (Come on Tyler Perry, do you have to put your name in all your movies?) Who cares if it’s not Halloween anymore, scary good laughs are always in season – so whatever.


Wonder how he looks that good?


Becuase you can watch Wonder in up to 4K + HDR.  Fall in love with this inspiring story of Auggie, a kid born with facial deformities, as he navigates his first year of public school. It’s tough, poignant, and wonderful all at the same time, and you can watch it now on Vudu.


Your weekend project


It’s not the happiest place on Earth, it’s just next to it. But that doesn’t mean it’s close to it either. The Florida Project takes a hard look at a marginalized and ignored part of society through the wonder and imagination of a child’s eyes. Watch this beautiful but tough to swallow film that critics and viewers agree is a must watch.


Be A Rock God


When you make a deal with the devil, don’t expect things to go right. While that pretty much sums up American Satan, it doesn’t do any justice to just how bad things can get. You’ll just have to watch this horror/drama (and a devilishly good Malcolm McDowell) to find out. Now available for rent.


Free Survival Tips

Looking to survive the work week? Look no further than these free movies on Movies On Us. There’s plenty of great movies about people having a worse week than you.


Watch a family reunion take a turn for the worse when a group of merciless killers crashes the party in You’re Next, a Black-Ops agent take revenge for a double-cross in Haywire, a crazy class of Japanese high-school kids battle to the death (and serve as the inspiration for The Hunger Games) in the cult classic Battle Royal, and the animated version of the epic poem Beowulf.


Don’t worry there’s plenty more free titles in our Survival of the Fittest collection, as well as thousands more on Movies On Us.