The Gentlemen

Man in suit and woman watching

Schemes, bribery and blackmail abound! The Gentlemen features a star-studded cast including Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell and more. The story centers on an American expat who tries to sell off his marijuana empire. But he’s not the only one who wants a piece of the pie, and things escalate quickly. Own The Gentlemen today.

Free Movies for the Weekend

Travel and Adventure From Your Living Room

Soul Plane

two airplane pilots dancing

Pack your carry on and fasten your seatbelt because it’s going to be a crazy ride. Soul Plane gives you the ultimate flying experience, complete with funky tunes, pretty stewardesses, and hilarious passengers as company. This is one flight you don’t want to miss.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

a man woman and child in cave with flashlights

Air travel not your thing? Go deep underground in Journey to the Center of the Earth. From scalding hot lava, to massive waterfalls and prehistoric creatures, uncover the mystery of the center of the earth with the whole family. And if you can’t get enough journeying the first time around, go on another adventure in the sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

City Slickers

man wearing blue hat holding lasso

Maybe an escape into the the great outdoors is your thing. City Slickers follows a group of friends who go out west to drive cattle to Colorado so they can spice up their lives. But these city folk will have to learn the hard way that things are done a little differently out west.

Get Sporty

Mr. 3000

man in baseball uniform on baseball field

If you’re missing baseball, Mr. 3000 will be right up your alley. The movie features a baseball superstar who left the the game after hitting 3,000 hits. But when clerical error reveals that wasn’t quite right, he’s got to get back in the game to rightfully claim his count. The only problem? He just might be a little… rusty.

Draft Day

man with arms on hips talking to woman

If football is more your thing, Draft Day has you covered. The star studded film tells the story of a General Manager who trades his number one pick to rebuild his team. But will he fold under pressure and make the easy choice, or trust his gut and risk losing everything?

The Waterboy

football team in orange with coach in blue

If a football drama isn’t exactly your thing, adding some silliness might just do the trick. The Waterboy follows the heartwarming and hilarious story of a timid, bullied waterboy who’s given the chance to become a football star. And he takes that chance full speed and head-on. Over and over and over again.


Trolls arond guitar

The bubbly little characters you fell in love with are back. And we’re rolling out the red carpet for them – and you too! You’re invited to our Trolls World Tour Red Carpet event and #WalmartWatchParty on April 10th at 5:30PM ET/2:30PM PT!

Join the party as we get a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and have a whole lot of fun with activities, trivia, and BIG surprises!

Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Event

Bring the whole family to our Trolls World Tour Virtual Carpet event on Twitter! Walmart Radio’s own Antonio Williams and Bo Woloszyn are starting the colorful show at 5:30PM ET on Friday, April 10th.

Throughout the event we’ll check in with some family influencers to see the way they rock out to the Trolls World Tour Premiere. We’ll have movie trivia galore, favorite character talk of course, and much more. A full family afternoon of fun awaits, so don’t be late!

Trolls World Tour Viewing Party

Viewing parties let you interact with other people in real-time while everyone watches the movie.

You can join the watch party right after the red carpet event on Twitter. Get Trolls World Tour and be sure to press play on the movie at exactly 6:00PM ET so you’re synced and following along with the conversation, the trivia, and surprises!

To take part in the conversation at the party, simply use the hashtag #WalmartWatchParty. Rock out with Walmart, Vudu, and other special guests. Share your reactions, favorite scenes, and have a blast!

How do I join?

  1. Rent Trolls World Tour. Pre-order your rental now, and get a $5 Vudu credit in your email within 48 hours.
  2. Follow @Walmart and @VuduFans on Twitter.
  3. Visit Walmart’s Twitter page on 4/10 at 5:30PM ET for our virtual Red Carpet event, and then watch Trolls World Tour with us at 6:00PM ET afterwards.
  4. Join the live conversation with #WalmartWatchParty

Come for the Message, Stay for the Music

Trolls World Tour takes us to a ton of fun, different places without ever having to step outside of our living rooms. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return as Poppy and Branch, and they’re finding out that the world isn’t as small as they thought. The little trolls suddenly discover that they are just a single part of six different troll tribes, and everything changes. Each of these tribes embodies a different music genre: Rock, Pop, Classical, Techno, Country and Funk. And the Queen of Rock, played by Rachel Bloom, wants there to be only Rock music, so she’s determined to do everything to make that happen. It’s up to Poppy, Branch and their friends to stop her and make sure all the trolls are unified and harmonized.

Diverse trolls on stage

The movie has some good positive messages for little ones too. The trolls representing each music genre might look and sound very different, but they are all represented equally. And throughout the movie, we find out that they are all important in their own delightfully unique ways. Plus, this means that whether you’re a country lover, a hard rock fan, or anything in between – there’s something here for you and everybody else in the family too. The star-studded cast behind this diverse group sure helps amp up the music too. The film stars the musically accomplished Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Gwen Stefani and more. So grab some popcorn, get the family together, and good luck not dancing in your seats. Trolls World Tour might be just the Lisa Frank glitter explosion of fun you need in your life right now.


New to Own

Sonic the Hedgehog

blue hedgehog

The classic Sega video game is brought to life in full 3d technicolor in Sonic the Hedgehog! This comedy follows Sonic on his adventure to Earth and his efforts to defend it from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Own Sonic the Hedgehog today!

Bad Boys for Life

A man standing next to a man pointing a gun

The bad boys are back in Bad Boys for Life. This time around, Marcus and Mike are going after the leader of a drug cartel – and they are not messing around. Own Bad Boys for Life today.

Check out our exclusive bonus reel clip from the movie:


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

a woman and a man fighting with light sabers

The epic fight between good and evil is returns in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Rey faces Kylo Ren and discovers what’s behind her past and her fate in the exciting intergalactic adventure that will bring the Skywalker saga to its end.

Easter sale + deals

Deals this Week

Take a ride across the unforgiving solar system with Brad Pitt in Ad Astra. See the blood, sweat, and tears it took to take Queen to stardom in Bohemian Rhapsody, and see how Spiderman deals with elemental creature attacks and cross-continental havoc in Spiderman: Far from Home.

Check out our Easter Sale where we’ve got some awesome kids movies like the Frozen franchise and Spies in Disguise, and faith inspired films like The Passion of The Christ to help you celebrate the special holiday with your loved ones at home.