Cast Your Oscars Ballots with a Little Help from VUDU

The 86th Academy Awards are just around the corner! This year, as usual, we have an amazing crop of movies and talent deserving of recognition. Unfortunately, each category can only have one winner. So which films and creators will win? At VUDU we have a small competition going on to see who will have the most accurate predictions. You can have one too!

Just download VUDU’s Oscars Party Ballot and print out copies of the voting sheets for all your co-workers or party friends.

Have them fill out and check off their choices. There are 24 awards in total listed over four pages.

Collect the sheets and after the ceremony is over, tally up the results to find the winner! The person with the most correct wins!

In case of a tie, we suggest a popcorn eating contest.

Watch the Oscars with VUDU on March 2nd (7pm Eastern time, 4pm Pacific) and join in the conversations on Twitter @vudufans or Facebook.

Have a great Oscars evening and also be sure to check out our Oscars Collection to catch up on on all the nominees!

Download VUDU’s Oscars Party Ballot

Visit VUDU’s Oscars Nominees Page