Calling all Autobots! We’ve got a Transformers Lore Expert.

You’ve got questions, he’s got answers

The original Transformers is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year (hey, what a coincidence, so are we). And while the fifth installment, Transformers: The Last Knight, takes us from LaBeouf to Wahlberg and from good Optimus to bad Optimus, the Transformers franchise has always been explosively (thanks, Bay!) entertaining.


So while we’re waiting for Transformers: The Last Knight to drop, we kidnapped a real life Lore Expert to help us pass the time and answer some questions. He wouldn’t divulge any franchise secrets, but he did agree to answer a few of ours to prove he’s an expert, and to answer some of your questions as well.


So if you’ve got any questions about Transformers lore that have burning inside of you like the Allspark, head  to our question submission page and ask away.


Transformers Franchise Creative Lead



So, our business card doesn’t have the words “Lore Expert” on it, could you tell us a little about what a Lore Expert is, and what it means to be one?

To be a Lore Expert means to have a deep understanding, as well as a broad overview of the Transformers universe, from its origin to the present, to better navigate its future.


As a Lore Expert, what types of projects are you involved in? Do you get to work on projects outside of Hasbro?

Hasbro has a lot of great partners and collaborators that we work with, including Paramount Studios, Machinima, IDW, as well as our own studio to create great stories across many platforms.


How deep does a Lore Expert’s understanding of the Transformers universe have to be to truly be considered a Lore Expert?

The Transformers universe has been built over 30 years by many wonderful and talented contributors – from toy designers to storytellers. They have created a rich universe that can be overwhelming, so it’s important to identify and understand the essences of what makes them timeless.


Transformers: The Last Knight dives deeper into the mythology and origins of the Transformers than the previous movies, were you involved in the process of shaping that mythology? If so, how?

My apology, but I can’t answer this question. (Editor’s note: Damn his Sector Seven training)


How does the process of building the storyline and mythology of the Transformers work? What do you draw from for inspiration in creating a universe in which Transformers exist?

Every story and team of storytellers have their own method or process, but it’s my responsibility to keep them within our lore and not invent a new concept that doesn’t make sense. Recently, having structured a timeline to the history of the Transformer history with key milestones has been incredibly helpful in keeping our universe in check and consistent.


What are some of the more interesting, but lesser known, facts about the Transformers?

The Transformers universe began 34 billion years ago at the time of our own universe came into existence. And, there are many parallels that our history shares with them.


With the Turkish built Letrons bringing Transformers into reality, do you foresee a future where the applications for Transformers makes them commonplace?

In many ways, they already exist among us and will become more apparent. After all, they are More Than Meets the Eye.


When we grow up, we want to be just like you. How you become a Lore Expert – we’re picturing a super-secret high-tech training facility that’s hidden underwater. Please tell us this is true.

First, you need to have access the Ark, then you must have the trust of Teletraan 1 who can download you on their history. A visit to Cybertron is a must, via the spacebridge – which takes some getting used to. I’d suggest not eating before leaping through space in an instant.


When you were growing up, did you ever imagine you’d have a job this cool?

I don’t know if I’ve ever grown up, so the future still seems unimaginable to me – somebody pinch me. I will say that it’s a privilege to work within a universe that is cherished and shared by so many fans that is carried over from one generation to the next- now that’s cool!


So, obviously, we have to ask – If you could be any Transformer, who would you be and why?

Normally, this would be difficult for me to answer, as there are so many great ‘bots. However, under my present circumstance, I would love to be the combiner Superion. It would take multitasking to a whole new level. Being able to have 5 separate parts functioning independently, then come together as one big ‘bot when facing a huge task… there is no limit to what can be accomplished.



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