Level up Family Movie Night with Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji Next Level Poster

Get ready to up your Family Movie Night game because Jumanji: The Next Level is finally here. The characters you know and love are back for immersive adventures in all new open-world environments that range from hot deserts to snowy mountains. We also have the addition of some brand new Non-player characters and players to the game. They all create some serious on-screen magic and chemistry, especially when they swap bodies in the game. You don’t want to miss these antics.

A Dynamic Cast Brings the Laughs

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have starred together in numerous movies now, and with good reason. Their hilarious banter gave Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle a refreshing new flavor, making it a worthy successor to the original Jumanji. And these two bring the same energy to Jumanji: The Next Level yet again. Jack Black and Karen Gillan are back in the game too. They amplify the group’s energy with their lighthearted humor and maintain a bouncy harmony. The characters swap avatars/bodies a few times in the game. This really highlights their talents when we see how well they can imitate each other’s movements and tone. Their antics show exactly how well this cast is suited to be together on screen and it’s a blast to witness. No matter what challenge or wild animal they’re facing, the actors all have undeniable and fantastic chemistry on screen.

Check out these clips for a behind-the-scenes look into the cast’s shenanigans:  

Among the cast we already know and love are a group of never-before-seen characters. New additions include the legendary Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, and they play off of each other much like Hart and Johnson. DeVito and Glover also bring some more grown-up themes and an air of nostalgia to the film that older viewers are sure to appreciate. When you combine that with the ebb and flow of the humor throughout the film, you really get a well-rounded movie that both adults and kids can enjoy. Some of the humor and violence in this PG-13 title can be a bit grown up though. There are references to body parts, a fair bit of swearing, and potentially scary moments for younger viewers when characters “die” in the game. Family Play lets you skip the content you choose, so your little ones don’t miss out on the fun.

Check out how DeVito fits right in with the cast in this exclusive clip:

Embracing Differences While Overcoming Challenges

The movie promotes some essential positive messages for younger viewers. The importance of teamwork is one theme that permeates the story, and everyone brings their own unique strengths. The characters face lots of dangerous situations and challenges – this is the essence of Jumanji after all. But it’s never up to just a single player to overcome them. Player stats come into play here, which are cards that pop up to show the characters’ strengths and weaknesses in the film. Whenever a player has a weakness, their awesome teammates help them overcome it. And each player has different strengths that come in handy when they come across different problems. Some use their persuasive power of communication, while others just use their power to punch hard. They’re different approaches but they work for various situations, and that is a-okay. The film promotes the importance of diversity by showing that no matter how dissimilar teammates are, they can still put their heads together to overcome anything. Whether surviving a harsh desert environment or a wild ostrich attack, they find a way to get through it – and have a fantastic time doing it.

Family Movie Night Activities

Want to find out what type of team player you are? Take our quiz and find out!

Solve these fun Jumanji puzzles with the whole family.

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From the cast’s amazing chemistry to the positive messages throughout the film, Jumanji: The Next Level truly levels up this fun franchise and is a must-see for the whole family.

Family Play is no longer available. Updated: 7/20/2020.

5 Female Lead Horror Performances You Have to See

H.G. Well’s The Invisible Man has inspired lots of filmmakers. And in the age of sequels, prequels, and remakes, it’s no surprise that there’s a new iteration of the story in 2020. (If you’re curious about the original Invisible Man you can get it here and mix and match with other horror classics.)

The latest reimagining centers around a woman’s abusive ex and how far he will go to continue to abuse her as she realizes she’s being hunted by an invisible force. Director Leigh Whannell’s previous work includes the Saw and Insidious series, so he’s got some serious horror cred under his belt. Critics are buzzing about Elisabeth Moss’s performance in the horror mystery, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seat through the terrifying endeavor.

Even before the powerful performance in this remake, women have been making a lasting impression in horror films for decades. So we wanted to round up some seriously chilling female performances in five suspenseful movies: some classics, some featuring monsters, some featuring monsters disguised as humans, and some you probably haven’t discovered yet.  


Psycho poster

There’s no way to talk about a legendary actress’ horror performance without bringing up Alfred Hitchcock’s notorious Psycho. The film follows Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, who ends up at a motel in the middle of nowhere after stealing from her boss. There she encounters the hotel keeper, Norman Bates, and his domineering, mentally ill mother. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers but the rest is truly horror movie history. The film features one of the most famous scenes of all time, the shower scene where Crane gets attacked by a man with a knife. Hitchcock’s style, the music, and Crane’s blood curdling performance all come together to create a scene that film students are still writing papers on to this day. Audiences reportedly ran for the theater doors and fainted in their seats when they watched the film. And it didn’t just freak out moviegoers. The shower scene was actually so impactful that Janet Leigh reportedly became afraid to take showers by herself and stuck exclusively to baths. And judging by how terrifying it is, we can see why.

The Others

The Others poster

This critically acclaimed supernatural movie earned Nicole Kidman a Golden Globe nomination in 2001. The Others takes place in 1945 and follows Grace Stewart, played by Kidman, who’s the matron of a family living in a remote country house with her servants. Unexplainable things caused by invisible forces start to happen around the house, and Nicole Kidman takes us all along on the journey to get to the bottom of the mystery. Just beware, this isn’t your typical haunted house movie. Kidman’s performance stands out as she tries to keep up proper appearances and seem normal around her children, but the stranger things get, the more that veil falls and we see the true fear in her eyes. In fact, it was so impactful that at one point Kidman quit during rehearsals because playing Grace literally gave her nightmares. Us too, Nicole.

The Cell

The Cell movie poster

The Cell is often overlooked in horror and it’s time to change that. The story follows a social worker, played by Jennifer Lopez, who goes into the mind of a serial killer to help the FBI track down his latest victim. As you can probably imagine, going into the mind of a psychopath isn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies. We see Lopez evolve from a soft and gentle and social worker who just wants to help, to a strong badass who takes things into her own hands when she realizes it’s the only way. And she does both very well, taking us to some seriously dark and twisted places. Add that to the directing, stunning cinematography and intricate costumes, and you really get an immersive movie experience you won’t soon forget.

The Cell Jennifer Lopez Mask
The Cell Demon King Screenshot

We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to talk about kevin poster

We Need to Talk About Kevin brings a different kind of suspense to our list. The film focuses on a mother, played by the talented Tilda Swinton, and the estrangement she feels from her son Kevin, played by Ezra Miller. Kevin isn’t just an odd boy though – he’s got a darkness only she seems to see, and it only gets deeper the further we go. The film takes a unique look at some questions about what it means to be a mother and the pain self-blame leaves behind. Swinton deals with a number of irreversible consequences throughout the film, and we feel the intensity of her guilt and anguish as we watch her question everything. Swinton earned a Golden Globe nomination for this role, and with good reason.

The Descent

The Descent Poster

The Descent is our final pick and features a whole cast of talented ladies, including Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, and Alex Reid. The British film follows them as they go on a dangerous caving expedition and get trapped inside. But like all scary movies go, the girls soon find out they are not alone and have to survive in the dark among some terrifying creatures in some super tight, claustrophobia inducing spaces. We feel Macdonald’s panic through her impactful performance as we watch her try to wiggle her way out without completely breaking down, knowing she has no choice but to move through it. Interestingly enough, Macdonald reportedly said she is claustrophobic, so she did not find it hard to get freaked out during filming. Tight spaces or not, it’s easy to feel the girls’ fear as we watch them try to survive the unknown and the terrifying.

The Descent

The Different Faces of Jim Carrey in 5 Movies

The Internet has been buzzing about Sonic for months, and it’s not just because of the video game nostalgia. The Sonic character redesign caused a massive stir both online and in the film industry. And it taught us that if the Internet complains relentlessly enough about something, it will win. And now Sonic the Hedgehog is finally here! But it’s not just Sonic’s cute little face we’ve been waiting for. Jim Carrey stars as the evil, goggle-sporting, power-moustached villain, Dr. Robotnik in the film. And Sonic fans couldn’t wait to see these two characters wreak havoc on screen. After all, Jim Carrey is the king of wreaking comedic havoc, with decades of acting experience and more memorable roles than we can count.  

Jim Carrey is famous for his high energy slapstick comedy and animated facial expressions. But he is not a one-dimensional actor by any means. This talented guy has more depth to him than you might expect. Here are five Jim Carrey movies that show off how diverse his many sides are.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura Pet Detective poster

Starring as Ace in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has to be one of Jim Carrey’s most iconic roles. The bright Hawaiian shirts, the pink tutu, the hair – they’re all essential to the vision that is Ace. The story follows Ace’s search for the Miami Dolphin’s abducted dolphin mascot. And like some kind of bizarre Disney princess, Ace has lots of cute animals assisting him through the movie too. Funnily enough, Jim Carrey said that he based the character of Ace on the movement on birds. That makes total sense given his cockatoo-like hair and colorful shirts. This is Jim Carrey in typical over-the-top fashion: loud, expressive, and hilarious. Oh, and did we mention he gave us this famous sassy movie quote too?

The Truman Show

The Truman Show Poster

The Truman Show was a big hit with critics and audiences alike when it came out in 1998. The comedy-drama follows Truman, an insurance salesman played by Carrey, who starts to realize that his seemingly perfect life is actually a mass reality TV show. This was Carrey’s first dramatic role, which finally allowed us to see more of his acting depth. At this point in his career Carrey was so famous that he was used to constantly being watched by paparazzi, which Carrey later said helped him relate to Truman’s character. Although Truman faces plenty of ridiculous situations as he questions his sanity, he must also make some serious decisions once he becomes aware of what’s happening. Does he follow his own free will, or does he do what the audience wants?  

The Truman Show Being Spontaneous Gif

Me, Myself, and Irene

Me Myself Irene Movie Poster

Me, Myself & Irene is a dark comedy that shows us a multi-faceted Jim Carrey. He plays the part of a kind, timid police officer, and father named Charlie, who happens to have Split Personality Disorder. When he runs out of his medication, the alter-ego that surfaces is the total opposite of his normal personality: utterly aggressive, super rude and hilarious. While Charlie deals with this, he’s tasked to escort a woman named Irene, played by Renée Zellweger, to a different state. They’re put in plenty of outrageous situations along the way thanks to Charlie’s split personality, and Carrey switches back and forth between the two seamlessly. Combine that with his animated face and exaggerated expressions, and this is the perfect role for Carrey. He ad-libbed several scenes in the movie as well. In a scene where he and Zellweger push a car off the cliff, Carrey says “on nine” instead of the usual count to ten, and Zellweger looks clearly surprised. In typical Carrey fashion he always kept everyone on their toes.

Me Myself Irene Carrey Zellweger gif

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon Jim Carrey Poster

Man on the Moon is the film that showed us the most serious side of Jim Carrey yet. The story is based on Andy Kaufman’s life, an eccentric, one-of-a-kind performer and comedian from the 70s and 80s. Kaufman was known for keeping audiences on their toes: he could make them laugh, sit in uncomfortable silence, and everything in between. Everything was a performance to Kaufman. Even his close friends couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. The part of Andy completely made sense for Carrey, and he took it head-on, staying in character as Andy on and off set. He even refused to be called by his real name when the cameras weren’t rolling. He drove the production crazy with his shenanigans, but at least he won a Golden Globe to make up for it.

Man on the Moon Jim Carrey Gif

Batman Forever

Batman Forever Movie Poster

Batman Forever is as star-studded as a superhero movie can get, featuring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, and more. The story follows Batman as he falls in love and finally finds his legendary sidekick, Robin. And per typical Batman fashion, he must also fight off some villains to save Gotham City. The colorful villains here are Two-Face, played by Jones, and The Riddler, played by Carrey. Although this duo made quite an impact on screen, Jones and Carrey reportedly did not get along off-screen at all. Good thing these two are great actors so we couldn’t tell! In any case, here we finally see Jim Carrey play the part of a villain as The Riddler, and he does not disappoint. His bright red hair and bright green costume match his energy perfectly. He’s boisterous, loud and mysterious all at the same time. In fact, Carrey brought so much enthusiasm to the role that he reportedly broke about a dozen of his prop canes while learning how to twirl for the part. Worth it.  

Jim Carrey Cane Twirl Gif