Most Wanted

Man wearing sunglasses on poster

Get to the bottom of a gripping conspiracy in Most Wanted. This crime thriller tells the true story of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime, ending up with 100-year prison sentence in Thailand. When word gets around, an investigative journalist, played by Josh Hartnett, sets on the twisting path to find the truth about what happened and who is really responsible. This is one intense ride you won’t want to miss.

Deep Blue Sea 3

sharks under water deep blue sea

Face underwater terror in Deep Blue Sea 3. This flick takes us back to to the island of Little Happy, where a team of scientists are studying the impact of climate change on sharks. All is fine and dandy until another group shows up seeking three monster-sized bull sharks. And it’s not long before it becomes clear there is something much more sinister going on in the depths of the ocean.

The Rental

woman standing in front of red light

Prepare for a secluded getaway like no other in The Rental. This horror flick centers on two couples who find the seemingly perfect oceanside house to stay in. The thrills don’t last long though, as they begin suspecting their host might be spying on them in the house. Layers and facades start coming down amongst the old friends, revealing secrets they never expected and forcing them to face ugly, terrifying truths.

You Should Have Left

man standing in front of picture

Craving more secluded house horror? You Should Have Left has all of that and more. The story centers on a writer, played by Kevin Bacon, who moves his family to a remote house in Wales so he can concentrate on working on his next film. (This didn’t work out the best for Jack Nicholson in The Shining, did it?). The family starts to have strange experiences in the odd house, and dark secrets from the past start coming to the surface that threaten to tear them all apart.

Legacy of Lies

man throwing gun

Legacy of Lies brings the action you’ve been craving. This flick centers on an ex MI6 agent who decides to help a journalist solve an old case. Pretty soon he ends up in the crosshairs of Russian intelligence, UK intelligence, and having his daughter held captive. Will he make it out to her before he runs out of time?

New TV

Deadwater Fell

man and woman standing in suburban street

Scotland’s legendary David Tennant stars in the crime mystery Deadwater Fell. The series takes place in a seemingly perfect tight-knit community that is devastated after a deadly house fire, making shocking secrets bubble up to the town’s idyllic surface.

Hit a Home Run with These Awesome Baseball Movies

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The Sandlot

group of kids standing together

Bring back the fun of summer in The Sandlot. This super nostalgic flick centers on a group of best buddies who bond over playing baseball in their neighborhood sandlot fields. And in between the games, there are plenty of adventures, treehouse sleep-ins, and everything else that makes childhood magical. This is comedic classic is sure to bring the whole family together.

A League Of Their Own

Man and woman in baseball uniforms at baseball game

Batter up with the Peaches in A League of Their Own! This star-studded movie features the likes of Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell, and even Madonna! The story takes place after the second World War, as baseball team owners look for women around the country to replace men in the beloved American sport. Though the journey we find ourselves in Oregon where an alcoholic has-been coach has to bring his team together with the help of a superstar player – so they can all climb to the top of the game. This is one baseball dramedy you won’t want to miss.


man in blue hat playing baseball

Witness baseball history in 42. This inspiring movie centers on the incredible story of Jackie Robinson, and all of the struggles he had to overcome in being the first African-American in Major League Baseball when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. This biographical drama is a must-see for every baseball fan.

Field of Dreams

baseball players coming out of corn field

Field of Dreams is an infamous baseball movie. This unique story centers on an Iowa farmer, played by Kevin Costner, who hears a mysterious voice in his corn field. He interprets the strange message to mean that he needs to build a baseball field on his farm, and with the support of his loving wife, decides to do so. Eventually he witnesses the ghosts of infamous baseball players like Shoeless Joe Jackson come through the field and start to play ball. But through it all the farmer has to find out there’s much more going beneath the surface in his field of dreams.

Mr. 3000

man in baseball uniform talking to crowd at stadium

Mr. 3000 is an all-around good time. This comedy stars Bernie Mac in the role of Stan Ross, a big league legend who finds out that three of his 3,000 career hits didn’t actually count. To reclaim his title, the former star decides to get back in the game to prove himself. The only problem? It’s been ten long years since his baseball glory days so things are a little… rusty. See the lengths he’ll go to prove he’s still got it in this fun flick.

The Best Comic Book Movies to Share With Your Kids

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Now is the best time to introduce your kids to some classic and brand new Comic Book movies! But how can you determine what films and characters are best suited for them? Thankfully, Common Sense Media makes it super easy to narrow down. They provide reviews from parents and kids on movies, TV shows, books, and everything in between. That way you can get a parent’s guidance and perspective to make the best entertainment choices for everyone in the family. So here are some of Common Sense Media’s top picks for movies based on comic books, so you can enjoy them with your younger viewers at home worry-free.

Movies Best Suited For Tweens

Captain America: The First Avenger

group of man walking and shooting
Captain America Common Sense Media Rating

Captain America: The First Avenger is a must-see Marvel flick. The movie tells the story of rejected military soldier Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, who finds himself transformed into Captain America after taking a ‘Super Soldier serum.’ And while the role of Captain America comes with plenty of action, it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges too. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that the movie is full of plenty of explosions, fistfights and guns. But Captain America remains a wholesome, compassionate and brave character from beginning to end.

Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse

animated boy looking into mirror
Spider Man Into the Spider Verse Common Sense Media Rating

Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse brings plenty of imagination and energy to the big screen. The movie centers on young Miles and his journey to become Spider-Man and join forces with five other spider-powered heroes to stop a dire threat to the world. The movie’s got plenty of heart and its unique visual style makes it even more fun to watch. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that that some fights can get a little intense, and that some of the characters flirt with each other. The overall message of the movie centers around the importance of friendship, teamwork, and being courageous.

Superman: The Movie

man flying through air
Superman The Movie Common Sense Media Reviews

Superman: The Movie is a must-see classic for any superhero movie lover. The film centers on the epic arc of Superman, from his origins on planet Krypton, to his life on earth as mild-mannered Clark Kent, eventually growing to become the legendary fighter for justice, Superman. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that Superman saves citizens from some pretty scary situations and there are a couple of swear words here and there. But the overall tone and lessons focus on justice, truth, and fighting for what is right.

Men in Black

two men holding big guns
Men in Black Common Sense Media Rating

Men in Black is a fun-filled flick for all ages. This movie centers on the charismatic duo played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, as they track down and try to stop bizarre alien activities on Earth. They meet plenty of strange and funny characters along the way, as they ultimately come into contact with an intergalactic terrorist they have to stop before it’s too late. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that there are scary creatures in the movie, some cartoonish violence, and some swear words. Overall though, the movie’s got plenty of cleverness and exaggeration to add to the over-the-top fun.

Movies Best Suited For Teens

Black Panther

man in black costume standing
Black Panther Common Sense Media Rating

Black Panther is one of Marvel’s latest and most inspirational films. The movie centers on a young king, T’Challa, who sets out to fight and protect Wakanda and the world from an old, dangerous enemy. And the only way to save his people is to use the power of Black Panther. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that this is the first Marvel film that centers on a superhero of color, as well as having a mostly black cast. There is also hand-to-hand combat and violence to keep note of with a couple of swear words here and there. Overall though, the film will spark interesting discussions at home surrounding race, gender, and equality.

Batman Returns

two men in costumes standing on street
Batman Returns Common Sense Media Reviews

Batman Returns is a superhero flick that stands out among others thanks to Tim Burton’s unique directing vision. The movie features a superstar cast, including Michael Keaton as Batman, Danny DeVito as The Penguin, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. The story follows Batman as he tries to stop chaos from erupting in Gotham City thanks to this new cast of dark characters. According to Common Sense Media, parents should know that this Batman film is darker than the previous 1989 movie, and there is some violence and more mature themes. However, the villains are more colorful and the overall vision is more cartoony than the realism we see in today’s superhero films.

Iron Man

man holding glowing red glove up
Iron Man Common Sense Media Rating

The ultra charismatic Robert Downey Jr. brings a whole other level of cool to Iron Man. The movie centers on Tony Stark, a super-rich inventor who gets kidnapped and is forced to build a dangerous weapon. But rather than succumbing to his captors, he instead builds his infamous high-tech Iron Man suit to escape – and of course – fight evil. According to Common Sense Media, parents need to know that there are plenty of explosions and fistfights in the film. Tony Stark also shows his moral character as he turns away from irresponsibility, despite his all-powerful ability to do anything he wants.


woman and two men standing in street
Hellboy Common Sense Media Reviews

Hellboy is one of the more fantasy-based flicks on our list. The movie centers on Hellboy as he and his team try to stop a witch who once started a plague from being brought back to life. There are plenty of battles between the human and the supernatural, making this an exciting and imagination-fueled ride for the family. According the Common Sense Media, parents need to know that this film is much more violent than the 2004 and 2008 adaptations, making it better suited to more mature fans of the franchise.