Hold onto your hard hat: this week’s new releases are coming at you fast with an all-out onslaught of death-defying stunts, reality-defying special effects, and boredom-defying thrills.



Ever wonder what would happen if the guys from Jackass got to run their own low-budget, low-safety theme park? Wonder no more, friend. Action Point owner D.C. (Johnny Knoxville) will do whatever it takes to keep and his relationship with his daughter open for business, even if that means a few crash landings and bear attacks.



From the maker of the mind-bending documentary The Imposter, American Animals is a half doc/half docudrama following four young men in pursuit of  $12,000,000 and something to do. Stealing their school’s rare book collection from under the nose of the watchful librarian won’t be easy, but it definitely beats learning the dewy decimal system.



We’ve seen zombies get sliced, shot, splattered, and spewed, but have we ever tried talking to them? (Maybe they have feelings too.) One man who can see and talk to dead people will have to conduct some up-close and personal interrogations if he’s ever going to locate Patient Zero and save the world.



War is hell, and it doesn’t end with coming home. When an army private returns from Iraq without the comrade he swore to protect, he’ll have to answer to the army, the government, and the family of his fallen friend about what he witnessed among The Yellow Birds.



Living well is the best revenge, but hunting down your wife’s killers with the help of an ass-kicking, ninja-flipping AI chip implanted in your spine can be very satisfying too. Upgrade gives a whole new meaning to the term “self-driving.”





Defeating Thanos and his gauntlet is going to take every super soldier, Asgardian, Wakandan, sorcerer, and raccoon (/rabbit) that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, and even that may not be enough. Cross (don’t snap!) your fingers and hope for the best in Avengers: Infinity War.





When a departed loved one reaches out from the other side, it would be rude not to answer. But when demonic forces start tapping into the call, you may want to hang up before it’s too late. You wouldn’t want to wind up like the family in Along Came the Devil.



Elizabeth Harvest’s new scientist husband seems like a dream come true: he’s kind, rich, and his only request is that she never, ever goes into his secret room. Wait, what? Secrets are no fun, but curiosity may kill more than just the cat in this Bluebeard-esque tale.





There’s no place like Gilead, and that’s not really a good thing. With a baby on the way and an ever-shrinking list of options to better her position, Offred must take action to change her fate or be pulled under by sinister tides in The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 2.



Book a date with BOOK CLUB – AVAILABLE IN UP TO 4K + HDR




The reviews are in: Book Club is a sweet and saucy smash that audiences can’t put down. Loosely based on the writers/producers’ own experience sending copies of the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, to their mothers, Book Club is a laugh-filled love letter to friendship, romance, and finding adventure at every stage of life.


Plus watching Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen hang out, share secrets, and eat ice cream is just plain fun.





Now that Book Club is available on Vudu (in up to 4K UHD), we’re having our own little release party by offering up some ultra-rare swag, including a framed poster signed by all four stars.


Other awesome prizes include a movie-exclusive t-shirt, windbreaker, and book bag, and all you have to do is send us a picture of your favorite book for a chance at the loot. Great literature is meant to be shared, so whether it’s a canonical classic or guilty pulp pleasure, upload your pick here and you’ll be entered to win.



Grab some friends, some wine, and maybe a nice cheese plate, and check out Book Club ASAP.






The best things in life are free, and that includes premium movies and TV. Check out the latest top-tier titles joining our library of over 5,000 free movies and shows.





We’ve seen real-life Ghost Hunters, Cake Bosses, and even Dr. Pimple Poppers on reality TV, but what about a fame-hungry showboat and a grizzled veteran cop teaming up to clean up Los Angeles. Anything goes when it’s Showtime.



The psychiatrist has become the patient. Waking up confined in the very hospital where she treats others, Dr. Grey (Halle Berry) struggles to unravel the disturbing events that got her there—and she may not like what she finds in Gothika.



After all the pokes, pranks, and nyuknyuknyuks, the long-retired Three Stooges must decide if the world is ready for their return. A poignant recollection of their humble, slap-happy beginnings and off-stage highs and lows reveals the answer.



When it comes to ancient curses and vengeful spirits of the damned, what goes around comes around. As the people around her start dropping like flies, Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) must go back to the beginning to break the cycle of The Grudge.



Still waters run deep in these shocking, engaging, and inspiring explorations of what we miss with first impressions.



A melancholy family reunion turns straight-up miserable when the black sheep son accuses his renowned psychiatrist father of experimenting on him and his adopted siblings. Discerning truth from fiction means unearthing all the family secrets, and everyone’s ready to dig in Altered Minds.



Old friends, new problems. Three Yorkshire couples are shaken up by the imminent death of a mutual friend, but planning around his final days reveals much more about their own relationships than it does about the actual Life of Riley.



Rap’s legacy of cutting lyrical finesse and acrobatic flows is no secret, but freestyling, rap’s improvisational cousin, doesn’t always get the same shine. Watch a who’s who of hip hop tastemakers boom, beatbox, and battle their way through the history of this unique art form in Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme.




Blood, sweat, tears, family, friendship, government secrets… you name it. It’s all on the line when it comes to high-intensity Action Thrillers like Three Kings, Bobby Z, Johnny Mnemonic, and Demolition Man.



Love stinks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some good Rom Coms. Whether you’re settled down, ready to mingle, or all broken up, you can’t help but laugh, cry, and cheer for Over Her Dead Body, Sleepless in Seattle, Woo, Flipped, and more.


That’s not all! Actually, not even close. Scope out the rest of our full free collection here.



Deadpool 2 arrives with a superhero landing. #nailedit



Get arty farty with an exclusive Deadpool 2 Disc + Digital Collector’s Set


Sometimes a hero is a judiciary badass fighting for equal rights, or a broken down athlete getting back in the saddle. Sometimes it’s a wisecracking mutated mercenary with katanas. Whatever your definition, these hot new releases are here to save the day.



You didn’t really think we were done offering up primo Deadpool 2 awesomeness, did you? Now that the sequel to the first movie is finally here, you can enjoy the Merc with a Mouth in up to 4K UHD!


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The legendary lawyer turned Supreme Court Justice, who drops dissenting opinions and legal precedent like fire freestyle lyrics finally has a documentary befitting her legacy. RBG follows Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s inspiring journey from outspoken law student to Supreme Court heavy hitter and pop-cultural phenom, with plenty of wise witticisms from the honorable justice herself.



In a movie world stuffed with killer androids, rampant cybercrime, and groundbreaking first-person visuals, the only thing you’re safe from is boredom. The combined vision of a comic book icon and his biggest filmmaker fan, Ghost Source Zero is a next-level sci-fi thrill ride from start to finish.



Being a top competitor means putting everything you have on the line. And for rodeo star Brady that includes his health and livelihood. Sidelined by injury, he’ll give whatever he has left if it means one more chance at becoming The Rider he once was.



Between being overweight, dealing with fighting parents, and working in the hot sun for peanuts, teen Bobby is in for one bummer of a summer. It’s going to take courage, friendship, and some sage advice from an eccentric millionaire for him to learn the Measure of a Man.





She may not be the jock, the cool girl, or even the campus nerd, but after a devastating divorce and losing her home, middle-aged mom Deanna is determined to return to school as the Life of the Party.



To a group of would-be thieves, Shaun and her kids alone at a house in the woods seem like the perfect marks. These criminals are about to find out what a terribly bad idea it was to try Breaking In.





Imprisoned in a land not his own. Still addicted to the drugs that got him there. Broke, bloodied, and beaten down. If English fighter (and real-life inspiration) Billy Moore is going to box his way out of Thailand’s most infamous prison, it’s going to take more than A Prayer Before Dawn.





Don’t call it a comeback, mainly because he’s not doing so good. As he mourns the death of his brother and struggles to keep personal relationships afloat, Jimmy McGill spirals ever closer to becoming the Breaking Bad Saul we know so well. Need some dark, pulse-pounding drama in your life? Better Call Saul (Season 4).



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Our new favorite guy in a red suit is both NAUGHTY AND NICE



You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry. And frankly, you better assess your tolerance level for violence, sarcasm, and unicorns – because Deadpool 2 (the “sequel to the first movie”) is coming to town, tomorrow! And this time our new favorite red-suited rascal (sorry Santa) is bringing some gifts of his own.



If you pre-order Deadpool 2 or the Deadpool 2-Movie Collection (Double the fun! Double the movies! Double the entendre!) before midnight tonight, you’ll receive a $3 Vudu credit to use once the movie drops. But today is the last day, so get that baby hand moving.


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But still wait! There’s still more! With your purchase of Deadpool 2 in HDX quality or higher, you also receive the previously unseen, practically unsafe, possibly unconstitutional Super Duper Cut with a full 15 minutes of too-Deadpool-for-theaters extra footage. It’s a limb-riping good time, but you’ll probably want to wash your ears and eyes out with soap after watching it – heck maybe just go full-body sanitization.



And if all that wasn’t enough, we’re hosting the Deadpool 2 #VUDUVIEWINGPARTY to end all Deadpool 2 #VUDUVIEWINGPARTIES. (Going out on top, since there’s only going to be one. Maximum effort.) Because no one should have to Deadpool alone (and because we have way too much awesome swag for us to keep for ourselves). 


FRIDAY. 7PM. PACIFIC TIME. Be there or you might as well be in the Icebox. We’ll be kicking back, enjoying the movie, and spreading good cheer with the funnest facts, nerdiest trivia, and dopest prizes this side of grandma’s bingo social. Get your pre-order on, follow @vudufans on the ol’ Twitter, and click here to RSVP while the RSVP-ing is good.