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Late summer is upon us, and between the lower airfare, cooler weather, and thinner crowds it’s the best time for an impromptu getaway or extended vacay. The more exciting the destination, however, the more the journey can drag on without something to do.



Airplane Wi-Fi is notoriously expensive and spotty, and the free airline movies are a gamble, with random titles and modified cuts that censor out all the good stuff. What’s a globetrotting movie buff to do?



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Fate-of-the-universe-level FUN


This week’s new releases are kicking things up a notch with high-stakes, high tension, and high-octane thrills.



They’ve avenged the afflicted, guarded the galaxy, and protected the legacy of Wakanda. Now Marvel’s best and bravest must unite to save the universe in Avengers: Infinity War.


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Every road trip has its bumps, and a trek for survival across a post-apocalyptic gang territory is no exception. Hopefully, The Domestics went to the bathroom before they left because pulling over for a pit stop is definitely not an option.



This priest is no Exorcist, but if he can’t handle his personal demons then there’s going to be hell to pay. Keeping the faith is no picnic at First Reformed.



A private getaway to your mysterious ancestors’ dark and gloomy castle? What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, absolutely everything, and then some. Beware The Incantation.





One man stood for justice, one never received it. As Los Angeles breaks under the weight of racial tension, two neighbors must connect to survive in the shadow of Kings.



After losing their star player in a tragic accident, one high school volleyball team rallied around her memory with truly miraculous results. The Miracle Season is a moving memorial the whole family can enjoy.



There’s plenty of fish in the sea, including one amnesiac playboy just asking to be conned. Anna Faris’s Kate just might have found the perfect husband—as long as her plan of revenge doesn’t go Overboard.



For a struggling mother of three on the brink of exhaustion, Tully the night nanny seems like a gift from up above. But could there be more to her than meets the eye?





Airbnb, VBRO, HomeAway, inviting yourself over to stay at someone’s house has never been easier. But when is a great deal for a great place anything but?  All it takes is one devious landlord with evil intentions, a massive online following, and 14 Cameras, and you’ll think twice about where you stay.



A twisty spy thriller set after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Damascus Cover examines religious conflict, national allegiance, and the process of grieving. Plus shootouts and car chases (It’s a spy movie after all).


For more super fresh, still-in-theaters-scares check out the snowy spookiness of Dead Night, the ghostly family drama of Our House, and Randy Couture desperately trying to solve a series of Sorority murders in The Row.





The mission may be impossible, but watching it isn’t. When a job gone wrong puts weapons-grade plutonium in the hands of a deadly terror cell, Ethan Hunt will have to redeem his name or die trying in Mission: Impossible—Fallout.



When did superhero movies get so serious? Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is bringing fun back with gags, goofs, and meta digs that will have heroes of all ages laughing their capes off.




Make Every Night MOVIE NIGHT


No need to run to the theater; with over 5,000 free movies and shows to choose from you can kick back at home for all your thrills, chills, twists, and turns. Your wallet (and movie snack budget) will thank you.




Nothing lasts forever, but there’s still to watch these heroic hits before they’re gone.



General. Exile. Conqueror. King. Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) wore many hats, and all of them are on full display in this sprawling 3-hour epic that tells the tale of the man who became legend.



What do you get when you take an artificially intelligent police robot, reboot its programming, and give it to a group of desperate gangsters played by alt hip-hop group Die Antwoord? Chappie! Peep his robo-flo for FREE on Movies On Us.



This isn’t your grandpa’s football. Or is it? The timeless struggle of old-school tradition versus new wave flair hit the gridiron in Any Given Sunday, and the sport will never be the same.



Snakes aren’t the only thing on a plane in Snakes on a Plane. There’s also a key witness hunted by the mob, deadly pheromones, plenty of F-bombs, and one mad as hell Sam Jackson. But mostly snakes. Better fasten your seatbelt.




Crime, comedy, and creatures unknown never go out of style. Check out full seasons of classic TV gems available for your free streaming pleasure.



While shows like The X-Files and The Twilight Zone have fictional phenomena covered, Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina is your key to the creepy, suspenseful, and above all mysterious real-world happenings all around us.



Before they sell out stadiums and headline tours, tomorrow’s top comedians prove themselves in the gauntlet of smaller showcases. Coming to the Stage catches these rising stars in fine funny form.



We may never know what aliens would (or do…) really think of us, but fan favorite sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun sure has some wild guesses, plus a who’s who of comedy greats and a teenage JGL.





Go big or go home. That’s the motto of these small-time crooks and big-time hustlers, putting it all on the line for one big score in Big Heists like The Big Bounce, Set Up, The 51st State, and Blood Ties.



Oh, snap! Whether you’re a true-blue 90s kid or just someone who appreciates the finer decades in life, Throwbacks: The 90s is all that and a bag of chips with A River Runs Through It, The Quick and the Dead, Leaving Las Vegas, Last Action Hero and more.


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It’s been a full decade since Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) became best friends, rolling up their absurd antics and step-brotherly love in a little ball and shoving it into our collective heart. In honor of the auspicious occasion (second only to the all-important Catalina Wine Mixer), you can snag your digital copy of Step Brothers for just $7.99, even the somehow extra explicit Unrated version (if you dare).



Step Brothers may have started as a side-splitting, sleepwalking, boat-crashing, good time of a movie, but it has grown into so much more. Join us as we look back at the cultural impact of cinema’s most beloved man-children.





To say that Step Brothers was divisive when first released is a family-sized understatement. Roger Ebert was less than favorable in his review, pleading to know “what is going on here?” when faced with Ferrell, Reilly, and director Adam McKay’s relentless landslide of slapstick gags and filthy trash talk. But fans knew better, and the oddball comedy has grown into an endlessly quoted classic.



The sports world has developed a particular affection for Step Brothers; when the 2010 New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, the first thing out of anyone’s mouth was a Catalina Wine Mixer reference. The New York Yankees recreated an iconic scene from the movie for a 2016 promo, and celebrated an important trade with a Step Brothers gif the following year. Their fellow New Yorkers, the Giants, tried to get themselves fired up with a locker room showing of another classic clip, and while the message may have been confusing the humor was fully appreciated.



The Step Bro fan community has grown and flourished since 2008, with many fans taking their love of the movie far beyond casual quoting. John C. Reilly himself is admittedly shocked by the abundance (and placement) of Step Brothers tattoos. Joaquin Phoenix says it’s the movie he’s re-watched more than any other, and one dedicated fan even developed a popular theory linking Step Brothers to another Will Ferrell hit (hint: SANTAAAAAAA!!!).



Finally, and perhaps inevitably, there has emerged the ultimate homage the likes of which the world has never seen: the 100% real, authentic annual Catalina Wine Mixer. That’s right; Step Brothers super fans actually gather for a yearly beach party complete with cover band, wine tastings, helicopters, and a screening of the movie in Catalina. Just make sure not to request any pre-80s Billy Joel.



Add Step Brothers to you Vudu library today to honor 10 years of naked drumming, bunkbed collapses, and playground brawls, or check out the Step Brothers/The Other Guys Bundle or Buddy Comedy Pack for even more intense bromance.








This week’s new releases has it all, with comedy, thrillers, action, and horror to please every mood and every palate. Find what you’re craving and more, and create your own truly memorable movie night.



These home invaders messed with the wrong mom. Watch Gabrielle Union, outsmart, outmaneuver, and outfight a ruthless crew of thieves who mistakenly threaten her kids in Breaking In. Watch all the action in the cinematic quality of 4K + HDR, or go all out with the Unrated version.



She’s going back to school after a brief hiatus. Ok, a brief multi-decade hiatus. Can newly divorced mom, Deanna, finish college, bond with her daughter/classmate, and put the mean girls in their place? Who knows, she’s got a lot to learn along the way. One thing she’s sure to learn? How to be the Life of the Party.



In a hostile harbor with hostages on the line, the eight-person Jiaolong Assault Team prepares for a mission with no guarantees. Operation Red Sea is the Chinese import that won’t disappoint. No tariffs here, just unrelenting action. If you like Wolf Warrior, you don’t want to miss this.



Nothing brings a broken family together like the spectral spirit of their lost child, even if they can’t agree what it all means. Part horror, part family drama; The Keeping Hours will haunt you in more ways than one.



“One last job” just never goes according to plan. For an elderly safecracker fresh out of prison, the key to a better life could mean ending up back where he started. Watch the wicked roam at night, in The Midnighters.





The game’s not over until they say it is. Get ready for a pop culture explosion with post-apocalyptic fallout when you log in to Ready Player One.





When a disgraced celebrity and her obsessed fan team up to feed her fame addiction, nothing is out of bounds. Broken Star is your front-row seat to their symbiotic self-destruction.



It’s the Outback vs. outer space when alien forces invade an Australian country town in Occupation. Bullets, lasers, and banter fly as the locals prove anything but accommodating.





Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall, ex-CIA protector of the innocent, deliverer of righteous vengeance, and…Lyft driver? The only thing higher than the surge pricing is the body count in The Equalizer 2.



Bask in waves of nostalgia for a fan-favorite jukebox musical! Soak up the good vibes of an all-star cast singing and dancing their hearts out! Hear the rest of ABBA’s discography! In other words, enjoy Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.