Every curious kid knows where babies come from – the stork drops them off for happy expectant families to enjoy. At least they used to.

Storks, the feather-filled family adventure of a stork on a mission to deliver the last baby, will have kids of all ages clapping their wings and laughing their beaks off.

Zombie-killing is a gory, gross, ghoulish job, but someone definitely has to do it.

In a world overrun with the undead, four misfit misanthropes will have to join forces if they ever want to escape from Zombieland.

Once a a warrior, always a warrior.

With no home, no flag and no other choice, they’ll put blood and blade on the line to avoid becoming the Last Knights.

She’s brash, she’s boorish, and above all else she’s family.

Twin adult siblings Jack and Jill may not always see eye to eye, but if they spend enough time together they just might realize they make a decent (and hilarious) team.

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These outside-the-box imports may not be what American audiences are used to, but they guarantee a cinematic thrill ride like you’ve never seen before.

Who says Disney can only bring epic adventures to life stateside?

Disney’s The Last Warrior, produced by the house of mouse’s Russian branch, is a dungeon-and-dragon-filled romp that draws heavily from Russian folklore for an unforgettable family-friendly fantasy experience.

That last one was perfect for movie fans of all ages, now here’s a daring diversion for all the adult cinephiles.

French horror/thriller/musical Climax will have you oohing, aahing, covering your eyes, and maybe even busting out a dance move or two.


When it comes to saving the world brick-by-brick, the second times the charm.

Watch the tenacious toys of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part show aliens, evil, and boredom who’s boss.

It’s been a man’s world for too long, and with some newfound psychic abilities one high-powered hero is about to take the whole thing by storm.

With a few inside tips into What Men Want, anything is possible.



Sherlock Holmes always cracks the case, but he’s never met an analytical mind that could match wits with his own.

Faced with the awesome intellect of the ultimate adversary, Holmes and Watson will need all the help they can get unraveling the conspiracy in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

He’s got no license, no fashion sense, and no clue, but if your animal companion has gone missing he’s the only one to call.

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They brought their boy home from the clutches of evil, but the forces of darkness won’t let the Lambert family go without a fight.

Witness round two in the supernatural slugfest of good vs. evil with Insidious: Chapter 2.

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