Need some time to yourself away from the rambunctious rugrats? Trying in vain to get your kids to do their least favorite thing? Vudu is here to help.


We polled some of the internet’s most patient parents on their tips, tricks, and preferences when it comes to herding their little ones. Check out the results below:




Need a fun-filled family movie to set up for the cubs (or watch together as a clan)? Paddington, free to watch now on Vudu, is just the thing, with furry friends and a marmal-ous adventure everyone can enjoy.






Tests of bravery, tests of strength, and regular school tests are all on the horizon for the heroes of this week’s new free titles.





It’s time to bend and snap back to 2001, when one plucky pupil in pink showed Harvard Law how to study in style. Legally Blonde is the cultural phenomenon that launched a sequel, a musical, and a fiercely fashionable fanbase.



Being the chief of police carries its own set of dangers and dilemmas, but being framed for murder isn’t standard procedure. With the local PD, the DEA, and his own homicide detective wife on his trail, one cornered cop is running Out of Time, fast.



A former CIA analyst thwarting a terrorist attack while on vacation seems like a case of right place, right time, but thing get more complicated when the terrorists want revenge. Sweat, tears, and plenty of blood will be left on the field in the Patriot Games.



Just like many sibling rivals, the two Conlon brothers have walked very different paths through life. Unlike most sibling rivals, their paths both end in the same mixed martial arts ring. Only one can be crowned the true Warrior.




Documentary films can thrill, educate, disturb, and, perhaps most importantly, shed light on important stories that are not being told. The dedicated documentarians behind these works are determined to spread the word.



You may not recognize the name Doc Pomus, but if the words Save the Last Dance for Me or This Magic Moment ring a bell, you may have heard his work. A.K.A. Doc Pomus introduces the man behind the music.



North Korea is a nation perpetually making international headlines, but still shrouded in a fair amount of mystery to the average outsider. It takes a close neighbor, South-Korea-born filmmaker Soon-Mi Yoo to lift the veil with Songs From the North.



How do you begin to capture the unique experience of African American boys in the American education system? Following two of them through it for 13 years is a great start, and American Promise does just that.


Horror, comedy, musical horror-comedy. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in our full free collection here.







The high-tech alien armor. The menacing bio-mask. The swirl of… orange hair? That’s right, the infamous Predator was the latest movie icon to get the Team Coco treatment at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, joining the Conan-inspired Funko Pop! collections of a limited number of lucky attendees.


The event may have ended, but we’re hooking you up with a chance to bag one of these exclusive collectibles before they go extinct. When you pre-order The Predator on Vudu before the 11/27 release, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win 1 of 20 SDCC-exclusive Predator Conan Funko Pop! figures.


You’ll be the first to bring home the bold and battle-ready new installment in the Predator saga in up to 4K + UHD and you get a 1 in 20 chance at a crimson-coiffed piece of film nerd history. Check out the contest details here.



For the true Predator-heads, there’s more prey where that came from. Check back here on 11/28 for an additional chance to take home some exclusive goodies. Happy hunting!






The game is afoot this week, with mysteries involving murder, mayhem, and missing persons. Time to put on your thinking cap and get a clue.



When you fight for the little people, you’re never off the clock. That’s what retired spy Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has come to learn in his time as a freelance do-gooder, and it’s never been more true than after the mysterious death of one of his few remaining friends.


With skin in the game and nothing to lose, he’ll find that confronting the past may prove to be the only way forward in The Equalizer 2.



Everyone has something they’d rather keep hidden, but in 2018 those things are often hidden in plain sight.


At least, that’s the hope of David Kim (John Cho) as he desperately tries to retrace his missing daughter’s steps from her social media presence. Digital footprints may not be visible, but they can reveal a lot with a little Searching.



We’ve all heard a bump in the night only to convince ourselves it’s only a trick of the imagination, but when people start dropping like flies even the most skeptical mind may reconsider.


Is The Little Stranger a hostile supernatural presence, or the sum effect of one family’s bottled up negative feelings? Watch and discover for yourself.





Jurassic World, eat your heart out. The Meg, 75 feet of shark-flavored nightmare fuel, is the true king of the prehistoric deep, and its back and taking no prisoners. When it comes to Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), though it may have bitten off more than it can chew.



There are plenty of stories exploring the bond between a boy and his dog, but what about the very first one? In Alpha, one young hunter and one injured wolf must fight to survive the elements, overcome their differences, and ignite a partnership for the ages.






Whether in wartime, peacetime, or anaconda mealtime, the strivers and survivors in this week’s new additions are in for some adventures to remember.





Acts of god, maddening mishaps, and an enchanting stranger stand between Ben and his wedding day. Staying the course can be tricky, especially when the Forces of Nature seem to push you in a brave new direction.



Between the bombs and bullets of World War II, Nazi forces illicitly seized and stored many of Western arts most valued masterpieces. If art history is to be saved from calamity, it’s going to be a job for the Monuments Men.



For the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, serving had a special significance and losing was not an option. They faced prejudice, opposition, and hardship at every turn on the road to Glory.



Fear of snakes is a pretty common phobia, but on the waters of Amazon it’s also a key to survival. If this crew of filmmakers wants to live to see premier night, they’d better learn to respect the mighty Anaconda.




When death is lurking behind every corner, saving yourself and others may require some unconventional action. These thrillers have close calls and stunning twists sure to keep you guessing.



Two killers, one prize. They’ll risk it all for a chance at fame fortune, and a stay of execution from becoming The 10th Victim.



She once was blind but now can see. Emma’s miracle recovery brings with it a gift and a curse, as her newfound sight becomes the key to solving a grisly murder in Blink.



What if one number could be the key to everything? For a genius mathematician with much on his mind, the secrets of Pi may be more than he’s prepared to handle.


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