Eternity is a long time to walk the earth, but when you’re the only thing standing between humanity and ultimate doom your work is never done.

Look into the eyes of evil and prepare for war with the all-out immortal action of The Last Witch Hunter.

Flightplan Movie

It was supposed to be a normal mother-daughter trip, but when the daughter goes missing mid-flight the mother will stop at nothing to find the truth.

Strange things can happen at 40,000 feet, and not all of them go according to the Flightplan.

In a city filled with gangsters, corrupt politicians, and things that go bump in the night, it takes a special kind of hero to keep the citizenry safe and sound.

Head out on patrol and give evil something to be scared off with the one true caped crusader: Batman.

They’re not exactly the real-deal when it comes to monster hunting, but these two charlatans are the best the town has against a true paranormal threat.

When something’s not right in the dead of night (and no real heroes care to help), The Brothers Grimm are on the case.

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The New York jewelry game is already a high-risk business, but one aging jeweler has a plan to strike it rich that involves loan sharks, professional basketball players, and a whole lot of danger.

In his world you either win or you lose, and he’s not ready to lose. Get more than you bargained for with Uncut Gems.

One person speaking out against injustice may only get so far, but enough people doing it can blow the lid off.

Witness the fallout when a group of women with everything to lose take on their corporate overlord in the true story Bombshell.


The world can be a cold and mysterious place, but a few true friends can always set you on the right path.

Return to the magical kingdom of Arendelle for the spellbinding sing-along sequel Frozen II.

Blood may be thicker than water, but someone in this mourning family has been shedding more than tears.

The case is on for a renowned detective racing against the clock, and everyone and their mother (and cousin, and uncle) is a suspect in Knives Out.



He floated like a butterfly, he stung like a bee, and he established a legacy in and out of the ring as the toughest, the smoothest, and the all-time greatest.

Step into the ring with an American sports legend in the hard-hitting, blow-for-blow biopic Ali.

Finding love online is pretty standard in this day and age, but the lonely and lovable Lars is going about it his own way.

Discover a whole new twist on guys and dolls when you get to know everyone’s new favorite couple: Lars and the Real Girl.

Norm the polar bear has never ventured beyond the icy comforts of home, but when the Arctic is under threat he’s ready to go with the floe.

Experience New York City in a whole new light with Norm of the North and his furry friends in this chill and chuckle-filled family adventure.

One’s a veteran spy with years of experience, one’s a slick slacker with an attitude problem, and if they can’t get along the world is in for some serious trouble.

Gear up and go from from zero to hero in the high-octane, low-profile spy thriller Bad Company.

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