You stay classy, SDDC! Yup, Vudu went to Comic-Con!

So, how was your weekend?


We came, we saw, we Con-quered SDCC. And by we, I mean two lucky guys – both of whom were not me. Like most of you, the rest of us didn’t get to go to the Con (wah, wah). They did actually do so some work, but they also had a great time and took some great pictures so we could live vicariously through them.


Since you probably weren’t able to go (like us), we thought we’d share the experience with you guys as well. Behold, through the wonders of technology you can experience SDCC like you were there! So, let’s get this (post) Comic-Con party started! And stay tuned for more pictures of a slew of epic collectibles and other sights from their trip later this week!


Ding. You are now free to fly around the Con. – “It was clear it was Comic-Con as soon as we got to San Diego. First thought: Yeah Southwest (not a plug), you do you. Second thought: ‘You stay classy San Diego.’”



The car maketh the Con – “Arriving in style. JK. But we are pretty excited about Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first one was a surprise hit, and we’re expecting big things from this second installment and the addition of Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal, and Jeff Bridges as Statesmen.”


“Hey, we’re finally here. Oh, wait….”



“And wait…”


“Still waiting…”



“And we’re in! Kinda…”


What is this? A Con for ants? – “The sheer size and scale are hard to comprehend if you haven’t been. It’s literally wall to wall people, booths, toys, and just so much cool stuff it’ll blow your mind.”



They do exist! Vudu users in the wild – “These two guys overheard us talking and asked ‘You work for Vudu? We totally love Vudu. It’s the best service and we totally will never, ever, ever, use anything else.’” Ok so we may have paraphrased the last part, but the sentiment is accurate. And yes, it was unsolicited. And, yes, it happened for real.


Brains talking about brains – “Our first panel of the year – Fear the Walking Dead! And look there’s Chris Hardwick (he’s everywhere. all. the. time.)”



Come with me, you’ll float too – “Creepy, dude, just creepy. Guess we’re not sleeping tonight.”



Bringing the heat – “Anyone here speak Targaryen?”



Do or do not. There is no try.


Does Con stand for congested? – “Ok, time to get to workOMG-this-hall-is-packed-how-are-we-going-to-find…”



“…Oh, wait. Never mind. Come and find us, we’re at the Fox Fanfare booth this weekend.” (FYI – We’re not really there anymore.)



Free is a big deal (shameless plug for our free movies) – “If you were there and swung by the Fox Fanfare booth, we had some pretty cool fidget cubes for you. If you didn’t get one, sorry, it’s going to be worth a lot of money someday.” (Not really, but it was cool)



The theme of the day is lines – “Look at all these fans in line to learn about Vudu.” (Or they wanted free swag. JK guys, great job.)


Now we have something to phone home about – “Hey look, it’s Steven Speilberg! He totally looked at us when we yelled his name. We’re breathing the same air.” Excited for Ready Player One? We are. They released a special trailer at SDDC and it gives more context around this 80’s smorgasbord of nostalgia that we can’t wait to watch. Check it out and see how many 80s references you caught. We counted about a dozen.


That’s it for now. Check back later this week and we’ll post pictures of cosplay, collectibles, and much more!





This week: Unforgettable and The Circle, new rentals, Dunkirk pre-order, and free TV and anime



Technology. We rely on it. In fact, you’re using it now. So what happens when the technology we’ve glued our eyes to, looks back? Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and John Boyega (why’s he not at his post, he’s just like TK-421) give you a look at how much we pay when we let technology take over our lives, in The Circle.


It’s good to be Unforgettable. Unless you’re Rosario Dawson. Then you wish Katherine Heigl would just forget you existed in this catty psychological thriller that pits ex-wife against new wife. (Have we seen this storyline before? We forget.) Catch the drama, but don’t catch feelings, and watch tonight.


Free TV and Anime, yeah, seriously


Ah, the good old days of free TV. Well, guess what? We’re bringing free TV back! (Yes, we say it like JT says it.)



Now on Movies On Us you can watch the select first seasons for FREE. We just added Andromeda (we’re bringing Kevin Sorbo back too), Shameless (the original British version, mate), Umbre (a cabbie moonlighting as a mob collection man), and The Inbetweeners (high school like on the other side of the pond isn’t much different).



And in case you missed it, Viz Media has partnered with Vudu to bring you a ton of anime for free. (If you’re not sure how anime differs from cartoons, you can learn more from our previous blog post.) So get ready to watch favorites like Death Note, Deltora Quest, Ranma ½, Naruto, and Vampire Knight – with new episodes added weekly, and more series on the way!


You can also read up on what’s going down with anime on the Viz blog.


Now for Rent: Kong: Skull Island and Free Fire


So maybe you saw War for the Planet of the Apes this weekend (available for pre-order now on Vudu). And maybe you’re amped for more monkeys and guns. Well, we got you covered with these rentals.



You want more monkeys? Well, we got the ultimate one, and you can rent him in Kong: Skull Island, today. A group of scientists flies out to an uncharted island in search of beasts – and boy do they find them. Beast vs. man, man vs. beast, or beast vs. beast, whatever it is, it’s on like Donkey Kong.



And if you’re looking for more guns, well, then say hello to my little friend, Free Fire. It’s pretty much a non-stop, 91-minute shootout (well, like 62 if you’re going to hold us to it). The bullets fly in this amazingly choreographed no-holds-barred shootout. Rent all the action tonight. We dare you to count how many rounds were fired.


Pre-order Silicon Valley S4 and Dunkirk



Get ready for Season 4 of the wildly popular and hilarious series Silicon Valley, now available for pre-order on Vudu (Bachmanity is back, baby). That’s right. It’s an IPO for your eyeballs, and you can get in on the ground floor starting today.


And this Friday, Christopher Nolan’s WW2 epic about the famous evacuation of over 400,000 British and Allied forces from the French coastal town of Dunkirk hits theaters. And as soon as it does, you can pre-order it on Vudu. (Gah, we Dun-can’t wait for this one.)




For your weekend: new movies, new rentals, a twisted TV Tale, and a pre-order that’s bananas

Smart movies for your smart devices


A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And this week, we’ve got two movies that show how powerful and creative it can be at any stage in life.



In Gifted, good guy Chris Evans is the uncle to a child prodigy. She’s got Rain Man skills, but in a smaller, cuter package (definitely, definitely adorable). It’s a touching tale of a balancing talent with time and the nurturing power of family.



Pension-pushers push back on the system that values profit over promises in Going in Style. (We dare you to say that 10 times fast.) Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin steal the show, and from a few banks, when they put their brainpower together in this coming of (old) age comedy.


Pre-order some primates


No more monkeying around, this isn’t monkey business anymore. This Friday, War for the Planet of the Apes goes on the warpath, and it’s going to be bananas – humans go ape, monkeys get a conscience, and Woody Harrelson goes bald.  Uh-maze. So pre-order it starting Friday and it’ll be auto-magically added to your My Vudu when the movie is released digitally. (Let’s see those damn, dirty apes figure that one out.)


A (dystopian) tale as old as time



The Handmaid’s Tale. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the TV series that everyone can’t stop talking about. And now, it’s about to be the only thing you’ll be able to think about. Because starting Friday, you can watch the entire first season on Vudu.


This critically-acclaimed series, based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, tells the tale of life in a dystopian future where women are treated as property, and the few remaining fertile women are cast into servitude as Handmaids to bear children to the ruling elite. (Told you it was twisted.)


Drive it like you rented it


If you haven’t seen it, or are on the fence about adding it to your collection, now is the perfect time to check out these titles because they’re available for rent.



Get the high-speed adrenaline rush The Fate of the Furious to your screen faster than a NOS injection. Every installment seems to be bigger and crazier than the last and this is no exception (cars falling out of the sky, whaaaaa?), so rent it today.


And check out two movies about finding two different lost cities. The Lost City of Z is a biographical adventure drama that follows real-life British explorer Percy Fawcett, who disappeared with his son (not of anarchy) in the Amazon in 1925.


Smurfs: The Lost Village is the perfect smurfy adventure for family movie night. Watch as the Smurfs set off on a smurfventure to smurf the legendary lost smurf before Gargamel smurfs the smurf out of the Smurfs. (Smurf what we’re smurfing?)



Vudu just got even more anime-zing

Watch popular anime series Death Note, Deltora Quest, Naruto, Ranma ½, and Vampire Knight for free with Movies On Us!


If you’re a fan of anime, your day just got five times better because Vudu now has five fan-favorite anime series available to watch for FREE on Movies On Us. That’s right. Anime. Five series (with more to come). Free. Dattebayo! (Hi, Naruto fans!)


Viz Media has partnered with Vudu to bring you hundreds of episodes of Death Note, Naruto, Ranma ½, Tiger & Bunny, and Vampire Knight. Episodes are offered in both Japanese with English subtitles, and an English dubbed option. Cinedigm has also partnered with us to bring Deltora Quest: Volume 1 to Vudu, which is available in an English-dubbed version.


So if you already like Movies On Us now, you’ll love the even broader range of free content that you can watch anytime, anywhere, and on all your favorite devices. Because the only thing better than free is more free.


It’s not a cartoon. It’s anime.



If you’re not familiar with Japanese anime, this wildly popular genre is known for having more complex and engaging storylines and characters than series aimed at children. And unlike cartoons, anime isn’t always geared toward kids. For example, Deltora Quest is appropriate for younger audiences with a TV-Y7 rating, while titles like Death Note, Naruto, and Vampire Knight are TV-14, and Ranma ½ is TV-MA.


Anime can also be quite…animated. Get ready for themes that revolve around – and often mash up – sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, and the occult and supernatural. But we suppose that if three singing chipmunks with chart-topping albums can be popular, then a school that teaches humans by day and vampires by night shouldn’t be too unbelievable (Vampire Knight).


Anime is drawn to Vudu



So congratulations, you’ve got a new destination for watching your favorite name-dropping death dealer (Death Note), magical-gem seeking adventurer (Deltora Quest), ninja-in-training (Naruto), and cold-water fearing martial artist (Ranma ½) – and rest assured that we’ve got more on the way.


Right now you can watch Death Note and Naruto Season 1, Ranma ½ Season 1-3, Vampire Knight Season 1-2, and Deltora Quest Volume 1-2.


And we’re excited to say that more Ranma ½ will be coming throughout July, with more Naruto and the first episodes of Tiger & Bunny coming after that – so we’re just Saiyan (eh, eh, anime puns) check back often!


Learn more about Viz Media and the fascinating anime genre, fans, and culture, here.




Free Drama Queens are on Movies On Us

Canedy Knowles of Bravo’s Odd Mom Out knows drama queens, and she’s curated a list of her favorites for us



Save the drama for your mama – especially if your momma knows drama like Marissa from Bravo’s hit show, Odd Mom Out.


That’s why we had the very talented, and very funny, Canedy Knowles, who plays Jill’s rage-filled nemesis, guest curate a special Movies On Us Drama Queen collection. Because who better to be the RBF of our free drama queens, than one of the favorite drama queens of Bravo?


So check out our free drama queens, and be sure to check out Odd Mom Out, Season 3 available now on Vudu.


Odd Mom Out’s Canedy Knowles Presents: Drama Queens


On Odd Mom Out, my character, Marissa, is the ultimate Upper East Side Drama queen who loses her temper about everything from kale to Hamilton. So, I bring to you a collection of movies featuring women who know how to make a scene. Whether the film stars dramatic royalty or is simply about women who stand out from the crowd, these movies will inspire even the most timid viewer to let their inner drama queen reign.



The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep, the ultimate queen of acting, stars as Margaret Thatcher – a woman who bucked societal norms to become England’s first female prime minister. Told through a series of flashbacks, this story reminds us that single-minded ambition and self-sacrifice can change the world.



This quirky, dark comedy stars Maggie Gyllenhaal in her breakout performance as Lee Holloway, a meek wallflower who becomes the Queen of S&M. James Spader plays the original Mr. Grey who literally spanks her right out of her shell. Her weakness becomes her strength and, in turn, she learns to serve coffee in handcuffs without spilling a drop.



I Want To Live!

Susan Hayward won an Academy Award for her portrayal of good-time girl Barbara Graham, who faces execution for a murder she claims she didn’t commit. This fictionalized account of true events shows Hayward at her best – fierce and sassy, but also vulnerable and desperate. The dialogue is wicked and witty and you will delight in how effortlessly Hayward delivers every one-liner with aplomb.



This lovely little dramedy tells the story of a retirement community for aged musicians as its residents prepare for the annual fundraising gala. Maggie Smith stars as a famous opera diva who is forced to face the people she hurt during her long and successful career. Every character in Quartet is an aging drama queen and the ego clashes are delightful to watch. The movie is a hilarious and touching reminder that we are never too old to start anew or act like a diva.


More to know about Canedy Knowles:



In addition to her recurring role on Odd Mom Out, Canedy has been a regular commentator on VH-1, appearing on numerous 100 Greatest… episodes and a popular contributor to their online programming, and has appeared in countless sketches for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. She’s had recurring roles on Blue Bloods and ABC’s What Would You Do? and is a series regular on the improvised series Lifegame. Canedy has also appeared on The Blacklist and Rescue Me, as well having had film roles in Enchanted, Mona Lisa Smile, and Short Cut to Happiness.


Get even more candid with Canedy on her website.