Survive a Rough Night and get free horror in honor of IT

Girls just wanna have fun

Girls night. Woo-hoo. Bachelorette party. WOO-HOO! Drinks, some debauchery, and maybe at worst a rough morning – what could go wrong? Famous. Last. Words.  When a wild bachelorette party takes a turn for the worse (think Hangover meets Very Bad Things, but funnier and not as very bad), these friends take their lemons and make a demented and dark, but funny, lemonade.


Rough Night is available for rent now. And if you decide you like the lemonade and want to add it to your collection, you’ll get the chance to buy it for a discounted price. What? Yup.


This shark is his own feeding frenzy

Forget needing a bigger boat, you need a bigger shark (and maybe a bigger TV to watch it on). Well, it’s your lucky day. Because apparently someone else also thought two- and three-headed sharks weren’t enough. And they decided to go straight for the flesh (and the flush) with 5-Headed Shark Attack. (What happened to 4-headed shark? Probably eaten by 5-headed shark.)


It’s campy, it’s CGI, and the acting is to be expected. But hey, it’s a freaking five headed shark. You know you’re curious. And you know that you’ll probably regret NOT watching this more than you’d regret ACTUALLY watching this. How will you live not satisfying your curiosity? Come on – dive right in, the water’s fine.


It is coming. Get ready with free horror


We’re pretty sure IT is gonna be scary. Like seriously scary. So why not build up your scare tolerance with some free frights, scares, and terror?

Check out Final Draft, a tale of just how crazy writers block can drive some people; the legendary Leatherface as he rears his, um, face in Texas Chainsaw, the 2013 adaptation of the rip-roaring Sawyer family; and Bear, a creature feature you’ll want to get your paws on if you like unbearable suspense and close quarters.


And in case you’re still emotionally stable after all of that, we’ve also got 28 more titles in our The Stuff of Nightmares collection that you can watch free with Movies On Us.


Watch at home while it’s still in theaters

Banderas is back! (Well starting tomorrow.) And this time he’s gone from gun slinging mariachi to a serious Glock and roller in the action comedy Gun Shy. He’s a rich rock star whose girlfriend is kidnapped, and he’s getting her back no matter what. Because love, and stuff.


Or check out The Limehouse Golem, which sounds like a creature feature, but it’s actually a crime drama (no golems were harmed in the making of this movie) set in Victorian London, also available for rent tomorrow. It’s blood in the streets, on the walls, and written into cryptic messages (jolly old England indeed) – and it can be in your home even though it’s still in theaters.






Calling all Autobots! We’ve got a Transformers Lore Expert.


You’ve got questions, he’s got answers

The original Transformers is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year (hey, what a coincidence, so are we). And while the fifth installment, Transformers: The Last Knight, takes us from LaBeouf to Wahlberg and from good Optimus to bad Optimus, the Transformers franchise has always been explosively (thanks, Bay!) entertaining.


So while we’re waiting for Transformers: The Last Knight to drop, we kidnapped a real life Lore Expert to help us pass the time and answer some questions. He wouldn’t divulge any franchise secrets, but he did agree to answer a few of ours to prove he’s an expert, and to answer some of your questions as well.


So if you’ve got any questions about Transformers lore that have burning inside of you like the Allspark, head  to our question submission page and ask away.


Transformers Franchise Creative Lead



So, our business card doesn’t have the words “Lore Expert” on it, could you tell us a little about what a Lore Expert is, and what it means to be one?

To be a Lore Expert means to have a deep understanding, as well as a broad overview of the Transformers universe, from its origin to the present, to better navigate its future.


As a Lore Expert, what types of projects are you involved in? Do you get to work on projects outside of Hasbro?

Hasbro has a lot of great partners and collaborators that we work with, including Paramount Studios, Machinima, IDW, as well as our own studio to create great stories across many platforms.


How deep does a Lore Expert’s understanding of the Transformers universe have to be to truly be considered a Lore Expert?

The Transformers universe has been built over 30 years by many wonderful and talented contributors – from toy designers to storytellers. They have created a rich universe that can be overwhelming, so it’s important to identify and understand the essences of what makes them timeless.


Transformers: The Last Knight dives deeper into the mythology and origins of the Transformers than the previous movies, were you involved in the process of shaping that mythology? If so, how?

My apology, but I can’t answer this question. (Editor’s note: Damn his Sector Seven training)


How does the process of building the storyline and mythology of the Transformers work? What do you draw from for inspiration in creating a universe in which Transformers exist?

Every story and team of storytellers have their own method or process, but it’s my responsibility to keep them within our lore and not invent a new concept that doesn’t make sense. Recently, having structured a timeline to the history of the Transformer history with key milestones has been incredibly helpful in keeping our universe in check and consistent.


What are some of the more interesting, but lesser known, facts about the Transformers?

The Transformers universe began 34 billion years ago at the time of our own universe came into existence. And, there are many parallels that our history shares with them.


With the Turkish built Letrons bringing Transformers into reality, do you foresee a future where the applications for Transformers makes them commonplace?

In many ways, they already exist among us and will become more apparent. After all, they are More Than Meets the Eye.


When we grow up, we want to be just like you. How you become a Lore Expert – we’re picturing a super-secret high-tech training facility that’s hidden underwater. Please tell us this is true.

First, you need to have access the Ark, then you must have the trust of Teletraan 1 who can download you on their history. A visit to Cybertron is a must, via the spacebridge – which takes some getting used to. I’d suggest not eating before leaping through space in an instant.


When you were growing up, did you ever imagine you’d have a job this cool?

I don’t know if I’ve ever grown up, so the future still seems unimaginable to me – somebody pinch me. I will say that it’s a privilege to work within a universe that is cherished and shared by so many fans that is carried over from one generation to the next- now that’s cool!


So, obviously, we have to ask – If you could be any Transformer, who would you be and why?

Normally, this would be difficult for me to answer, as there are so many great ‘bots. However, under my present circumstance, I would love to be the combiner Superion. It would take multitasking to a whole new level. Being able to have 5 separate parts functioning independently, then come together as one big ‘bot when facing a huge task… there is no limit to what can be accomplished.



It’s a long Labor Day weekend, don’t forget underpants


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie now on Vudu + free kids activities


I see London, I see France


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is available now on Vudu. But unlike your underpants, Captain Underpants is for everyone to see.


Based on the best-selling book series, this animated family comedy from DreamWorks Animation follows two prank playing best friends, George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch), who manage to hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s a superhero named Captain Underpants (Ed Helms).


So if you’re taking a road trip this Labor Day weekend, be sure to pack Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie and some of these free activities to help keep the kids occupied along the way.


No pockets, no problem


Everything you need to create a “No pants are the best pants” weekend with Captain Underpants is right here. So whether you’re on vacation or staycation, we’ve got you covered (it’s for the best).


Staycation sleepover


There’s an epic adventure in your living room, all you need to do is add some imagination (and kids, or some adults who are kids at heart). Download this handy BFF Super Sleepover checklist and be the superhero of your kid’s sleepover.




If you happen to be flying (or traveling) by the seat of your pants this weekend, don’t worry, going out of town doesn’t mean you’re out of luck for kid-occupying activities.


First, get the movie and download it to your mobile device with our Vudu app so you take it with you for offline viewing. (Don’t have the app? Well, look who we caught with their pants down. Don’t worry, it’s free in the Android or iOS app store.)


Then print out any or all of the coloring sheets that feature George, Harold, Captain Underpants, and Professor Poopypants. Sure Captain Underpants wears tighty whities, but hey, art knows no bounds. Polka dot? No problem. Stripes? Sure. Looks great. Oh, we think you missed a spot under there….





















New this week – Wonder Woman (with Extras+), rent Baywatch, free canine companionship, and guess what day it is…

All the world is waiting for you… (to get) Wonder Woman



Today is the day you can discover the mythical island of Themyscira, the Amazon warriors, and of course, Wonder Woman.


This fan favorite addition to the DC Extended Universe is now available to add to your collection. Get it in up to 4K UHD with Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos sound for a truly wondrous experience with richer, more vibrant colors, and deeper, more immersive sound. So don your warrior uniform (hey, sweats have good fighting mobility) and watch instantly on Vudu.


Discover even more on mobile with Extras+



Get the movie and then watch it on your mobile device for the exclusive Extras+ experience. Watch in portrait mode and experience bonuses synced to the movie, movie trivia, a digital comic, and so much more! You can also get behind the camera with Filmmaking & Beyond and discover the Warriors of Wonder Women, see original artwork and storyboards, and much more!


And for the collector, a Walmart exclusive Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD version is also available for just $29.96. It includes a bonus scene not seen in theaters and a wearable tiara. (Wear it on casual Friday!)



Have something different for dinner


Get a different kind of dinner guest with Beatriz at Dinner and It Comes at Night. In a quirky and entertaining critique of our times, Beatriz at Dinner sees Selma Hayek and John Lithgow butt heads over dinner as their differing socio-political backgrounds give each other indigestion.



It Comes at Night is an apocalyptic thriller that follows a family who lets another into their secure home. As you’d predict, things get complicated and trust wanes. Then chaos and terror breaks out… or does it break in?


Beach. Ball.



New comedy duo Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron have their pecs on deck in Baywatch, now available for rent. Get all the campy humor, swimsuits, and slo-mo that made the original TV series a household name starting today.


And because ball is life, you not only play it, you watch it. And now you can rent 2017 NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors and watch their return to the top after a heartbreaking 2016 season. Re-live the entire season, from training camp to their first at home Championship win, with two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, as well as the 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.


Free puppies


Well not really, but watching dogs is just as good – at least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves ever since our mom said no.



So head on over to Movies On Us and check out the true story of a dog that united an Australia mining town with Red Dog; portraits of actors, musicians, authors, and designers and their dogs with My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story (famous people are just like us!); real Scottie dogs from Scotland in The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby; and an animated feature, Jock: The Hero Dog.


FYI – We’re judging you


Especially if you didn’t know that today is Judgement Day, the day when Skynet becomes self-aware and unleashes nuclear annihilation that basically kills mankind. To celebrate this fictional scenario (we hope) we’ve got deals on select Terminator titles during our Judgement Day Sale. Want movies starting at just $4.99? No problemo. We suggest you watch at 2:14 am (ET) and see what happens.




Vudu comes to Apple TV with thousands of free movies and UltraViolet access


Sunnyvale, CA, August 22, 2017 – Vudu has released the new Vudu Player for Apple TV, giving Apple TV users access to over 4,000 free titles on Movies On Us, as well as their existing Vudu and UltraViolet collections.


Owners of the 4th generation Apple TV with tvOS 10 can download the Vudu Player from the Apple TV store and immediately watch free Movies On Us titles, with limited commercials, from studios like Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. Titles include Sahara, Imagine That, Man on a Ledge, The Last Stand, Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, Universal Soldier, Vanilla Sky, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and more.


Users can also use the native app to watch their existing Vudu collection, and for the first time, link and play their UltraViolet collection on Apple TV – all without using AirPlay.


With the addition of Apple TV, Vudu expands its watch anytime, anywhere convenience for users and continues to add to its already extensive list of Vudu-enabled platforms. Now you can access Vudu from more of your favorite devices – including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android and iOS mobile devices, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming devices like Roku, and the web.


New users should first head to to sign up for a free Vudu account, as App Store policy restricts sign up ability from the player. While online, users can easily buy or rent titles from (or from platforms such as Android devices, smart TVs, game consoles, Roku, and more) and watch them instantly on their Apple TV. Users of the iOS app can also download titles in their collection to their mobile device.


About Vudu


Enjoy the magic of movie night, every night, with Vudu. With over 100,000 titles that can be watched on your favorite devices, Vudu gives you anytime, anywhere access to your favorite movies & TV shows. At home or on the go, online or offline, Vudu delivers a premium entertainment experience with the latest in digital video and entertainment technology, including 4K Ultra High Definition, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound. For more information, visit


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