Free Drama Queens are on Movies On Us

Canedy Knowles of Bravo’s Odd Mom Out knows drama queens, and she’s curated a list of her favorites for us



Save the drama for your mama – especially if your momma knows drama like Marissa from Bravo’s hit show, Odd Mom Out.


That’s why we had the very talented, and very funny, Canedy Knowles, who plays Jill’s rage-filled nemesis, guest curate a special Movies On Us Drama Queen collection. Because who better to be the RBF of our free drama queens, than one of the favorite drama queens of Bravo?


So check out our free drama queens, and be sure to check out Odd Mom Out, Season 3 available now on Vudu.


Odd Mom Out’s Canedy Knowles Presents: Drama Queens


On Odd Mom Out, my character, Marissa, is the ultimate Upper East Side Drama queen who loses her temper about everything from kale to Hamilton. So, I bring to you a collection of movies featuring women who know how to make a scene. Whether the film stars dramatic royalty or is simply about women who stand out from the crowd, these movies will inspire even the most timid viewer to let their inner drama queen reign.



The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep, the ultimate queen of acting, stars as Margaret Thatcher – a woman who bucked societal norms to become England’s first female prime minister. Told through a series of flashbacks, this story reminds us that single-minded ambition and self-sacrifice can change the world.



This quirky, dark comedy stars Maggie Gyllenhaal in her breakout performance as Lee Holloway, a meek wallflower who becomes the Queen of S&M. James Spader plays the original Mr. Grey who literally spanks her right out of her shell. Her weakness becomes her strength and, in turn, she learns to serve coffee in handcuffs without spilling a drop.



I Want To Live!

Susan Hayward won an Academy Award for her portrayal of good-time girl Barbara Graham, who faces execution for a murder she claims she didn’t commit. This fictionalized account of true events shows Hayward at her best – fierce and sassy, but also vulnerable and desperate. The dialogue is wicked and witty and you will delight in how effortlessly Hayward delivers every one-liner with aplomb.



This lovely little dramedy tells the story of a retirement community for aged musicians as its residents prepare for the annual fundraising gala. Maggie Smith stars as a famous opera diva who is forced to face the people she hurt during her long and successful career. Every character in Quartet is an aging drama queen and the ego clashes are delightful to watch. The movie is a hilarious and touching reminder that we are never too old to start anew or act like a diva.


More to know about Canedy Knowles:



In addition to her recurring role on Odd Mom Out, Canedy has been a regular commentator on VH-1, appearing on numerous 100 Greatest… episodes and a popular contributor to their online programming, and has appeared in countless sketches for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. She’s had recurring roles on Blue Bloods and ABC’s What Would You Do? and is a series regular on the improvised series Lifegame. Canedy has also appeared on The Blacklist and Rescue Me, as well having had film roles in Enchanted, Mona Lisa Smile, and Short Cut to Happiness.


Get even more candid with Canedy on her website.



New this week: A Vudu exclusive, The Boss Baby, Free Fire, and Ghost in the Shell

A Vudu exclusive – Space Dogs: Family



Space Dogs? More like Space Dawwws. Space Dogs: Family just blasted off on Movies On Us with 13 episodes that are ready to orbit your kid’s heart. This series is exclusive to Vudu* and follows three cosmically cute pups looking to follow in their parents Space Dog paw prints.


We’ll be releasing 13 new, and exclusive, episodes each month through October, giving you access to the entire first season of this top-rated Russian kids program designed for children 2-7 years old.


The Boss Baby takes charge, Free Fire brings fireworks, and Ghost in the Shell comes out of her shell



Having July 4th fall on a Tuesday and missing out on a three-day weekend is kind of un-American if you ask us. But hey, what do we know? We’re just happy that there are some pretty good movies to watch.


Starting today, you can watch Alec Baldwin get to the (baby’s) bottom of things in the hilarious family comedy, The Boss Baby. He’s not large, but he’s in charge, and if he can’t wine and dine you into watching, he’ll just whine until you do.



Also releasing today, say hello to my little friend – Free Fire. This explosive movie is a powder keg of action and brings its own fireworks show to your Fourth of July party. The brass flies, some people die, and you might never see a shootout like this again.



On Friday, ScarJo gets robo in Ghost in the Shell. (Well, full-body prosthesis augmented-cybernetic human, but that doesn’t rhyme.) This live action version looks amazing, so we’re excited it’s available in 4K UHD. And because you’ve still got a few days, don’t miss out on the widely-acclaimed original anime.


If you hurry, you can even catch the special pre-order bundle of Ghost in the Shell and Aeon Flux. Get them for $19.99 SD or $24.99 HDX, and watch Aeon Flux immediately.


Get a date for (Spider-Man) Homecoming


With Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters Friday, our Spidey-senses are tingling because it means that starting Friday, you’ll also be able to pre-order it on Vudu. So sling some web to catch the pre-order later this week, and rest easy knowing that it’ll show up in your My Vudu when it’s released.


Even more free(dom) for your Fourth   



There’s nothing more American than free. Free to be you and me. Freedom Fries. Free-range chicken. So throw another T-bone on the ‘cue because there’s about to be a whole lot more free movies to watch.


We’ve added 87 free movies to Movies On Us including the original Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze (nothing more American than high school students defeating a Russian invasion, and, duh, Patrick Swayze), The Bad News Bears (careful, it’s a little more colorful than modern kids movies), Hostel (just in case you’re abroad for the Fourth), the endless summer epic – Step Into Liquid, and much more.



*Every 13-episode monthly release is exclusive to Vudu for 30 days




We’ve been invaded by Space Dogs. And it’s adorbs.

Kid-friendly animated series, Space Dogs: Family, launches exclusively on Vudu! Watch it free today!


Just in time for the long weekend, we’re tail-waggingly excited to bring you galactically-big Vudu exclusive – the complete first season of the kid-friendly animated series, Space Dogs: Family.


Each month until October, you and your family can watch 13 new episodes this cosmically-fun animated series for free, with limited ads, on Movies On Us. That’s right, we’re launching 13 new episodes, every month, that you can watch all at once – all at no cost to you (this time 13 is a lucky number). The episodes run about five minutes each and are exclusive to Vudu* (so yeah, these Space Dogs have marked their territory).


Space Dogs, good for kids. Space itself, not so much.


Geared towards younger audiences of 2 – 7 year olds, each episode of Space Dogs: Family orbits around Bublik (Chewy), Dina, and Rex, the affable and adventurous pups of two revered Space Dogs, Kazbek and Belka, as they soar to atmospheric levels of cuteness with their fur-tastic out of this world adventures. (But not to infinity, that’s another franchise.)


Pinky in the air, it’s imported


The award-winning series is one of the top four most popular children’s brands in Russia (yeah, yeah, but hear us out), and has been popularized and adapted to 11 other languages. The American version is written by Mike Disa, known for his work on Casper, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil, and Pocahontas.


Thematically, the series focuses on friendship, support, acceptance, and curiosity about the world around us – as well as listening to one’s parents (wait, what, no way) – and incorporates them into each episode.


Anthropomorphically awwwwww


Each of the pups in the canine cast of characters has a relatable personality that follows the typical archetypes favored by animated series geared toward young audiences. Rex is inventive, shy, and curious – and as the eldest of the three, he takes responsibility for the other pups, Dina and Bublik. Dina is fun and cheerful, and a little reckless, but has the confidence to stand up for herself when needed. Bublik, the troublemaker (there’s always one), is part reckless, clumsy, and mischievous, but never gets discouraged and keeps all of their spirits up. (Reminds us of another chippy trio of furry siblings, if you know what we munk.)


Bonus mission to the moon


On top of the Space Dogs: Family series, we’ve got a special treat for you – no, it’s not a puppy (boo). JK it is (yay)! But not a real one (boo).


From now until July 4th, you can watch the animated feature film Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon on us! That’s right, you rent, we’ll pay. Rent it today for $0 and take up to 30 days to watch it.


Watch now, we’re watching you


Just kidding, we’re totally not. But you can watch the Space Dogs: Family series, and the movie Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon, anytime, anywhere (even now), on any device with the Vudu app. So forget the countdown, take one giant leap for your family, and commence liftoff today!


* Each set of 13 episodes is exclusive to Vudu for 30 days.



Drive home The Fate of the Furious, find The Lost City of Z, pre-order Baby Driver, and watch exciting new rentals

Travel from the concrete jungle to the Amazon



The Fate of the Furious is out of the garage and firing on all cylinders. (But if you’ve been reading the blog, you already know that.)


This high-octane thrill ride shifts into high gear with a Theatrical and Extended Directors Cut bundle for just $14.99 HDX. Add on extra cars, extra testosterone, extra destruction with Extras+ (get the movie, get Extras+ included), and you’ve got more add-ons than a SEMA show.


And while “X” doesn’t mark the spot for The Lost City of Z, we’ve got it on our map. Discover this movie based off true life explorer, Percival Fawcett, and claim it for yourself (or for the Queen), for $19.99 HDX.


Your rideshare driver don’t drive like this


One of the most anticipated films of the year, Baby Driver, is screeching through theaters, and you can pre-order it now on Vudu. It’s wickedly addictive and beyond insane driving will leave you with GTA flashbacks (but leave it for the games and the pros).


Summertime and the renting is good



We’ve got a bunch of new rentals you can check out and try on for size, including CHiPs (bet you can’t watch it just once), Saban’s Power Rangers (go go rent this movie, cuz it’s movie time), The Belko Experiment (protip: if you show up for work and there are armed guards, maybe go home), and Trainspotting 2 (choose life, and use it to watch this movie).



The Fate of the Furious gets tuned with Extras+, and get special Mix & Match savings bigger than a Hemi

Forget stock – Get a souped-up experience with Extras+ on your mobile device


Put the pedal to the metal and get a serious horsepower boost with Extras+ when you watch The Fate of the Furious on Vudu today!


Exclusive to Vudu, Extras+ is an exciting and fully-immersive, in-movie experience that brings you more details about your movie, as you’re watching the movie. It’s like Inception for your movie (braaaammm), and it brings you a more complete viewing experience than ever before. So get ready to shift into high gear, becuase it’s available on both the Theatrical version and the Extended Director’s Cut.



Watching with Extras+ is as simple as using paddle shifters – launch it with the Extras Plus button (Extras on iOS) and then go from full-screen movie mode (device in landscape/horizontal) to Extras+ mode (device in portrait/vertical) with a flick of the wrist. Shift back and forth instantly without hitting the brakes on the action.


Live life an Extras+ feature at a time



With Extras+ and The Fate of the Furious All Access Interactive Experience, you can virtually visit actual scene locations with Google Maps Places, learn more about the historical significance of shooting in Cuba, watch deleted scenes (what happens on set, doesn’t stay on set…), and much, much more.



You’ll even get a complete look across the entire franchise with the Timeline Tuner – an interactive movie carousel filled with videos, clips, and galleries from all eight Fast and Furious films.


Raindrops, drop tops, even more rides on top (of it all)



But we ain’t even done yet. We can’t really call it Extras+ if we don’t offer extra cars (get another one, and another one…). So, geek out with the Car Garage Carousel and get specs, commentary, pics, and video of all your favorite whips.


Take a peek under the hood at even more extras:



Iceland Stunt Diaries – Learn what it’s like shooting in the ice with the most technologically advanced cars ever – get commentary, storyboards, and more!


Betraying the Family – A deeper look at Charlize Theron’s character, “Cipher,” and her collaboration with the creative team to create this character.


The Hero Cars of Fast – A look at all the unique featured cars like the Ice Charger and Roman’s Lambo.


The Streets of New York – Find out how they filmed all the amazing action in NYC.


+ Much more! (That’s more aftermarket bolt-ons than a SEMA show.)


You can’t mix and match Fuel, but you can Mix & Match movies



Rev your engines, for a limited time you can get more Fast and more Furious with Mix & Match. Get furious savings when you purchase two titles from a selection of Furious franchise and actor filmography titles for just $14.99. That’s right – own the pinks to two movies for just $14.99. Hey, winning’s winning.


We don’t have friends, we have family



The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. That’s why you’re invited to join our #VuduViewingParty family as we watch The Fate of the Furious on Friday, June 30, at 6:00 pm (PST).


Sync your screen with Vudu and thousands of Furious fans across the nation. Follow and join the conversation on Twitter with #VuduViewingParty. Learn fun facts and maybe win a prize during our giveaways and trivia contests!


Ready to ride or die? Drift on over and learn more about our Vudu Viewing Party.