Vudu Gives Customers the On-Demand Entertainment They Want

Via Variety DECEMBER 5, 2017 10:00AM PT –


Entertainment service Vudu, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, might be considered an old-timer in the fast-moving online market.


The 2017 Variety Press Play: Home Entertainment and Digital Hall of Fame inductee has logged a decade by staying focused on the customer, says Jeremy Verba, VP and GM, Vudu, video games and media,


“It’s a technology not for technology itself, not for innovation itself, but rather for getting the customer what they want,” he says. “And what do they want? They want their content wherever they want it, however they want it and on the device they want it. One of the things that Vudu’s really focused on is being ubiquitous, being on all the devices, being on all the operating systems, all the various cloud-based systems.”


That often means partnerships, as “innovation is a team sport,” Verba says.


In addition to supporting UltraViolet accounts, Vudu recently signed on as one of the four initial retailers, along with iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, supporting Movies Anywhere, the cloud-based locker system launched in October that allows consumers access to their digital movies regardless of which of the retailers processed the initial purchase. Lockers help customers “feel very comfortable in buying a digital copy,” Verba says.


Not only does Vudu offer more than 100,000 movies and TV titles to rent or buy, but last year it launched Movies on Us, a free ad-supported service.


“We’ve given customers the option to have a movie or TV show no matter what mood they’re in, whether they just want to sit back and watch something for free, whether they want to rent something and just view it once, or whether they want to buy it and enjoy ownership,” Verba says.


Acquired by top disc retailer Walmart in 2010, Vudu also has a unique platform to help customers bridge the physical and digital world. Through its disc-to-digital program, consumers can use their mobile phone to scan discs in their home library and purchase digital copies for a few bucks. Its InstaWatch program allows customers to access a digital copy when they purchase a qualifying physical disc, and customers can also buy digital copies by purchasing a card in Walmart stores that creates an access pin on their receipt.


Vudu is continuing to support expanded and innovative special features and new formats, offering several hundred titles in 4K UHD.


“We want to make sure that wherever our customers are on the technology spectrum that we have the product for them,” Verba says.



Vudu Honored as a Home Entertainment & Digital Leader by Variety

We went to Hollywood and got an award


Yeah, so that happened. While other people were goin’ up on a Tuesday, we were getting down in LA and being honored as a Variety Press Play: Home Entertainment and Digital Hall of Fame inductee. That’s right, Vudu is officially famous and we have an award to prove it.


The Variety Press Play gala recognizes industry-leading executives and companies for their contributions to digital entertainment and their impact on the future direction of film, TV, music, VR, and more.


Vudu was honored for the leadership role our service plays in encouraging consumer adoption of transactional digital entertainment by providing the highest quality content along with exceptional value and convenience.


Aside from the honor of being recognized for our dedication to delivering complete access to digital movies & TV anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device, it was also a fun night out hobnobbing with other industry leaders.


And because we’re still reeling from all the excitement, we wanted to share a few moments from last night with you.



Highlight of the night? Getting the award! Here’s Jeremy Verba, VP and GM, Vudu & Connected Home, receiving the award, and what he had to say about the honor:


“It’s a technology not for technology itself, not for innovation itself, but rather for getting the customer what they want. And what do they want? They want their content wherever they want it, however, they want it and on the device they want it. One of the things that Vudu’s really focused on is being ubiquitous, being on all the devices, being on all the operating systems, all the various cloud-based systems.”



The event was held at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills (that’s 90210 for those in the know). And we’re not saying they were trying to give us a little extra, but that looks an awful lot like Vudu blue. We’re just saying.



Oh, an award? We were just told there’d be food. And we gotta say, these Hollywood types eat pretty well.



We’re kind of a big deal now. You better recognize. Just kidding. Don’t worry, we’re still all about you, our Vudu fans. We won’t let this (semi) fame go to our heads.


We think one of our team members summed the night up best:


“Being in Silicon Valley, sometimes we feel more like a tech company than an entertainment company. Being at this event, with all the entertainment companies and studios, made us really feel that as much as we are a tech company, we are also an entertainment company. And getting the award proved that we are really making an impact in the entertainment industry.”


So THANK YOU, Vudu fans, for trusting us, believing in us, and helping to make us who we are. We promise to continue to always to do our best for you.



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New This Week – Don’t be no jive turkey edition

Spooks, crooks, and cooks


Turkey day is upon us. Good for friends, family, football, and food. Not so good for our large-bodied fowl friends. (Deep thought of the day – the sound we attribute to turkeys, gobble, is also the name of the action we have for eating them. #mindblown)


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Create a diversion (classic clandestine tactic pro-tip) with the action flick American Assassin. Watch Michael Keaton hang up his Vulture wings and open up an assassin school for spooks, so that new recruit Dylan O’Brien can light it up.


Despicable Me is available now on Vudu! Bananas, we know.


Or if the little ones are running amok, let them go bananas with Despicable Me 3. It’s got a nice family theme with Gru discovering a long lost twin brother, Dru – not to mention everyone’s favorite Minions.


Get wined and dined on The Trip to Spain, now available on Vudu


And if you’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen, get them focused on other food matters with The Trip to Spain. Watch comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon check out breathtaking locales and to-die-for cuisine while on a hilarious culinary road trip through Spain.


Are we seriously not doing "phrasing" anymore?


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New movies not in theaters


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Watch Birth of the Dragon, a story inspired by the battle between Bruce Lee and Shaolin Monk Wong Jack Man. Get between a hitman and a triple-a rated executive protection agent as they go head-to-head in the comedy action hit, The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Or be visually amazed by Luc Besson’s (The Fifth Element, Taken, and Lucy) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.


Happy Thanksgiving Vudu fans!