Ahoy. It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and we’ve got Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Plus Watch Wonder Woman, Killing Gunther, and Get some free love

Dead men tell no tales, but they do entertain


Avast ye landlubbers, for it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrg. Ok, we’re done speaking pirate, but we’re still celebrating the follyday (fake holiday, is that a thing?) that also happens to be the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


Four movies, plenty of curses (but not cursing), and countless bottles of rum have led up to this fifth and final chapter in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s Capt. Jack Sparrow’s “final” voyage (mmhmm, there’s a rug store down the street that’s been going out of business for the last 10 years too), and this film fills its sails with the action, laughs, and undead pirates you’d expect – and ups the ante with ghost sharks. Shiver me timbers. (Ok we lied, we weren’t done.) So, grab ye mates, secure the treasure (the movie), and drop anchor on the couch, savvy?


See even more dead people


A different kind of ghost story, A Ghost Story haunts not in a horror movie sense, but in how it tells the story of love, loss, memory, and time. It doesn’t have flickering lights, things creeping out of the shadows, or that eerie horror sound effect favorite – the waterphone. But it does tie in a love story, loneliness and denial, and a little bit of time warping. It’s an arty little indie, that’s worth the heartbreaking and heartwarming ride.


A wondrous rental



Wonder Woman is now available for rent. If you haven’t seen this powerhouse of a movie yet, well now’s your chance. Directory Patty Jenkins does a job worthy of an Amazon and delivers both a hero and a movie we can all be proud of.


Ah-nold is back


We’ve got a special treat for you. This Friday, you’ll be able to watch Killing Gunther BEFORE it hits theaters. Whaaa? How is this possible? Don’t ask questions, just watch it. (Do it, do it naow. Well, do it Friday…)


Arnold Schwarzenegger is Gunther, the world’s greatest assassin (of course he is), and he’s being hunted by a group of less established assassins trying to make a name for themselves. Hilarious hijinks ensue.


Feel free to feel the love


Love is in the air. And on your screen. And it’s free in both places. With fall just around the corner, we’ve got a bunch of free movies you can fall in love with as you cuddle with your S.O. to keep warm.



The Material Girl takes charge as director of W.E., her vision of King Edward VIII’s abdication of the British throne in the name of love. We’ve also got the story of love in the inner-city of Houston with Jason’s Lyric, the story of a man (hey Matt LeBlanc, how you doin?) who literally falls crazy in love whenever he falls for a girl with Lovesick, and a movie that brings new meaning to being lovesick (the feeling, not the last movie) with Griffin & Phoenix.




Transform yourself into a Transformers expert



Michael Bay blows stuff up. We’ll blow your mind.


You guys (and some gals) had questions, we got answers. Well, better than that, we got answers from a legit source – our friend, David, the Transformers Lore Expert at Hasbro. No, we’re not making that up, he exists. We verified.


So, read on and arm yourself with some lore expert-level knowledge. And if you haven’t already, head over to Vudu and watch Transformers: The Last Knight.


Transformers: The Last Knight tells us that the Transformers have been here forever. Since this opens up limitless possibilities, where could this take the Transformers storyline?

You are correct that this does open limitless possibilities, which should keep us, here at Transformers Headquarters, very busy – and Transformers fans entertained for generations.


How far will the movie series divert from or align with the lore that’s been built into the comics and cartoons?

We’ve always drawn from our lore, but we’re making a greater effort to bring more alignment across all our storytelling.


Transformers are often given anthropomorphic properties. In cartoons they were often choked, do they breathe air? Do Transformers feel pain?

They do not necessarily breathe air, but they do need to intake a mixture of a gaseous substance to ignite their engines. Most of the Transformers do feel pain, but someone like Shockwave can override his sensors to eliminate pain – while inflicting it on others.


Since Quintessa seems part human, does this mean that humans were the original creators of the Transformers?

Very astute question, however, it’s the other way around. Quintessa (Quintus Prime) is actually one of the original gods in the Transformer universe and is known as the Prime that went out into the universe to create lifeforms. As a creator, she could easily change her humanoid bot form to appear like a human.


If Cybertron is dead, where are all the Transformers coming from?

The planet isn’t completely dead and still has inhabitants trying to survive. However, prior to Cybertron dying, during the golden age of Transformers, they explored other worlds and established settlements on these planets. This ended when the spacebridges that tethered them to Cybertron were shut down to prevent the rust plague from spreading. Therefore, there is still an abundance of Transformers appearing from different parts of our universe.


If it’s possible for Transformers to get robot Alzheimer’s, can they get other diseases as well?

Yes, their memory chip can deteriorate, or be affected by something traumatic, such as direct exposure to strong magnetic fields or physical trauma. They are assailable to some diseases. One, in particular, is known as the rust plague, which nearly killed them off long ago.


How did the Transformers “transformation” sound originate?

Much practice. Actually, the objective of creating the sound was to create something that sounded both organic (alive) and mechanical. The sound scales down when turning into a vehicle and the scale goes up when turning into a bot, as bot form is their true form.


Aside from the movies, why do you think the Transformers have stood the test of time and remain so popular?

Alien robots that turn into vehicles – who doesn’t love that? Aside from the coolness of that, I would say that stories of good vs. evil are eternal, and aliens that share similar conflicts to us humans also make for relatable and timeless stories.


How big is your collection, and what’s the rarest Transformer you have?

I can’t put a number to it, which is the downfall of being a collector. But I also have the benefit of new Transformers finding their way into my office on an ongoing basis.

The rarest Transformer I have would be a G1 Japanese version of Megatron that changes into a pistol. It’s also rare due to safety laws that now prevent us from making toys that look like real world weapons.


What are some of the defining moments in Transformers history/lore?

Here are a few that stand out:


When Megatron and Optimus Prime parted ways on how the future of Cybertron should be built, which divided the bots into the two faction – Autobots and Decepticons, which triggered the civil war.


When Orion Pax was bestowed the Matrix of Leadership and became Optimus Prime, the new leader of the Autobots.


The moment Optimus Prime jettisoned the Allspark, the source of life, into space through the spacebridge.


Primus imprisons Unicron by forming himself into a planet we now know as Cybertron.


Is there a Transformer that you would like to see appear in the movies?

That’s a difficult choice. I would like to offer two, one Autobot and one Decepticon. I’d love to see Omega Supreme, a bot that turns into a rocket to transport other Autobots, as well as the Decepticon counterpart, Astrotrain.



Baby Driver brings hum in the drum, Donnie Darko is back, and IT is available for pre-order


Hit the gas with Baby Driver

Watch Baby Driver now on Vudu!

Edgar Wright redlines it with this full-throttle 113-minute adrenaline rush going by the slightly misleading name, Baby Driver. (It definitely won’t lull you to sleep.)


This thrill-ride of a movie is full of his signature quick-cuts and action, plus this time around we’re also treated to a turbo boost of eardrum thumping music, and moves so slick it makes everyone else look like they’re driving Power Wheels.


Donnie Darko turns 15


Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Donnie Darko and watch this cult classic featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, his sister Maggie, Patrick Swayze, and a whole slew of other powerhouse names – including Frank, a guy in a stupid bunny suit.


If you weren’t able to catch it when it made its rounds in theaters earlier this year, now is your chance to add it to your collection and relive the (dark) magic of this wickedly twisted tale. Enjoy it in your stupid man suit and watch tonight!


Now available for rent


Your mom always told you not to forget your underpants, or was it to wear clean ones? (But why wouldn’t you want to wear clean ones?) Anyway, now you get to give your kids their own underpants. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie that is.


Rent it today and save it for family movie night this weekend, or next, or whenever (you’ve got 30 days to start it). And if you want to round out family movie night with some activities, check out this blog post.

Now available for rent on Vudu, The Mummy!

Also available for rent, The Mummy, the movie that launchs the “Dark Universe,” and the horror/suspense thriller It Comes At Night. (All of a sudden I want to hear some Rolling Stones….)


Float your way to this pre-order

Float over to Vudu and pre-order the terrifying remake of IT, available now!

It’s another year in Derry, Maine, and this sleepy town is about to be woken up from a 30-year long slumber – with a record breaking opening weekend. We’re talking about the super creepy reboot of Stephen King’s IT and its US box-office shattering $123.1 million (as of Monday morning). Pre-order IT for a rainy day, today.





Transformers: The Last Knight – Rolling out today online and on Digital Movie Card in Walmart stores

Watch Transformers: The Last Knight with our new Digital Movie Cards + Watch Baby Driver, Donnie Darko, and pre-order IT

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Transformers: The Last Knight is now available on Vudu. That’s right, it’s time for more Autobots, more Decepticons, and now, one more way to buy Transformers: The Last Knight – on the new Digital Movie Card.


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This latest installment of the Transformers franchise gives us an evil Optimus, a whole new look at a human history that includes Transformers since the dawn of time, and a whole bunch of other things we don’t even have time to get into. Except for the fact it’ll all come with the Michael Bay signature explosion-topia of effects. So suffice it to say, we’re excited!






Free and exclusively on Vudu: Watch Amy Jo Johnson’s The Space Between

Go, go, Amy Jo

Watch Amy Jo Johnson’s debut feature film, The Space Between, for free, exclusively on Movies On Us.


If the name sounds familiar but you can’t quite place it, you’re probably more familiar with one of her characters, Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.


It’s been 18 years since we last saw her spin kick her way through armies of Putties, and since then she’s also gone on to appear in other series like Felicity, Flashpoint, and Covert Affairs. She’s also showed her musical prowess as a singer/songwriter with the release of her three albums.


The Space Between is Amy Jo Johnson’s directorial debut and first feature length film – which she also wrote and stars in (it’s morphin’ time indeed). A true passion project, Amy Jo funded the film via Indiegogo and raised 179% of what she needed to produce the film.


This heartfelt indie follows a proud father, Mitch (Michael Cram, Flashpoint), who finds out his daughter isn’t actually his, but the result of his wife’s, Jackie (Sonya Salomaa, The Intruders), affair. The devastated Mitch embarks on a journey to find answers, learns a lot about himself, his ability to connect, and embracing his shortcomings.


The characters are earnest and well portrayed, and draw you in with interesting backstories. We wish we had more time to learn about some of the characters and their unique situations – aside from just being representative of the idea that everyone has baggage and is dealing with something. But overall the story is well established and the message the film carries is solid.


The Space Between is quirky and fun, but not in a pushy or forced way. It doesn’t try to reach beyond what it is and does a good job of playing to its strengths.
Visually, the production value is there – it’s shot beautifully, and Amy Jo’s keen eye and attention to detail will only continue to evolve. It’s a strong debut, a charming and sweet film, and an enjoyable hour and a half of your time. Besides, it’s free. And exclusive. So what the heck, try something new.