Criterion Collection on VUDU

I am excited to announce that The Criterion Collection, the reference collection for cinema masterpieces, is for the first time available on a TV based streaming Internet movie service.

I am also very happy that the folks at Criterion chose to work with VUDU to make their collection available for on-demand viewing on TV’s. This is one of my all times favorite collections, a carefully selected set of the world’s best movies, painstakingly restored from the best audio and video sources by Criterion.

These timeless classics will stay with you long after you are done watching the movie. They are in many ways at the other end of the art-entertainment spectrum compared to the Hollywood blockbusters we all enjoy: most of these movies are not studio movies, they are deeply personal movies, unvarnished expressions of the director’s intent.

Frederico Fellini, James Ivory, Igmar Bergman, you may recognize some of these great cinematographer’s names, but perhaps never had the opportunity to watch one of their movies. They are now just a click away on your VUDU service!

Check these movies on Rotten Tomatoes: the “Tomatometer” rarely drops below 90% and for most of the movies it is between 95% and 100%. Yes, this is how good these movies are.

Watch them with your friends, watch them with your significant others, watch them with your kids, watch them with your parents, but watch these movies, your neurons will thank you.

Tell us about your favorite Criterion movie.  Is there a particular film that resonates with you or brings back memories?

The Thief of Bagdad Harakiri The Honeymoon Killers
Black Orpheus Harlan County USA The Horse’s Mouth
Hopscotch Heat and Dust The Red Balloon
Il Posto Juliet of the Spirits The Rules of the Game
Mon Oncle L’avventura The Shop on Main Street
Vengeance Is Mine La Pointe Courte The Spirit of the Beehive
Au Revoir Les Enfants La Strada The Vanishing
Autumn Sonata Lord of the Flies The Virgin Spring
Bombay Talkie M Thirst
Branded to Kill Maurice Walkabout
Clean, Shaven Overlord Burden of Dreams
Cleo from 5 to 7 Picnic at Hanging Rock General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait
Closely Watched Trains Quartet Lord of the Flies
Cria Cuervos… Ratcatcher The Cranes Are Flying
Divorce Italian Style Salesman Blood Wedding
Elevator to the Gallows Sans Soleil Deep Crimson
Fat Girl Shakespeare Wallah Equinox Flower
For All Mankind Sweet Movie God’s Country
General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait Sweetie Howards End
George Washington The Beales of Grey Gardens I Shot Jesse James
Grey Gardens The Cranes Are Flying Monterey Pop

Trailer Showcase: HDX to the max

We just added  a great new feature to the VUDU movie service: “New Trailers”.

You will find it under a new tab on the VUDU movie service start screen. With this new feature you can watch hot new Hollywood trailers, right on your VUDU enabled TV or Bluray player. And, as always with VUDU, it is all on-demand, all in 1080p resolution with 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

In industry parlance these trailers are pre-theatrical trailers, trailers that movie studios put out to create buzz for upcoming movies. We get these trailers as soon as they are out, and make them available in SD, HD, and HDX quality.

These high quality pre-theatrical trailers provide a great way to sample the VUDU experience without having to spend a dime, even if you do not have a VUDU account. Many of our beta users also report using the trailers to test their home bandwidth and find out which VUDU movie qualities work best with their broadband service.

A really cool feature we added by popular demand is the ability to automatically watch the trailers in sequence, essentially creating a “nothing but trailers” movie. Trailers are an art form in their own right, enjoy them now in their full glory… in HDX.