VUDU just got even easier (and you didn’t think it was possible…)

Today marks a special day for VUDU, and we’re excited to share the news with you.  Last month we announced a new collaboration with LG Electronics.  Today it comes to fruition, as owners of LG broadband HDTVs receive the VUDU service directly on their televisions. From now on owners of LG HDTVs will be able to stream VUDU movies right to their smart TV. 

This is a huge deal because it’s the first time the VUDU service is moving out of the set-top box and into a smart TV.  Now LG Broadband HDTV owners can access the highest quality movie service in the world.  Specifically, if you own a 42″, 47″ or 55″ LH50 LCD or a 50″ or 60″ PS80 plasma, just hit the NetCast button, and you’re good to go.  Eventually we hope to be on more models from LG.

VUDU has always been about a no compromise, high-quality movie experience.  Stream movies at 1080p picture quality and with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.  Get movies the day they come out on DVD.  And do so without having to drive to the rental store (or even walk over to the DVD player).  And now, enjoy VUDU simply by virtue of owning an LG HDTV.  Don’t have an LG?  Shhhh… we hope to be on more TV’s and more devices in your living room in the near future.

You can see the technical details in our press release here. And if you want to read about it in the press, below are some articles that have come out today.



Fierce Online Video

Electronic House

It’s Back To School – My Nightmare’s Return

Who could forget the last few weeks of summer vacation from school. The cooler mornings was the first indicator, going to the store and shopping for clothing and supplies was the second, and then it hits you, the memories of last year were you were given your first wedgie in gym class!

Yes the nightmare’s started this week even though I have been out of school for a while. Now shopping and getting the kids ready this time of brings back all sorts of memories. So I was thinking about what movies could really define my back to school experiences from the good, bad and downright mean.

What are some of your favorate back to school movies? Let us know.

In Memory of John Hughes

John Hughes wrote, directed, and produced movies that influenced a generation. Who could forget the movies:

And my personal favorites:

It just wasn’t his writing and directing but also the deep character development that was his signature. One would think that he wrote a character based on their life and have it unfold on the screen. Anthony Michael Hall cast in Weird Sciencecould have certainly been taken from my high school days.

John Hughes you will be missed but your gift will live on for those lives that you have influenced though the movies.