80’s classics your mom would totally let you watch


News travels fast, just ask anyone who played Girl Talk Date Line (talk about nostalgia callback). So, with the news that the classic 80’s role-reversal movie, Mr. Mom, is arriving as a Vudu-exclusive, free TV series in 2019, we’re celebrating by taking a look at some more of the great 80’s classics currently available for FREE on Vudu.


Everybody’s Working For The 80’s



Who ya gonna call? Way before the reboot brought busting back, we remember pretending to zap Slimer with our proton packs, wanting to live in a decommissioned firehouse, and cowering at the sight of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. So, check out Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 (don’t cross streams!), the perfect combination of fun, frightening, and free to watch.



Punching meat. Running up stairs. Raining haymakers on a murderer’s row of larger-than-life fighters (including Mr. T). Running up some more stairs. And you can’t get more 80’s than the US vs USSR (I must break you). If the last time you heard Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger was on 12-inch vinyl, it’s time to revisit the legend of the Italian Stallion with Rocky III, III, IV, and V.



Move over, Jared Leto. True Bat-fans remember deadly Smylex gas, the futuristic Batwing, and sold-out Joker merchandise in every store.  Tim Burton’s signature dark and gloomy style officially took flight when a new generation met the Batman.



If you were watching horror movies in 1988, there’s a strong chance you developed a fear of dolls that never went away (ours hasn’t). Chucky’s blood-red hair and fiendishly freckled face haunt the dreams of even the bravest 80s kids. With free streaming, confronting your fear is Child’s Play.

Video killed the radio star



But not the 80s TV stars. Relive those glory days by watching ALF eat cats, unraveling the unknown with Unsolved Mysteries, and learning along with Mr. Wizard’s World guarantee a throwback any day of the week.