For exactly decade and a half now, Christmas cheer has been parcelled, wrapped, and delivered not only by old St. Nick, but by a 6′ 3″ man in tights and a feathered cap.


Buddy the Elf, as portrayed by Will Ferrell, has caroled his way into the heart of Yuletide movie-lovers nationwide with his heart, humor, and haplessness in Elf. Like fine syrup, the film only grows better with age, so let’s ring in the holiday season with a look at all the reasons we love Elf.



First and foremost on the nice list is obviously comedy. For all its other gifts, at its heart Elf is the story of WIll Ferrell wandering around New York in elf clothes spreading the good word about Santa, and its every bit as hilarious as it sounds.


From the candy-coated spaghetti, to the mail room dance-off, to the ever-cordial Mr. Narwhal, Elf is a far-fetched fantasy that never takes itself too seriously.



“SANTAAAAAAAAA!” “You sit on a throne of lies!” “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because like most Ferrell movies, Elf is as endlessly quotable as it is overstuffed with goofs.


The movie’s many roasted chestnuts of Christmas wisdom have become hallmarks of the holiday, uniting fans from the Candy Cane Forest to the Lincoln Tunnel.



Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, Elf is a feel-good family film with a message that melts heart like marshmallows in a mug of hot cocoa.


As Buddy never fails to remind us, “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear,” and Elf packs in more singing, hugging, and sincerity than just about any other Christmas movie, while still sneaking some adult humor onto the sleigh.


No matter the season or the reason, Elf is the sugar-filled confection sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Happy birthday, Buddy!