10th anniversary. 10¢ rental Wednesdays. We sense a theme.


One day only - 10¢ movie rentals on select titles!


One day only – Rent an HDX movie for 10¢!


What can you get for 10¢? Because you’re on Vudu and it’s our 10th anniversary celebration, you can get a movie rental. That’s right, watch a movie for 10¢! An HDX movie rental at that! What about outside of Vudu? Maybe a piece of candy. Maybe one LEGO brick.  Maybe a banana. Meh, not exciting choices. Go with the rental.


These are the days that your parents told you about when they say, “Back in my day….” Now you can say it back to them and silence them once and for all. Inflation? Psssshhh. The value of a dollar? Yeah, 10 rentals. A penny saved is a penny earned? Well, 10 pennies is a movie. So take that to the bank, ‘rents.


If you’ve got the money honey, we’ve got your disease (and by disease we mean movie)


Choose from 30 pretty amazing titles, including Pacific Rim (but have you seen Atlantic Rim?), Top Gun (I mean come on, talk to me Goose, no brainer right here), Bridget Jones’s Diary (so adorbs), Galaxy Quest (never give up, never surrender – except to 10¢ rentals), Into the Wild, Divergent, and more!


Pick up as many as you want, because as always, you have 30 days to start any rental and between 24-72 hours to finish it. So if you’ve got the dime, we’ve got the time. Literally. You could even rent all 30 and watch a movie a day for $3. Three bucks!


Check out all the 10¢ titles while they last, because at the end of the day, they’ll be gone. Well, um, only to return next Wednesday with another set of 10¢ rental titles. (Insert joke about not nickel and diming.)