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Early Digital Release: The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Jchang | August 5, 2014 in New Releases | Comments (0)


Today ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ swings your way–two weeks before Blu-ray/DVD release AND with a VUDU-exclusive bonus feature.

Praised for its top tier cast and outstanding special effects, the second installment in Sony’s reboot reunited director Marc Webb with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and brought in Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ grossed a massive $708 million worldwide and features enough action, humor and heart to make it a worthy successor to the 2012 film. It also has a shocking ending that will make the third movie (currently scheduled for 2018) a must-see event.


‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ is available to watch instantly on VUDU and includes a VUDU-only bonus feature. Own it individually or as part of a two-movie bundle.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Exclusive VUDU Bonus Features

ASM 2 w/ Bonus Features

ASM 1 & 2 Bundle w/ Bonus Features

ASM 2 in 3D

ASM in 3D

Blast from the past

The ‘original’ Spider-Man Trilogy

Noah + Bonus Features: Catch it early on VUDU

Jchang | July 15, 2014 in New Releases | Comments (0)


Starting today, you can own and watch ‘Noah’ two weeks before DVD and Blu-ray release.

Director Darren Aronofsky’s (Black Swan, The Wrestler) gritty, action-packed interpretation of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark earned $359 million globally and received stellar reviews for its visuals and actor performances. Watch it today along with nearly an extra hour’s worth of bonus features!


NoahNoah is more than just a builder. He’s an action hero.

Russell Crowe stars as Noah, a man compelled by a greater power to build a massive ark in anticipation of catastrophic floods that will wipe out humanity. Similar to the biblical tale, the ark is used to shelter earth’s animal. However, to add more gravitas (and content) to the story, the film puts heavy focus on Noah’s own perspectives toward the worthiness of humanity.

Noah 2Emma Watson’s character adds romance and is a key plot point

Unlike the passing mention in the Bible, Noah’s family is a key part of the film. This gives the movie additional star power in the form of Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins (as Noah’s wife, son and grandfather, respectively), as well as Emma Watson–playing a young orphan and love interest for one of Noah’s sons.

Noah 3
Impressive set pieces and special effects helped make Noah a hit

To help achieve Aronofsky’s vision, the filmmakers poured in a $125 million dollar budget, which allowed for filming in the sweeping landscapes of Iceland, the addition of some fantastical creatures and impressive special effects–especially important in the visualization of the spectacularly-designed ark.

Noah was well-received by critics and has a 76% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Watch ‘Noah’ with Bonus Features early on VUDU

Prepare for Extinction with the Transformers Movie Ticket Offer!

Jchang | June 16, 2014 in New Releases,Sales | Comments (1)


Catch Up on the Action, Prepare for Extinction

Will June 27, 2014 be the end for the Transformers? On that day, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” charges into theaters with big robots, big swords, big guns and–because we asked for it–bigger robot dinosaurs.

That means you have less than two weeks to catch up on the original trilogy and prepare to be awed by Michael Bay’s latest action- and special effects-laden installment.

And now is a great time to do so because each movie in the original trilogy is priced at the amazingly low $9.99 in HDX!

Plus, to make it an even sweeter deal, own any of the three original movies (or the the trilogy bundle) in HD or HDX, and you’ll get a reward code to redeem for a movie ticket to see “Transformers: Age of Extinction” in theaters (up to $8).

How it Works

  • Own of any of the movies below between 6/16/2014 and 7/14/2014.
  • Receive an e-mail within 48 hours from VUDU containing your reward code.
  • Visit the link in the email and follow the instructions to activate your reward code.
  • Print your certificate, and enjoy watching “Transformers: Age of Extinction” in theaters starting June 27th.

Learn more at then prepare for extinction!

Transformers Trilogy


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Own The LEGO Movie, Get a Bonus $3 Credit

Jchang | May 23, 2014 in New Releases,Sales | Comments (2)


For a limited time only, VUDU is offering an awesome deal on “The LEGO Movie.” Own the movie (or any of the bundles) on VUDU and automatically get $3 movie credit to use toward any future purchase or rental.


Fast-paced Family FunLEGO Movie2

“The LEGO Movie” follows the story of Emmet, a happy-go-lucky, extraordinarily-normal LEGO construction worker. When Emmet stumbles upon a mysterious object called The Piece of Resistance, he is thrown headfirst into an action-adventure story featuring colorful LEGO worlds and a cast of LEGO-fied film- and real-life celebrities including Batman, Gandalf, Shaq, Han Solo, Wonder Woman and more.


Lots of Plastic, Heart & SoulLEGO Movie3

“The LEGO Movie” was a blockbuster in the theaters, grossing over $250 million in the US and sitting atop the box office three straight weeks. Critics praised The LEGO Movie not only for its laughs, but also for its thoughtful story and positive message. Reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes have rated it 96% Fresh, and VUDU users have given it 4.4 out of 5 stars.


Everything is AwesomeLEGO Movie4

Not only is “The LEGO Movie” available on VUDU four weeks before the official DVD and Blu-ray launch, from now until May 31st, 2014, every purchase will come with a bonus $3 credit. Visit The LEGO Movie Offer page to learn more!


Own The LEGO Movie Today & Get $3 Credit!

The LEGO Movie The 2D + 3D Bundle The LEGO Movie 3D

Future Trends: Simplicity, Comfort and VUDU

khenely | May 12, 2014 in New Releases,VUDU | Comments (0)

Can films forecast the future? When it comes to VUDU, perhaps so.

Celeste and Jesse Forever” is a 2012 romantic dramedy about the bittersweet relationship between a professional trends forecaster, Celeste (Rashida Jones), and her unemployed, soon-to-be ex-husband, Jesse (Andy Samberg). In the first three minutes of the film, not only are we introduced to Celeste and Jesse, but we learn a little more about Celeste’s professional (and maybe personal) opinions on the future, which happily include VUDU.

As Celeste and Jesse drive through downtown Los Angeles in their Prius singing along to the song “Littlest Things” by Lilly Allen, Celeste receives a call. It’s work, and she has to quickly provide a sound byte to the Los Angeles Times. As Jesse lights up a cigarette, Celeste says into her cellphone: ‘This year all trends will head towards simplicity and comfort. Things like Roku, VUDU, cookbooks and casual wear will see a spike in the market.’ Right before she hangs up she asks Jesse in a whisper if she can have a drag. He then hands her the cigarette and she throws it out the window–since smoking, obviously, isn’t trendy in movies anymore.

Rashida Jones said in an interview that she, along with her co-star Will McCormac, wrote the script four years prior to its production in 2011, which makes Celeste’s prediction especially prophetic. In 2008 VUDU only existed as a limited number of set-top boxes, but has since grown by leaps and bounds into full-feature video-on-demand service available on millions of devices with millions of users that rely on us for convenience, simplicity and, of course, great movies like “Celeste and Jesse Forever.