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Introducing InstaWatch from VUDU and Walmart

Jchang | October 14, 2014 in New Features | Comments (6)

InstaWatch BLog

Today at VUDU, we’re launching our biggest new feature yet: InstaWatch.

Exclusively from VUDU and Walmart, InstaWatch gives you a digital copy of every eligible DVD or Blu-ray that you buy at Walmart stores or on—automatically.

That means you get to own your favorite movie on disc and watch it digitally on smartphones, tablets and more. Even better: It won’t cost you anything extra.

InstaWatch is perfect for movie collectors, families that want to watch anywhere and anytime, those new to digital entertainment–well, anyone that loves movies and great value.


Check out the InstaWatch page here.


How does it work?


InstaWatch is easy to use, and works with Savings Catcher, the hit new feature available on the Walmart app for Android or iOS devices, or on

  1. Buy any eligible DVD or Blu-ray at Walmart
  2. Scan your receipt with the app
    (If you bought on, just look for a confirmation email)
  3. That’s it! Enjoy your digital copy on VUDU

You’ll need a free account. If you already are a VUDU user and want the digital copies to be added to the same account, be sure to sign up using the same email address. users can sign in directly to VUDU to start watching.


Get the Walmart App:

Sign up for VUDU here.

Shop InstaWatch titles here.

Why TV is Even Better on VUDU

Jchang | June 18, 2014 in New Features,VUDU | Comments (3)


Are we in a new golden age of television? Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Community and (easily) dozens more consistently wow audiences with their complex story-telling, fine-tuned acting, quality production, smart premises and unique voices. Today more shows than ever are truly must-see TV.

Must-see TV on VUDU

Breaking Bad Mad Men Game of Thrones Community

The even better news is that this new golden age coincides with a new digital age. It’s never been easier to watch (or try) the shows you want, wherever and whenever you want—especially with services like VUDU.

Missed that episode last night? Watch it the next day on VUDU. Can’t wait till you get home? Just download or stream it to your smartphone or tablet. Don’t have cable? VUDU carries cable shows also. Want to cut the cord? Join the VUDU club.

Cut the Chord

VUDU and over 60 network channels makes cutting the cord much easier.

Watching TV shows is just better on VUDU. In fact, here’s a new page detailing why. And beyond the core benefits of TV anywhere, no commercials, next day availability and access to thousands of shows, you get customizable subtitles, standard or high definition options, curated collections, bonus content and even free episodes. For these reasons and more, it’s just easier and more convenient to watch TV on VUDU.


Today, we’ve also made trying and collecting TV shows even better. In addition to Season Pass for currently airing TV shows, which automatically adds new episodes to your VUDU Library (and at a discounted price), we’ve launched two new offers: Season Complete and Season Upgrade.


In short, owning TV shows is now easier and more affordable. For select shows, if you try out an episode or two of a season and decide you like it, you can complete the entire season and only pay the difference. If you already own a season in standard definition (SD), you can upgrade it to high definition (720p HD or 1080p HDX) for only the difference in price as well.

In both cases, your past purchases are credited toward the complete or upgraded season price and the discount is automatically reflected in the price on the title pages. No redeeming codes or jumping through hoops.

Complete your seasons…Season Complete2

or upgrade them.Season Complete(1)


Hundreds of TV shows have Season Pass offers and thousands have Season Complete and Season Upgrade offers. For more information, visit our Season Offer Page and FAQs. You can find a brief list of top shows in this collection room, or just sign in to VUDU and view the offers for eligible TV seasons on your My VUDU page.


Top Shows to Complete or Upgrade

See more shows to complete or upgrade >>

Share My Movies by VUDU

Jchang | May 14, 2014 in New Features | Comments (26)

BLOG Share my movies

A great part of owning movies and TV shows is sharing your collection. You can help your parents understand why everyone now “volunteers as tribute,” or get your roommate to finish watching Breaking Bad so he finally understands all the references.

Sharing is a great way to get the most value from your collection, introduce people to some great movies and TV shows, and even become a little closer as family and friends.

That’s why we’re excited to launch Share My Movies by VUDU—a new feature that lets you easily and safely share your UltraViolet movies and TV shows.



Share My Movies lets you invite up to five people to join and watch your Library of UltraViolet movies and TV shows. You only need a VUDU account and an UltraViolet Library to start. (You can do both on They’re free and take only seconds).


Share My Movies is a safer way to share because the people you invite get their own username and password. You never have to give out yours. This means you can get the most value out of your purchases, show off your collection AND never have to worry about accidental purchases or changes to your account.

And since invited users watch through their own VUDU accounts, they can use their favorite devices without it counting toward your VUDU device limit. They can download or stream your movies and shows on just about any device—from a smartphone to a smart TV. Share My Movies also supports up to three simultaneous streams, so you can watch together, even when apart.


And the best part of Share My Movies is that it’s free. No extra fees, no subscriptions (or subscription tiers) and no limit on number of viewings. Thousands of UltraViolet movies and TV shows are already available to own and share, and more are added all the time.

Share My Movies by VUDU is open to all users, so invite your friends and family to discover VUDU and your collection of digital movies and TV shows.

Learn more about Share My Movies by VUDU

Pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man 2™ and Get a $10 Movie Certificate

Jchang | May 2, 2014 in New Features,Pre-order,Sales | Comments (17)

Blog_spiderman2_We’ve swung another great deal for Spider-Man fans:
$10 off a theater ticket to see “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ when you pre-order the movie on VUDU.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-order “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ on VUDU.
    (Your confirmation email will arrive once your card has been charged.)
  2. Look for a second e-mail from VUDU containing your reward code.
    (Sent within 48 hours after your account has been successfully charged.)
  3. Visit the link in the email ( and follow the instructions to redeem your code.
  4. Print your certificate & enjoy up to $10 off one admission to watch “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ in theaters.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is in theaters today and this offer is only valid until May 19, 2014, so don’t miss your chance to own the movie and save!

Get “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Movie Certificate offer >>

Extra! Extra! VUDU Extras+ returns with new titles!

Jchang | April 8, 2014 in New Features | Comments (1)

blog-extras-plusLast year we launched VUDU Extras+ with the epic action-social commentary “District 9“. With all the bonuses you usually find on DVD or Blu-ray discs—like deleted scenes, featurettes and trailers—but better, VUDU Extras+ is a great feature for digital movie collectors. And now a new slate of films have been released, so it’s a great time to revisit VUDU Extras+.


Extra Content without Extra $blog extras movie details page

Extras+ comes with eligible movies at no extra cost! And if you own the movie already, we add it to your VUDU account automatically.


Featurettes at Your Fingertipsextras_plus_04082014_07

No more fiddling with discs and slow menus. The Extras+ page makes it easy to watch behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, featurettes and more!


Enhanced Search

Blink-and-miss it cameo? A powerful search feature lets you find specific scenes, lines of dialogue, actors or even trivia!


Get Social with Clip & Shareextras_plus_04082014_13

Your favorite scenes sliced up and ready to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out all the great movies that come with Extras+!