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The New VUDU Player for iPhone & iPad

Jchang | December 23, 2014 in Devices,New Features | Comments (19)

This holiday season, get the most out of your new iPads and iPhones with the new VUDU Player app, available now on iTunes.

Get VUDU Player on iTunes


Not only has it been completely rebuilt to be faster and more responsive, we’ve also included several highly-requested features. It’s easier than ever to stream or download your VUDU purchases or rentals to your iOS device and enjoy them on the go!


What’s new?

In addition to a cleaner design and interface, we’re excited introduce a few new features:

by Purchase Date, A to Z and Release Date


The New VUDU for Home

Jchang | November 24, 2014 in Devices,New Features,VUDU | Comments (18)


Today we’re pleased to announce a brand new VUDU experience for the living room. It’s available now on Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, select smart TV and internet-connected DVD/Blu-ray player brands, set-top box devices like Roku, and will roll out to even more throughout the rest of the year. So jump on the couch, fire up the TV and experience the new VUDU today.

The new VUDU is designed to give you more control and make discovering and watching the latest movies and TV at home more intuitive and enjoyable. How? Through a combination of new design, new features, and of course, a continually-growing library of top-tier movies and TV shows.

Faster, Easier Ways to Watch


Now you can quickly find and pick up where you left off with the new Watchlist. Movies and shows you haven’t yet finished watching are listed here, so you can get back to watching faster without having to search through your library.

TV Binge-watcher? When you finish an episode of a TV season, the new VUDU automatically queues up the next episode (if you don’t own it, you get the option to buy it). The episode also appears in your Watchlist, so you’ll never have to scroll through episode descriptions again to figure out where you left off.

New Tools to Explore & Discover


Feel like browsing? The new VUDU gives you several powerful ways to sort, filter and discover the perfect movie.

  • Genres and Subgenres – Browse through every kind of action, comedy or drama imaginable.
  • Filters – Sort and filter by popularity, year, rating, studio and more.
  • Discover Tool – Build a custom compilation of movies and TV from hundreds of categories.

Smarter Search, Better Results


A powerful new search makes it easy to find what you want not just by titles and actors, but also keywords like plot (save the world), mood (offbeat), audience (kids), praise (Oscar winner) and more. As you type, a related search field also lists options, so not only can you skip right to the results, you might also find a new way to search.

First-rate Recommendations


From customized-for-you recommendations to our expertly-curated collections, skip the filler and get quality movies and TV that you actually want to watch. Our new personalization engine finds the best movies and TV shows for you based on what you watch, own, rate and more. If you’re looking for something different, our curated collections will keep you in the loop on the best sales, hottest titles and seasonal specials.


Learn more about the new VUDU here!

Disney Movies Anywhere Now Works with VUDU

Jchang | November 17, 2014 in Industry News,New Features,New Releases,VUDU | Comments (27)


The best place to discover, watch and collect movies and TV shows just became a little more magical.

Disney Movies Anywhere now works with VUDU.

We’re particularly excited about this team up because it gives movie lovers unprecedented anytime, anywhere access to their favorite Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies.

  • Unlock the digital copy from eligible Disney DVDs and Blu-rays you buy at Walmart
  • Watch these movies anytime, anywhere with VUDU, including Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Android or iOS mobile devices and more.
  • Discover exclusive videos, bonus features, and special offers on Disney Movies Anywhere.

To get started, just connect your Disney Movies Anywhere and VUDU accounts. It’s free, easy and takes less than a minute.

Plus, for a limited time, when you connect accounts, you get a FREE* copy of Wreck-It Ralph.

Learn more about VUDU and Disney Movies Anywhere here.

*Offer ends 1/30/2015. Registration with Disney Movies Anywhere and connection for the first time with any participating provider account required. Offer subject to expiration. Movie subject to change. Void where prohibited. Visit for eligibility requirements, details and terms and conditions.

Introducing InstaWatch from VUDU and Walmart

Jchang | October 14, 2014 in New Features | Comments (41)

InstaWatch BLog

Today at VUDU, we’re launching our biggest new feature yet: InstaWatch.

Exclusively from VUDU and Walmart, InstaWatch gives you a digital copy of every eligible DVD or Blu-ray that you buy at Walmart stores or on—automatically.

That means you get to own your favorite movie on disc and watch it digitally on smartphones, tablets and more. Even better: It won’t cost you anything extra.

InstaWatch is perfect for movie collectors, families that want to watch anywhere and anytime, those new to digital entertainment–well, anyone that loves movies and great value.


Check out the InstaWatch page here.


How does it work?


InstaWatch is easy to use, and works with Savings Catcher, the hit new feature available on the Walmart app for Android or iOS devices, or on

  1. Buy any eligible DVD or Blu-ray at Walmart
  2. Scan your receipt with the app
    (If you bought on, just look for a confirmation email)
  3. That’s it! Enjoy your digital copy on VUDU

You’ll need a free account. If you already are a VUDU user and want the digital copies to be added to the same account, be sure to sign up using the same email address. users can sign in directly to VUDU to start watching.


Get the Walmart App:

Sign up for VUDU here.

Shop InstaWatch titles here.

Why TV is Even Better on VUDU

Jchang | June 18, 2014 in New Features,VUDU | Comments (3)


Are we in a new golden age of television? Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Community and (easily) dozens more consistently wow audiences with their complex story-telling, fine-tuned acting, quality production, smart premises and unique voices. Today more shows than ever are truly must-see TV.

Must-see TV on VUDU

Breaking Bad Mad Men Game of Thrones Community

The even better news is that this new golden age coincides with a new digital age. It’s never been easier to watch (or try) the shows you want, wherever and whenever you want—especially with services like VUDU.

Missed that episode last night? Watch it the next day on VUDU. Can’t wait till you get home? Just download or stream it to your smartphone or tablet. Don’t have cable? VUDU carries cable shows also. Want to cut the cord? Join the VUDU club.

Cut the Chord

VUDU and over 60 network channels makes cutting the cord much easier.

Watching TV shows is just better on VUDU. In fact, here’s a new page detailing why. And beyond the core benefits of TV anywhere, no commercials, next day availability and access to thousands of shows, you get customizable subtitles, standard or high definition options, curated collections, bonus content and even free episodes. For these reasons and more, it’s just easier and more convenient to watch TV on VUDU.


Today, we’ve also made trying and collecting TV shows even better. In addition to Season Pass for currently airing TV shows, which automatically adds new episodes to your VUDU Library (and at a discounted price), we’ve launched two new offers: Season Complete and Season Upgrade.


In short, owning TV shows is now easier and more affordable. For select shows, if you try out an episode or two of a season and decide you like it, you can complete the entire season and only pay the difference. If you already own a season in standard definition (SD), you can upgrade it to high definition (720p HD or 1080p HDX) for only the difference in price as well.

In both cases, your past purchases are credited toward the complete or upgraded season price and the discount is automatically reflected in the price on the title pages. No redeeming codes or jumping through hoops.

Complete your seasons…Season Complete2

or upgrade them.Season Complete(1)


Hundreds of TV shows have Season Pass offers and thousands have Season Complete and Season Upgrade offers. For more information, visit our Season Offer Page and FAQs. You can find a brief list of top shows in this collection room, or just sign in to VUDU and view the offers for eligible TV seasons on your My VUDU page.


Top Shows to Complete or Upgrade

See more shows to complete or upgrade >>