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Date Night with VUDU Disc to Digital

Jchang | February 13, 2014 in New Features,VUDU | Comments (0)

We’ve launched a new video today to share the benefits of our In home Disc to Digital program!

Now we all love our DVDs and Blu-rays, but even Bert DiVietri, a San Francisco standup comedian who plays the main character in the video, admits collections can get out of hand. We caught up with Bert to talk about comedy, VUDU, disc to digital and DVD/Blu-ray collections.

V: Hi Bert.


V: How long have you been a comedian?

B: About 6 years now. I moved to San Francisco from the mid-west and started doing standup as well as voice-overs and acting in some videos, AND I have a sketch group called “Don’t Watch This Show LIVE!”

V: When did you know you wanted to do standup? And how would you describe your comedy style?

B: I wanted to do standup ever since I saw it when I was a child. My comedy idols are Jim Carrey, Tom Green and Nick Swardson. And my style of comedy kinda reflects all them quite a bit. It’s nothing like the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ last 3 albums; I can say that with confidence.

V: What did you think about VUDU when you first started working on this video?

B: Well I had heard of VUDU before, but wasn’t a big digital video guy. I buy a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays actually. Some of those DVD’s are mine but I need to make it clear that not all of them belonged to me. Having all those DVDs would mean I’d watched them all; which would mean I never leave my house. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to leave for another 50 years with all those DVD’s. Also it’s a commercial; that was not even my house.

V: Tell us about the character you created.

B: I was trying to be exactly like Jonah Hill in Moneyball. I think I nailed it. Also see that massive nerf gun next to me? Mine also. I brag about Nerf Guns.

V: What did you think when you first learned about Disc to Digital?

B: It was like a light bulb. A big “duh, why didn’t I think of that.” There have been times when I’ve been at a friend’s place and we wanted to watch a movie that I actually have, but didn’t feel like running home to grab. Having a copy in the cloud makes a lot of sense.

V: Would you ever get rid of your DVDs and Blu-rays?

B: Nah, I like having a collection. Basically in like three hours, my place would look like that mess again. Bur for new movies and shows I’m definitely considering just going all digital. It’ll be some combo.

V: So what is your favorite movie and TV show at the moment?

B: That’d be Wolf of Wallstreet. That movie was like Goodfellas for [censored]. I can’t wait to get it on Blu-ray and on VUDU ASAP! I am all about the digital baby. Because I know my friends are going to borrow my Blu-ray and forget to give it back. Also Homeland was my last favorite show. Sgt. Brody rules so hard.

V: The Vulcan hand salute was hilarious. Whose idea was that? And the popcorn?

B: Ha. Those were mine. We did a lot of takes and I was just messing around and trying to have fun. I took a tip from Jim Carrey. It’s just you and the camera, and you have to make something from nothing and hope to God it is funny or at least entertaining. I think it paid off. He is my idol.

V: So Bert, did your character even get a second date?

B: No. My fiance in real life would not be happy about that. Besides that she isn’t my type, she thought Jean-Luc Picard was a French luggage brand.

Check out more of Bert’s comedy and work at

Learn more about VUDU’s In home Disc to Digital.

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of VUDU

Jchang | January 31, 2014 in New Features,Uncategorized,VUDU | Comments (0)

It’s been a great holiday season at VUDU and we have tons of new users joining our community. Welcome all!

We’re glad you’ve chosen the best digital movie and TV show service around. We have the largest digital library available to rent or own, to stream or download—and you can watch from just about any device, from smart TVs to smart phones. You made the right choice, so to help you get the most out of VUDU, here are a few starter tips:

  1. Connect a free UltraViolet account to maximize your digital rights >>
    UltraViolet is the industry standard for digital movies and TV shows. Titles with UltraViolet rights have extra options to be shared and watched across platforms, devices and even retailers.
  2. Claim your 5 HDX Movies Starter Pack offer >>
    Kickstart your collection with this special welcome gift. Choose from 30 movies in our 1080p HDX format. If eligible, you can find this offer in the ‘Account Info’ page under ‘Saved Promotions’. You will need to enter a valid credit card but will not be charged.
  3. Add a credit card for seamless rentals/purchases >>
    Just enter it once, and rent or own your favorite movies and shows with just a few clicks. VUDU is a commitment-free, non-subscription service, so you will not be charged unless you make a purchase.
  4. Bolster your collection with our Booster Pack deal >>
    Add three more great films to your collection for only $5 each. This special offer is only valid for 30 days after you activate your 5 HDX movies offer, so act fast.
  5. Store your DVDs/Blu-rays in the cloud with Disc to Digital >>
    Just download our VUDU-to-Go application to your PC or Mac, pop-in your disc and get a digital copy in seconds. Your first disc conversion is free, but only for a limited time after you sign up, so try it today.
  6. Get VUDU for iOS >> and Android >> to watch anywhere, anytime
    Halfway through a movie, but have to head out? VUDU lets you download or stream your movies to your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. That way you can enjoy your movies and shows on the go.

If you’ve completed all six tips, congratulations! Consider yourself a VUDU power user. Now enjoy your movies and TV shows.

VUDU’s End of Year Sale is on NOW!

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2013 Year in Review Sale

VUDU’s End of Year Sale is on NOW!

It’s our biggest and best sale of the year.

Grab 2013′s top movies like Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z for only $10.99 and up in HDX.

Plus many more great deals at $4.99, $7.99 and $9.99! Including Bundle Values and TV Seasons.

This massive sale ends January 7th, visit VUDU and start saving today!

Are you ready for Catching Fire?

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Hunger Games Sale

VUDU has a special digital bundle just in time for the release of Catching Fire. You can own The Hunger Games and 5 exclusive bonus features in stunning 1080p HDX for just $9.99!

Only VUDU has these bonus behind the scenes featurettes: The Stunts of The Hunger Games, Capitol Couture: The Styles of Panem, The Weapons of the Arena, Effected – the Visual Art of The Hunger Games, and The World is Watching – Making The Hunger Games documentary.

Grab your bundle today!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection room on VUDU!

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Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Collection Room

Hey Whovians!

It’s almost time for the epic 50th Anniversary episode of Dr. Who!

VUDU has put together a special Collection Room in honor of this milestone. If you’ve been a fan from the beginning or just starting, you can make sure you’re caught up with all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, his companions and the villains they deal with before the 50th Anniversary airs.

The 50th anniversary episode ‘Day of the Doctor’ will be available Nov 24th.

They say you never get over your first Doctor, who was yours?