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Women of Character, Courage and Commitment in Film – Week 1

Christiana Bush | March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

March is Women’s History Month and VUDU is celebrating with a month long marathon of all our favorite strong female characters! Although women are frequently portrayed as stereotypes in movies, there are some inspiring movies that reveal the true strength of women. Every week we will post a different list of films that capture strong, empowered women. This week, we are highlighting films from the 1990’s and earlier. These films span many genres, but the women they depict never fail to inspire us.

A League of Their Own (1992)

Based on a true story, the women of the first female professional baseball league team up in order to save their baseball league.


Mildred Pierce (1945)

A woman proves she can be an independent businesswoman after separating from her husband.


Out of Africa (1985)

Out of Africa is the true story of a woman in 1914 who steps up to the challenges of running a coffee plantation in Kenya.


The Miracle Worker (2000)

The story of how Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller how to see beyond the world of darkness and anger.


VUDU: Coming to a Chromecast Near You

Jchang | March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized | Comments (56)

You asked. We listened. And it’s coming soon.

Today you can use VUDU to instantly watch over a hundred thousand movies and TV shows just about anytime and anywhere. We’re on hundreds of devices, from smart TVs to smart phones, and support both PCs and Macs. Soon, watching will be even easier with VUDU on Chromecast.

A Google Chromecast device lets you ‘cast’ video streamed from VUDU on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac directly to a television. No smart TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, game console or set-top box needed. While casting, you can use your device as a remote control or even a ‘second screen’, which means you multi-taskers can continue doing the ten other things you usually do while watching that TV episode.

VUDU on Chromecast will be launching soon, so check back often. VUDU on Chromecast will be available with the updated Android and iOS apps, as well as through the Chrome browser for PC and Mac.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy the latest movies and TV shows through the website or through our apps for Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in being a beta tester for VUDU on Chromecast, register here. Please note the beta testing site is separate from the service and will require a new sign up.

Learn more about Google Chromecast
VUDU on Google Play
VUDU Player for iOS devices

Cast Your Oscars Ballots with a Little Help from VUDU

Jchang | February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

The 86th Academy Awards are just around the corner! This year, as usual, we have an amazing crop of movies and talent deserving of recognition. Unfortunately, each category can only have one winner. So which films and creators will win? At VUDU we have a small competition going on to see who will have the most accurate predictions. You can have one too!

Just download VUDU’s Oscars Party Ballot and print out copies of the voting sheets for all your co-workers or party friends.

Have them fill out and check off their choices. There are 24 awards in total listed over four pages.

Collect the sheets and after the ceremony is over, tally up the results to find the winner! The person with the most correct wins!

In case of a tie, we suggest a popcorn eating contest.

Watch the Oscars with VUDU on March 2nd (7pm Eastern time, 4pm Pacific) and join in the conversations on Twitter @vudufans or Facebook.

Have a great Oscars evening and also be sure to check out our Oscars Collection to catch up on on all the nominees!

Download VUDU’s Oscars Party Ballot

Visit VUDU’s Oscars Nominees Page

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of VUDU

Jchang | January 31, 2014 in New Features,Uncategorized,VUDU | Comments (3)

It’s been a great holiday season at VUDU and we have tons of new users joining our community. Welcome all!

We’re glad you’ve chosen the best digital movie and TV show service around. We have the largest digital library available to rent or own, to stream or download—and you can watch from just about any device, from smart TVs to smart phones. You made the right choice, so to help you get the most out of VUDU, here are a few starter tips:

  1. Connect a free UltraViolet account to maximize your digital rights >>
    UltraViolet is the industry standard for digital movies and TV shows. Titles with UltraViolet rights have extra options to be shared and watched across platforms, devices and even retailers.
  2. Claim your 5 HDX Movies Starter Pack offer (Offer ends 1/30/2015)>>
    Kickstart your collection with this special welcome gift. Choose from 30 movies in our 1080p HDX format. If eligible, you can find this offer in the ‘Account Info’ page under ‘Saved Promotions’. You will need to enter a valid credit card but will not be charged.
  3. Add a credit card for seamless rentals/purchases >>
    Just enter it once, and rent or own your favorite movies and shows with just a few clicks. VUDU is a commitment-free, non-subscription service, so you will not be charged unless you make a purchase.
  4. Bolster your collection with our Booster Pack deal (Offer ends 1/30/2015)>>
    Add three more great films to your collection for only $5 each. This special offer is only valid for 30 days after you activate your 5 HDX movies offer, so act fast.
  5. Store your DVDs/Blu-rays in the cloud with Disc to Digital >>
    Just download our VUDU-to-Go application to your PC or Mac, pop-in your disc and get a digital copy in seconds
  6. Get VUDU for iOS >> and Android >> to watch anywhere, anytime
    Halfway through a movie, but have to head out? VUDU lets you download or stream your movies to your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. That way you can enjoy your movies and shows on the go.

If you’ve completed all six tips, congratulations! Consider yourself a VUDU power user. Now enjoy your movies and TV shows.

VUDU’s End of Year Sale is on NOW!

disgro | December 24, 2013 in Sales,Uncategorized,VUDU | Comments (0)

2013 Year in Review Sale

VUDU’s End of Year Sale is on NOW!

It’s our biggest and best sale of the year.

Grab 2013’s top movies like Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z for only $10.99 and up in HDX.

Plus many more great deals at $4.99, $7.99 and $9.99! Including Bundle Values and TV Seasons.

This massive sale ends January 7th, visit VUDU and start saving today!