Convert disc to digital from your iPhone browser

Now Get a seamless experience on mobile web 


Now iPhone users can get a more seamless Disc to Digital experience by converting from your iPhone browser at


No more emails. No more back and forth. Just one stop for converting your Blu-ray and DVDs to digital movies. Just look for the Convert Disc button to start converting.


If you’ve used Disc to Digital before, you will still need to enable the same permissions, and everything else should be equally familiar – just easier. If you’re new to Disc to Digital, you can find more detailed instructions below.


Why convert disc to digital?


Converting your Blu-ray and DVD collection to digital makes your movies more accessible with the technology you already have.


Once converted, you can download your movies to your mobile device and watch them without using data, or watch them on any of over 150,000 devices – smart TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.), and more – with our Vudu app.


And instead of paying full price for a new digital version, you pay only $2 for the conversion ($5 for converting a DVD to HDX quality).


After all, you have a mobile phone or tablet with you all the time, why not turn it into a movie player?


How do I do it?


Start by heading to from your iPhone browser. Then click on the “Convert Now” button.



If you’re not already, you’ll need to sign in. If you don’t have a Vudu account, you can create a free one by signing up.


Tap “Convert Disc” after you’ve enabled the following permissions – camera (to scan the UPC), billing address on file and location (account verification), and UV account (digital copy availability).



Ensure that the UPC is centered and clear, with no glare, shadows, or blurriness, and take the photo.



If the movie is eligible for Disc to Digital conversion, select the quality you want for your digital copy.



Once the movie is added to your cart you can change the conversion quality, convert additional discs, or checkout.



























After you confirm your purchase and convert, you’ll receive an on-screen Order Confirmation confirming your conversion has been added to your account. You’ll receive one via email as well.




Now, simply head to My Vudu from your preferred device and watch. Or download it to your mobile device for offline viewing on the go!



It’s Pi Day


Celebrate with some Pi, or PiE


Today marks the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, the un-official holiday inspired by math, more specifically, the number π. You remember, that number that you learned oh so long ago to help figure out the circumference of a circle.


Don’t remember? Actually, neither do we, except for the fact that π, or 3.14, is the reason that today, March 14th, is Pi Day.


While it’s inspired by math, most people celebrate Pi Day with pie. And since we don’t have anything to do with math or delicious baked goods, we suggest you celebrate with pie the Vudu way – by watching it.



So before the night is over maybe reach for a slice of The Life of Pi. Or, you can have a slice of everyone’s favorite – warm, American Pie. Or get gluttonous with a pie-fest – American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding (hey, there’s a pie on the cover), and both American Pie Presents: Beta House and The Naked Mile.


If you fancy something savory, we’ve also got Pork Pie, an import from across the pond.


You can even get some free pie with Labor Day, where Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet channel Ghost while making some peach pie.


Feel free to serve your Pi Day viewing a la mode.




Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here. Need we say more?

Plus, rent Oscar nominees, and watch free movies


Hello, it’s me – in 4K with Dolby Vision HDR


Fulfill your destiny. Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Vudu today and experience the full force of The Force when you watch in 4K with Dolby Vision – available only on Vudu.


Vudu offers Star Wars: The Last Jedi in both Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats – meaning more people can enjoy the richer and more vibrant color range of HDR across more HDR-capable devices. So, lightsabers will look deadlier, explosions will look more devastating, and love them or hate them, those Porgs will look cuter than ever.


And for a limited time, when you get the movie in HDX or UHD, you’ll get an offer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for just $12.99 (HDX). Look for it in your My Offers.


Not sure why HDR is so awesome? Get a crash course here.


Get yourself an Oscar (nominee) or two


The Oscar parties are over. The after parties are over. But we’re still celebrating because several Oscar nominees just became available for rental.


Check out the latest creature feature by Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water. It’s got fantasy, it’s got romance, it’s got an amphibian-man – and it’s got a great story of humanity.


You can also check out, I, Tanya, the unbelievable story of Tanya Harding and her role in one of the most notorious scandals in sports history. Or the delirious story of discovery and desire, Call Me by Your Name.



Also available for rental this week are Justice League (we probably don’t need to hype that more), and Ferdinand, the classic children’s tale of a peace-loving bull.


Free movies for National Women’s Month


Celebrate Women’s History Month with strong female leads in some great free movies in our Women to Love collection! Kate Winslet in Labor Day? Free. Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, and Joan Cusack in Working Girl? It’s free too. Keira Knightly in The Duchess, Emma Thompson in Much Ado About Nothing, and Mary Stuart Masterson in Benny and Joon? Yup, all these – and more – are all free on Movies On Us.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi, L to R: Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Photo: Jonathan Olley
©2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.



Vudu has Star Wars: The Last Jedi in up to 4K + Dolby Vision HDR

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, In the Best Possible Quality – Only on Vudu



Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming to Vudu on 3/13 and Vudu is the only place you can watch it in up to 4K + Dolby Vision HDR with Dolby Atmos sound! The Force is all around you and if you’ve got a Dolby Vision and Atmos setup so will the enhanced sights and immersive sounds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


This is the first Disney movie to offer both the enhanced color range of Dolby Vision and the cinematic sound of Dolby Atmos, and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to watch in the best video and audio formats available today. (Technologies that we’re proud to have as part of Vudu’s UHD quality offering.)


But don’t worry if your device isn’t Dolby Vision capable because we’ve got you covered with HDR10 support as well as Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. Because we want to bring more HDR to more devices and screens, we support both HDR formats for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and over 180 additional titles.


So, pre-order today and you will also get a $3 movie credit when the movie is released. If that isn’t enough, your pre-order also qualifies you for a special offer on Star Wars: The Force Awakens for just $12.99 HDX.


Fulfill your HDR Destiny

So why should you care that you can watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Dolby Vision and HDR10 on Vudu? Only because it’s an amazing way to watch your favorite movies.


Lightsabers will glow brighter and more intensely during battle scenes, the low-light darkness of the dark side will have more depth and look more sinister, and explosions will look amazingly detailed and realistic – you might even find yourself ducking from the flames. Heck, porgs will even look porg-ier. (Ok, so that one’s not really a thing.)



Basically, watching movies with HDR brings the cinematic experiences of the big screen to your screen – and who doesn’t want that?


How HDR Works It’s Magic


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is breakthrough video technology that dramatically improves the viewing experience through improving picture brightness, contrast, and color. Vudu offers both types of HDR technology so that you can experience the format compatible with your device.


(Simulated depiction of SDR vs. HDR, via Sony)

As you can see, HDR adds a lot of detail over SDR, or Standard Dynamic Range, the color range of traditional formats. And while there’s a lot that goes into HDR technology, we’re going to give you a crash course in what makes this technology so exciting.


So, picture quality is the result of a few different things. One you know pretty well, resolution, you know: 720 HD, 1080 Full HD, 4K. But two other factors that make up the better pixels of HDR, contrast ratio, or how bright and dark your TV can get, and color accuracy, how close to real-life (or the director’s vision) the colors can get.


HDR amps up the range of both contrast and color significantly, so colors are brighter, darks are darker, and you can see more of all the colors in between – otherwise known as Wide Color Gamut.




Super scientific chart, we know, but it does help illustrate the point that HDR delivers a much broader range of colors over SDR – and how Dolby Vision HDR is capable of even more.


So if you think about how amazed you were when you saw the difference between 1080p HD and 4K, imagine the same thing in terms of richness and brightness of color. That’s the Dolby Vision and HDR10 difference.


You can also learn more about HDR here, and here.




Now available: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Downsizing

Plus, new to rent, movies still in theaters, and great free movies


Jumanji, it’s all fun and games


Well, until you actually end up in the game. Then you’re in a world of trouble. (It might even bring you to your sha nah nah nah nah nah knees, knees.)


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle takes the board game into the digital age. This time around it’s a video game, and it draws four teens into the world of Jumanji as game avatars that are complete opposites of their real-life selves.


There are parallels to the original version helmed by Robin Williams, but this version does have its own voice and it makes itself known.  And the addition of Jack Black and Karen Gillan to the already popular comedy duo of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart add to the laughs rather than competes with them. And despite some oblivious character gags, there are hidden gems that come from the movie being keenly self-aware. Watch it now, in up to 4K + HDR!


And in case you didn’t hear, Jumanji will be our next #VuduViewingParty. If you made it to our last one you know how much fun our viewing parties are, but if not, fret not, because it’s only two and a half weeks away on 3/23 at 6:00pm (PT). RSVP now at!


Get down with Downsizing


Big ideas can come in small packages. And Downsizing takes that idea to a whole new (smaller) level with the premise that shrinking people can also reduce the world’s population issues. It’s shrinking your carbon footprint by literally shrinking your footprint.



It’s an interesting sci-fi concept applied to a romantic comedy, and it makes for a funny movie – like the vodka gag you’ve seen in the trailer. But ultimately the movie reveals that mankind’s problems are still problems no matter how small we think they are.


Watch Downsizing today. And look for our Downsizing and Suburbicon bundle if you’re into watching Matt Damon in weird situations.


New to rent: Thor: Ragnarok and The Disaster Artist


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (hopefully not a rock like Korg, that’d be weird), you’ve heard the hype about Thor: Ragnarok. But let us say, it’s worth the hype. It’s got a fresh storyline, lots of great action, Hulk (he’s a friend from work) and Valkyrie, and the addition of some Guardians of the Galaxy-type humor.



The Disaster Artist is a great movie about a film widely considered to be one of the worst movies ever made, The Room. How so, you ask? It made $1,800 against a reported $6M budget. But since then it’s garnered a cult following that apparently includes James Franco.


Rent both these movies now and take up to 30 days to watch. Once you start you’ll have 48 – 72 hours to watch (movie dependent).


Great movies you can watch for free



If you’ve made it this far, you deserve some free movies.


How about some great films like the Oscar-nominated The Pianist, Buried, The Men Who Stare at Goats (based on true events, seriously), Draft Day, and even Black Swan?


Watch any, or all, of these movies free on Movies On Us through the end of the month. See our entire list of new movies for March here.