10th anniversary. 10¢ rental Wednesdays. We sense a theme.


One day only - 10¢ movie rentals on select titles!


One day only – Rent an HDX movie for 10¢!


What can you get for 10¢? Because you’re on Vudu and it’s our 10th anniversary celebration, you can get a movie rental. That’s right, watch a movie for 10¢! An HDX movie rental at that! What about outside of Vudu? Maybe a piece of candy. Maybe one LEGO brick.  Maybe a banana. Meh, not exciting choices. Go with the rental.


These are the days that your parents told you about when they say, “Back in my day….” Now you can say it back to them and silence them once and for all. Inflation? Psssshhh. The value of a dollar? Yeah, 10 rentals. A penny saved is a penny earned? Well, 10 pennies is a movie. So take that to the bank, ‘rents.


If you’ve got the money honey, we’ve got your disease (and by disease we mean movie)


Choose from 30 pretty amazing titles, including Pacific Rim (but have you seen Atlantic Rim?), Top Gun (I mean come on, talk to me Goose, no brainer right here), Bridget Jones’s Diary (so adorbs), Galaxy Quest (never give up, never surrender – except to 10¢ rentals), Into the Wild, Divergent, and more!


Pick up as many as you want, because as always, you have 30 days to start any rental and between 24-72 hours to finish it. So if you’ve got the dime, we’ve got the time. Literally. You could even rent all 30 and watch a movie a day for $3. Three bucks!


Check out all the 10¢ titles while they last, because at the end of the day, they’ll be gone. Well, um, only to return next Wednesday with another set of 10¢ rental titles. (Insert joke about not nickel and diming.)



Bag some CHiPs, go go watch Power Rangers, Lego Batman and John Wick get wicked, and free movies to watch with dad


New to Own: CHiPs and Saban’s Power Rangers


Own CHiPs on Vudu today!


These CHiPs don’t crumble. You might be thinking potato, but we’re talking Poncherello (and Jon). These CHiPs are California Highway Patrol, and they’re anything but crisp in how they go about their job. But that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a bag of jalapeno chips (our fav) to enjoy while you nom on this tasty reboot.


Saban's Power Rangers is now available on Vudu!


It’s morphin’ time, and the Power Rangers have morphed into a whole new version of themselves. They still look like a pack of Skittles, but this time around they’re leaner, meaner, and a little more grown up than they were in the TV series. Go go and watch these Power Rangers now on Vudu.


Work is murder


You don’t want a company bonus from this office. The Belko Experiment is what happens when Battle Royale climbs the corporate ladder. It’s a vicious, brutal, and bloody gore-fest suited up and ready to work. Adulting is hard, and you can watch it go down now, on Vudu.


New to Rent: Two dudes in dark suits


They’re moody. And broody. And they both wear stylishly black evening suits (tactical, but we’re not sure if Batman’s is European).


The LEGO Batman Movie is now available to rent on Vudu


More importantly, you can rent both of them now. Watch John Wick: Chapter 2 or The LEGO Batman Movie – or both – on Vudu tonight.


John Wick Chapter 2 is now available to rent on Vudu


Rent it for yourself or rent it for the fam (we’ll let you sort out which is which, you’re a smart bat), either way, you’ll have 30 days to start watching and 24 hours to finish watching. (‘Puter. ‘Puter! Get both now so we can watch this weekend.)


Hey Dad, watch this!


Free gunslingers! Watch True Grit free on Movies On Us


Ah, the phrase we’ve uttered many times right before we did something dumb – like jump off the balcony (may or may not be a true story). And while the phrase reminds us of childhood, it probably reminds dad of heart attacks.


So why not say it to your dad right before you offer up some of these great movies you can watch together – for free.


Watch True Grit (a father’s death is avenged!), The Legend of Bruce Lee (trust us, your dad did the thing with the nunchucks too), Out of Time, or even Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (ask dad if he’s happy you weren’t like them).



What the H-E-Double hockey sticks is Clean Version?

Vudu now has Clean Versions of your favorite Sony films!


You may have noticed something new on Vudu this week. We now offer a selection of Sony movies that have been adapted for a wider audience.


What does this mean? Simply stated, you can now watch the broadcast or airline versions of select films with some scenes of graphic violence, offensive language, sexual innuendo, and other adult content removed.


In more practical terms, it means no more rushing to cover a child’s eyes or ears (or even your own for that matter). And it means you can now hold your drinks and snacks (or each other), and simply enjoy the magic of family movie night without awkward surprises.


But if they took out the bad stuff, won’t it be…bad?


The Clean Versions are the same as those shown on network television or an airline. So don’t worry, you’re not really missing anything.


Plus, when you purchase the original theatrical version, you’ll find the Clean Version under Vudu Extras so you will have both versions of the movie at no additional cost.  So have your cake and eat it, too.


Where do I find these magically fantastic movies?


You’ll find your Clean Version under the Vudu Extras tab of the movie title, clearly marked with a Clean Version tag along the bottom of the cover. Playing the movie without the tag will play the theatrical release, not the Clean Version.


There are currently 24 Sony titles that have a Clean Version available. To find out which titles are available, simply head to our Clean Version collection room or look for the Clean Version tag on select title covers.


Why the funicular is my movie now a Clean Version?


If you happen to own a theatrical version of a Sony title that now has a Clean Version, lucky you! You now also have a Clean Version at no additional cost. (Let the fools have their tar-tar sauce….)


The cover art simply denotes that there’s now a Clean Version available to you, but rest assured we haven’t tried to clean up your act.


Clean Versions, but why?


Some people like action movies, some people like drama. Some people even – gasp – like documentaries. (JK, we love documentaries.) There’s no right or wrong to it, it’s just personal preference. Some people don’t like cursing. It’s cool, we’re not sold on quinoa. We’re just all about connecting people to the movies they love (man).


I must know more about Clean Version.


Check out the big brain on Brad. Well, head on over to Sony’s cleanversionmovies.com to get all the monster factual details.



Beauty and the Beast goes live, rent A Cure for Wellness, and get your fill of killer sequels for free

What’s New this week on Vudu:


Own or rent Beauty and the Beast on Vudu today!

A beauty breaks a curse


The live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is available now. It’s a tale as old as time, masterfully remade for modern times with Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. There’s also some slick animation of Chip, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth and gang. (Though not as slick as Gaston. Or as quick as Gaston. Nor is their neck as incredibly thick as Gaston.)


Be our guest, own it today on Vudu.


A Cure for Wellness is now available for rent

A cure that seems like a curse


Feeling a little run down? No worries, we’ve got you covered with A Cure for Wellness. A visually stunning treat filled with suspense that’ll keep you questioning your sanity (wait, are you watching or are you in sensory deprivation?), this movie is good to the last drop. Ready to begin? Rent it today.


Watch Monsters: Dark Continent for free, with Movies On Us

Movie sequels that keep the curse alive, for free


Clarice Starling renew her hunt for hungry, hungry Hannibal, in Hannibal (hungry for more?); a sadistic dentist returns in The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself (because going to the dentist isn’t nerve-racking enough); it raining blood in the wild west in BloodRayne 2: Deliverance (unrated); and soldiers are on a rescue mission among some resident aliens in Monsters: Dark Continent.


Watch all these movies and more Killer Sequels free, with Movies On Us.


TV that reverses the curse of cable


Ditch the DVR and watch anytime, anywhere, on any Vudu-enabled device. (It’s 2017, you still only watch TV on a TV?) Watch all your favorite TV shows à la carte on Vudu, either by episode or by season pass and as soon as day after air.


Fear the Walking Dead S3 has started, so get your season pass, or check our King of the Road S2 and follow three teams of pro skaters on a road trip (skateboard trip?) down the West Coast – watch the first episode free!




Someone’s having a big Monday. We’re just having a Monday.

But Don’t worry, we’ve got an app for that


There’s a lot going on just south of us in the city of San Jose. Big stuff. Important stuff. And announcements. Lots of announcements. So we’ve decided to share one of our own.


In honor of all things Apple today, we thought we’d share a couple of screens from our Apple TV app that’s in development. We want to bring you the best possible app and Vudu experience, so we’re still tweaking and fine-tuning – but stay tuned for a fall release.


I’ll just leave these here…